Five Friday Favourites

Friday is here again already, this last week has gone really quickly!  I think spending much of it not well hasn’t helped though, and whenever I have the boys time just flies far too fast!

I hope you are all enjoying half term and having lots of Halloween fun!  I have five fab favourites to share with you this week and I am really excited for these, as I am loving them!

First up is my new primer.  Elf have finally landed in the UK and I managed to get hold of this hydrating primer in Superdrug.  My skin is dry and dehydrated so I opted for the hydrating one but there are a few different versions depending on your skin type and what you are looking for which I liked.  I can’t even begin to describe the texture of this stuff – it’s like putting a soft cloud on my face!  Not a cream or a gel but really soft and it provides the perfect base for my make up and doesn’t leave me with dry patches where my make up has sunk in.  Really, really impressed with it and will be something I will definitely be repurchasing!


Next up is the little treat I bought myself as I have been after one for a while.  This is the Tassimo Vivy 2 and I purchased mine from Argos.  I love the cream colour of it but it is available in black too.  The drinks are super easy to make as there is a little bar code on the pods you put in, so you get the perfect blend every time.  I have been loving the Costa pods and the Bailey’s Latte’s and the kids were super excited to try the Oreo hot chocolate this weekend which is super yummy.  I have already had so much use from it and if you keep an eye out, the pods are often on special offer so that is the perfect time to stock up!


I bought these new socks from Asda the other day as I needed to bulk up my collection now Autumn and boot season has officially arrived!  I loved the print on them, the super cute colours and the Autumnal feel.  They are lovely and comfy and for £5 for 5 pairs, pretty bargainous too!


I also have been trying out these juices from Asda during the last couple of weeks (you may have seen on my Instagram).  Having an ileostomy can limit the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat.  Sounds crazy I know, but my doctor positively encourages pizza, pasta and stodge!  I have definitely been feeling sluggish lately and trying to make my diet a bit healthier, especially with Winter fast approaching, so thought these would be great for a boost.  I was a little worried at first but have found that they really are super tasty.  I try and drink a glass a day and one bottle lasts three days and costs £1.50 which isn’t too bad I don’t think.  My favourite so far has been the apple, asparagus and lime one.  The beetroot, apple and blackcurrant has been the most vegetable tasting of the ones I have tried but I quite like beetroot anyway, and the apple and blackberry sweetens it enough to be enjoyable.  If you have an ileostomy like me, remember the effect beetroot will have on your output though – you are not haemorrhaging, its just beetroot colour!  I would highly recommend these if you are looking for a vitamin boost like me and there are a wide range of yummy flavours to try.

Last but not least are these two amazing pumpkins that me and the boys got from the Pumpkin Patch at Bluebell Farm (see our visit review here).  They picked great pumpkins and then helped scoop out the insides and drew what they wanted as designs and I helped cut them out.  Leo went for a traditional spooky face and decided he wanted it really sharp and jagged, Riley wanted a Batman pumpkin!  I think they look ace, especially when we put a candle inside.  Have you carved a pumpkin this year?  Share your designs in the comments below, we love to look at them!

So that’s my five this week, what have your favourites been?  I am looking forward to next week and the start of #SMSelfLoveClub and I will be sharing my five favourite Autumn candles which I have bought recently so don’t miss that.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Five Friday Favourites

As the blog has concentrated on talking about periods and contraception this week, I thought I would dedicate this week’s Friday Favourites to those little things that make you feel better during your time of the month.


First up is a good old hot water bottle.  It’s the perfect time of the year to go shopping for these right now and I have picked a few to share with you.  Top left is a nice, affordable version available from Amazon (here) and is made from soft fleece with a pretty star pattern on.  I love the pumpkin covered one from Not On The High Street (here) and had to include it as it is perfect for this month!  I love the colours of the Zoella one, with the grey chunky knit cover and forest green pom poms.  I love the lifestyle range she has bought out for this Christmas and there are some great gift ideas, this hot water bottle set includes the eye mask too which is super soft.  You can get this range from Boots (here).  I added in the last one as I thought it was perfect for if you suffer not only with tummy pains but back pain too.  It is a heat wrap which can be warmed in the microwave and then wrapped around your body.  It is great to use on your joints too if you benefit from heat pads when you are struggling with pain and stiffness.  This is available from Boots (here) and comes in a couple of different colours, including this beautiful soft grey.

You can also get single use heat pads in Poundland which I find quite useful too.  There are two in a pack and you peel off the backing which activates it to warm up and then stick it on where needed.  I tend to use these more on my joints and prefer my hot water bottle for tummy ache but it is another option depending on your preferences!  A soak in a warm bath will also have the same effect.

Next up is chocolate!  I am not sure if everyone is the same but I do find myself craving more chocolate around my time of the month and it does obviously make me feel a little better when I eat it (as long as I don’t think too much about the weight I will put on!).  My favourite chocolate bars are Galaxy, Turkish Delight, Snickers (although I have to avoid these now due to the nuts and them blocking my stoma) and Milkybars.  What are your favourites, and do you get the same cravings during period week?  Let me know in the comments below.

