Recipe – Chocolate Chip Bread & Butter Pudding (Cooking With Kids)

As Ste was cooking us a delicious Sunday roast last week me and Leo decided to take charge of pudding duty. Leo is 9 now and has always enjoyed cooking with me, for years he wanted to be a ‘cooker’ (he meant a chef!). I’m noticing now how much more he is capable of doing and he is enjoying more responsibility in the kitchen which is great to see. A good husband of him I will make!

With my stoma I’m unable to eat raisins as they cause blockages so I switched and used chocolate chips instead. The result was amazing and super tasty, we all loved it.

Chocolate Chip Bread And Butter Pudding


You will need

6 slices of bread

Chocolate spread

Bag of chocolate chips

1 tsp of vanilla essence

3 eggs

150ml Milk

300 ml double cream

75g caster sugar

How To Make It

1) Leo spread three of the slices of bread with Nutella and then cut each slice in half into triangles


2) He arranged the bread in an oven proof dish, alternating plain and chocolate spread slices


3) In a bowl Leo whisked together the eggs, cream, milk, sugar and vanilla essence


4) He poured the egg mixture over the bread and left it for 30 minutes to soak in

5) Sprinkle over the chocolate chips


6) Popped it into a preheated oven at 180° for 40-45 minutes

7) Serve warm or cold and enjoy

Both boys, me and Ste thought it was delicious. Ste has never had bread and butter pudding before (I know!) but said he really enjoyed the little bit he had. Let me know if you make it and what you think. Do your kids like cooking? Let me know in the comments below!




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8 Comments on “Recipe – Chocolate Chip Bread & Butter Pudding (Cooking With Kids)

  1. Oh my goodness this looks absolutely flippin’ yummy! Can’t wait to try it (although we’ll use GF bread as I’m coeliac!) I might let the kids have some too…if they’re good!!! 😜😂 #KidsandKreativity


  2. This sounds amazing, and a great recipe for the kids to do. I must admit I have never had bread and butter pudding, but your version sounds amazing! Thanks for linking up with #KidsandKreativity, I really hope you come back next time x


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