Five Friday Favourites

Friday is here again already, this last week has gone really quickly!  I think spending much of it not well hasn’t helped though, and whenever I have the boys time just flies far too fast!

I hope you are all enjoying half term and having lots of Halloween fun!  I have five fab favourites to share with you this week and I am really excited for these, as I am loving them!

First up is my new primer.  Elf have finally landed in the UK and I managed to get hold of this hydrating primer in Superdrug.  My skin is dry and dehydrated so I opted for the hydrating one but there are a few different versions depending on your skin type and what you are looking for which I liked.  I can’t even begin to describe the texture of this stuff – it’s like putting a soft cloud on my face!  Not a cream or a gel but really soft and it provides the perfect base for my make up and doesn’t leave me with dry patches where my make up has sunk in.  Really, really impressed with it and will be something I will definitely be repurchasing!


Next up is the little treat I bought myself as I have been after one for a while.  This is the Tassimo Vivy 2 and I purchased mine from Argos.  I love the cream colour of it but it is available in black too.  The drinks are super easy to make as there is a little bar code on the pods you put in, so you get the perfect blend every time.  I have been loving the Costa pods and the Bailey’s Latte’s and the kids were super excited to try the Oreo hot chocolate this weekend which is super yummy.  I have already had so much use from it and if you keep an eye out, the pods are often on special offer so that is the perfect time to stock up!


I bought these new socks from Asda the other day as I needed to bulk up my collection now Autumn and boot season has officially arrived!  I loved the print on them, the super cute colours and the Autumnal feel.  They are lovely and comfy and for £5 for 5 pairs, pretty bargainous too!


I also have been trying out these juices from Asda during the last couple of weeks (you may have seen on my Instagram).  Having an ileostomy can limit the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat.  Sounds crazy I know, but my doctor positively encourages pizza, pasta and stodge!  I have definitely been feeling sluggish lately and trying to make my diet a bit healthier, especially with Winter fast approaching, so thought these would be great for a boost.  I was a little worried at first but have found that they really are super tasty.  I try and drink a glass a day and one bottle lasts three days and costs £1.50 which isn’t too bad I don’t think.  My favourite so far has been the apple, asparagus and lime one.  The beetroot, apple and blackcurrant has been the most vegetable tasting of the ones I have tried but I quite like beetroot anyway, and the apple and blackberry sweetens it enough to be enjoyable.  If you have an ileostomy like me, remember the effect beetroot will have on your output though – you are not haemorrhaging, its just beetroot colour!  I would highly recommend these if you are looking for a vitamin boost like me and there are a wide range of yummy flavours to try.

Last but not least are these two amazing pumpkins that me and the boys got from the Pumpkin Patch at Bluebell Farm (see our visit review here).  They picked great pumpkins and then helped scoop out the insides and drew what they wanted as designs and I helped cut them out.  Leo went for a traditional spooky face and decided he wanted it really sharp and jagged, Riley wanted a Batman pumpkin!  I think they look ace, especially when we put a candle inside.  Have you carved a pumpkin this year?  Share your designs in the comments below, we love to look at them!

So that’s my five this week, what have your favourites been?  I am looking forward to next week and the start of #SMSelfLoveClub and I will be sharing my five favourite Autumn candles which I have bought recently so don’t miss that.  Have a great weekend everyone!


25 Comments on “Five Friday Favourites

  1. coffee is definately on my favourites list too and omg those socks are adorable!I’ll be looking out for your favourite candles, hopely it gives me some inspiration.


    • I can’t get enough of them, my boyfriend despairs and I’ve already started stockpiling Christmas ones! The socks are awesome and super comfy too. Can’t beat a Costa Vanilla Latte without needing to leave the house in the morning 😍


  2. Its great that Elf has launched here and this primer sounds good to for hydration. Do like a good coffee too, so this machine is right up my street.


    • Yeah I’ve seen so many Americans using and praising the products so was so excited to see their stand in Superdrug! The machine is fantastic and I highly recommend it, had one before but didn’t get on with it nearly as well as this one x


  3. Yes coffee is a must have every morning for me. Its starting to warm up here in Australia so no warm fluffy socks for me at the moment. ( but I totally love them)


  4. Ohhh, I love Elf too and that primer is just the bomb! (I have dry skin as well!) I think it’s great that Superdrug are now stocking them! 🙂 I love your new socks as well – they’re so cute! xxx


  5. I actually LOVE buying new socks. Haha. I got through them really quickly! Love your pumpkins, they look awesome!


  6. I love candles and I’m definitely looking forward to your post on your Autumn favourites!


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