Everyday Morning Skincare & Make Up Routine

Good morning and happy Friday – here is to the beginning of the weekend!  I am looking forward to another sunshine filled weekend and hope you have lots to look forward to as well!

Today I am sharing my everyday morning skincare and make up routine with you.  This post is sponsored by latestdeals.co.uk and you can find all their make up deals at the link below.  They have some fantastic offers and total bargains on their websaite so definitely one to check out if you want to try something new!


I am no beauty or makeup expert but have found some great products that seem to work well for me.  I have dry, sometimes sensitive skin which can be a pain.  I am obviously in my thirties now so taking care of my skin has become even more important to me lately.  If you are interested in seeing my evening routine which is when I focus more on skincare, please let me know in the comments below.

Everyday Morning Skincare and Make Up Routine

My favourite skincare products have been from Nivea and Simple and this has been the case for many years.  I will take off my make up in the evening and so in the morning will generally just use  a cleansing wipe or my Simple Micellar Water and Toner.  I know cleansing wipes are not the best thing to use but they are great for convenience, for taking with me when travelling or staying at Ste’s and as I do a proper skincare routine in the evening to remove my make up, I don’t think I need to worry too much about using them in the morning. I generally purchase my cotton wool pads from Primark as they are nice and cheap, and will often get my cleansing wipes from there too.  I tend to use the moisturiser pictured from Nivea which is super hydrating and always leaves my skin feeling well moisturised.  Ut also contains an SPF which is important for me, particularly in this weather,.  Some of the medication I use can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.  Although I do not seem to suffer with that, I like to make sure I stay protected anyway.

I generally wait about ten minutes after moisturising before I start putting other products on my face.  This gives the moisturiser time to sink in and I tend to get dressed while I wait.  Primer comes next but to be honest, I have never found one that seems to make a lot of difference to my skin.  A couple of months ago I picked this up from Loreal.  It is their CC cream and I have found it works really well to even out my skin tone and reduce any redness I can get through my skin being a bit sensitive.  My make up seems to apply really well over the top too.  As you can see, my tube is almost empty but I will definitely be repurchasing this one!  I featured this in my February Favourites post which you can read here.

I do use an eye primer though as my eyelids are quite dark and they do get greasy.  This one from MUA evens out and lightens the colour of them and makes sure my eyeshadow isn’t sliding off after a couple of hours!  It was really cheap but does the job I need it to.

I will sometimes just use the CC cream and won’t add any foundation but if I do, my go to daily foundations at the moment are the Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.  I love the speed and easiness of the Revolution one, and the fact you can apply it just where you need it.  I purchased the Bourjois one after seeing a YouTube recommendation by Pixiwoo  and have been really pleased with it.  I went for the serum formula due to my dry skin and have found it works really well for me.


Next up concealer and this is one of my must haves due to my very dark circles. No matter how much sleep I seem to get, they rarely ever look better!  My two favourites are these ones from Bourjois and Collection Lasting Perfection.  I apply in a triangle under my eyes and pop a bit on my nose and the centre of my forehead.

I have a huge selection of eyeshadow palettes but my favourites have to be my Revolution ones!  I don’t always wear eyeshadow for everyday but if I do, these will generally be my go to.  Neutral browns, pink or peachy shades tend to be the everyday colour I go for.


For the rest of my face I tend to use just a bit of blusher and highlighter for everyday.  The photograph shows a few of my faves.  If I am staying at Ste’s or away somewhere I tend to take my Primark PS Chocolate Cheek Palette as it has a couple of blush colours and a highlighter so I don’t need to take as many products with me.  Thy also smell of chocolate which is a heavenly bonus!

I have recently discovered the Brow Tattoo from Maybelline and it is brilliant!  I am not big into doing much with my brows anyway, but this leaves them looking a little fuller but still natural and lasts for three days so saves time in a morning!  I will then just comb them through with the Browdrama which is just like mascara for the brows and they are sorted!

Maybelline has also been my go to mascara brand – I don’t think you can beat them!  I am currently using this one to finish off the day time look.


My last step is to use a setting spray.  I am currently using this one which is fab and I also like the hydrating one from Elf, which helps stop my skin looking too dry.  In this weather, spraying your face with a nice cool mist is also very lovely!


I like having my makeup neatly organised in these clear organisers.and I found them available on Latest Deals here

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning routine.  As I said I am no expert but these products I use regularly and I find they work well.  What are your everyday must use items?  Let me know in the comments below.

Once again a big thank you to latestdeals.co.uk and check out the link at the beginning of the post for all the latest make up deals and offers!  Have a fab weekend!


Five Friday Favourites

Friday is here again already, this last week has gone really quickly!  I think spending much of it not well hasn’t helped though, and whenever I have the boys time just flies far too fast!

I hope you are all enjoying half term and having lots of Halloween fun!  I have five fab favourites to share with you this week and I am really excited for these, as I am loving them!

First up is my new primer.  Elf have finally landed in the UK and I managed to get hold of this hydrating primer in Superdrug.  My skin is dry and dehydrated so I opted for the hydrating one but there are a few different versions depending on your skin type and what you are looking for which I liked.  I can’t even begin to describe the texture of this stuff – it’s like putting a soft cloud on my face!  Not a cream or a gel but really soft and it provides the perfect base for my make up and doesn’t leave me with dry patches where my make up has sunk in.  Really, really impressed with it and will be something I will definitely be repurchasing!


Next up is the little treat I bought myself as I have been after one for a while.  This is the Tassimo Vivy 2 and I purchased mine from Argos.  I love the cream colour of it but it is available in black too.  The drinks are super easy to make as there is a little bar code on the pods you put in, so you get the perfect blend every time.  I have been loving the Costa pods and the Bailey’s Latte’s and the kids were super excited to try the Oreo hot chocolate this weekend which is super yummy.  I have already had so much use from it and if you keep an eye out, the pods are often on special offer so that is the perfect time to stock up!


I bought these new socks from Asda the other day as I needed to bulk up my collection now Autumn and boot season has officially arrived!  I loved the print on them, the super cute colours and the Autumnal feel.  They are lovely and comfy and for £5 for 5 pairs, pretty bargainous too!


I also have been trying out these juices from Asda during the last couple of weeks (you may have seen on my Instagram).  Having an ileostomy can limit the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat.  Sounds crazy I know, but my doctor positively encourages pizza, pasta and stodge!  I have definitely been feeling sluggish lately and trying to make my diet a bit healthier, especially with Winter fast approaching, so thought these would be great for a boost.  I was a little worried at first but have found that they really are super tasty.  I try and drink a glass a day and one bottle lasts three days and costs £1.50 which isn’t too bad I don’t think.  My favourite so far has been the apple, asparagus and lime one.  The beetroot, apple and blackcurrant has been the most vegetable tasting of the ones I have tried but I quite like beetroot anyway, and the apple and blackberry sweetens it enough to be enjoyable.  If you have an ileostomy like me, remember the effect beetroot will have on your output though – you are not haemorrhaging, its just beetroot colour!  I would highly recommend these if you are looking for a vitamin boost like me and there are a wide range of yummy flavours to try.

Last but not least are these two amazing pumpkins that me and the boys got from the Pumpkin Patch at Bluebell Farm (see our visit review here).  They picked great pumpkins and then helped scoop out the insides and drew what they wanted as designs and I helped cut them out.  Leo went for a traditional spooky face and decided he wanted it really sharp and jagged, Riley wanted a Batman pumpkin!  I think they look ace, especially when we put a candle inside.  Have you carved a pumpkin this year?  Share your designs in the comments below, we love to look at them!

So that’s my five this week, what have your favourites been?  I am looking forward to next week and the start of #SMSelfLoveClub and I will be sharing my five favourite Autumn candles which I have bought recently so don’t miss that.  Have a great weekend everyone!