The next line of attack would be pain medication.  Sometimes a couple of paracetamol will help dull the pain at least but you can go to your doctor and get something more effective prescribed if needed.  I know Naproxen is prescribed for this (not suitable for people with IBD unfortunately as it is an NSAID) but your doctor will be able to help.

Exercise is also good to help with period cramps.  It isn’t recommended if your period is particularly heavy at the time as it can increase the flow but something gentle like pilates or walking can really help with pain.  It isn’t something you will always fancy doing or feel like but if you have tried other things unsuccessfully, it is definitely worth a go.

Finally, if your problems are continual and you aren’t planning a pregnancy soon, you can talk to your GP about contraception as a way of helping ease your periods.  Many methods such as the patch, the coil and the implant can help lighten your flow, reduce cramps and sometimes even stop you having periods all together.  Obviously every method doesn’t work for everyone in the same way and also some methods aren’t suitable for some people (see my post about Contraception and IBD/Arthritis from earlier in the week here) so it is important to talk to your doctor and see what they suggest is good for you and what could help with your specific problems.  I originally went on the patch before I started my relationship as my doctor advised it could help lighten and shorten my periods (I was having 9-10 day long periods for many years).  Some GPs also have specialist nurses in the practice who you can visit and discuss all options available to you with.

I hope you enjoyed reading this special edition of my Five Friday Favourites.  Are there any other things that you use that you could recommend to others?  Let me know in the comments below and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Five Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!  I have that Friday feeling again and am excited as me and Ste have our good friend Dan visiting so we will be having lots of fun.  What do you all have planned this weekend?  Let me know in the comments below!

To start with I have three make up products (sorry fellas).  The first is the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder. I saw a video review by Nikkia Joy of the Fit Me Loose Powder and she thought it was amazing which made me want to give it a go. It really smoothes out and leaves a great finish to the skin while helping to keep my make up in place. Check out Nikkia Joy’s YouTube channel at to see her video.

The second new item I’ve tried is the Maybelline Brow Mascara. I’m really low maintenance with my eyebrows and don’t like the overly polished look. I normally use a pencil just to fill them in a little so thought I would give this a try for a change. I got the dark blonde shade and it is perfect. Super easy and gives me the look I like. As it’s new you have to be careful that you don’t get too much on the applicator but I’m sure once I’ve used it a few times this won’t be such an issue.

Lastly, I finally got to try the Maybelline Eraser Concealer. It took me at least ten minutes just to get in the damn thing but it was worth it! I love the soft sponge applicator and it really helps brighten my under eye area which is where I have been using it. It is definitely a product I will continue using. Currently Maybelline products are on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots so now is the time to grab them for a bargain!


My fourth item is another beauty item and it’s these amazing falsies I found in Savers. They are from a brand called GWA (Girls With Attitude) and I think they are made for teens but they suit me perfectly as they are slightly smaller (I have little fingers) and they aren’t too long. I got this design which I have now had on since Tuesday night and they are holding up really well. The fact they are so affordable makes them even more fabulous! I can’t wait to try out my other colour too which is a grey chrome effect and I will share a photo on my Instagram so you can see it (


Lastly is something I’ve watched this week. Lady Gaga has recently revealed she has fibromyalgia. Her new documentary shows her making her new album and preparing to headline the SuperBowl but also reveals her health struggles becoming worse and worse prior to her diagnosis. She really seems like a lovely, genuine, beautiful lady and I admire her even more after watching this. Her comment about how people cope without the help she has around her, day to day, with problems like she was suffering with, came across as humble and genuine. It is available now to watch on Netflix and well worth the watch.


So that’s this week’s five! I’m super pleased with them all and hope you like them too if you choose to try them out. Let me know in the comments what you think of these, or if you have any other favourites from this week?

Burnished Chaos

Five Friday Favourites

So it’s Friday again…already! This week seems to have gone by in a bit of a blur for me! How has it been for you?

Anyway, let’s get started with my first favourite. This week I’ve given these new razors I picked up from Asda a try and I had to include them as I managed to shave my legs without cutting myself once. They are wonderful! I struggle to reach the bottom of my legs due to the arthritis and my mum describes my shaving methods as a hack job which is probably about right. But these did an excellent job and left my skin in good condition too, so I was super impressed. At only around £3 or £4 for the pack aswell the price was excellent. After shaving I like to put on some of my ‘The Body Shop’ Coconut Body Butter which leaves my skin hydrated and smelling amazing.


My next favourite is our gorgeous new bedding set which we picked up a couple of weeks ago from Aldi for just £7.50. I think it is super pretty and just need to get some lilac or turquoise plain pillowcases as the cream don’t really go but it’s the best we had. I love the print and the little button detailing and the colours go in the bedroom perfectly. A great little bargain, Aldi really does have some amazing bits!

This week I popped into Primark and managed to grab a few sale bits which I was super impressed with aswell as two pieces which I absolutely LOVE. A maroon cord skirt which just screams Autumn to me and with a pair of black tights will be fab. I also picked up a grey, velvet, dungaree style dress which is amazing! I will be sure to get some photos of me in them for ‘Dressing With An Ostomy’ so be sure to keep an eye on my Facebook and Pinterest!

Anyone who knows me know I have a very sweet tooth and I’m particularly partial to Jelly Babies. Spotted these the other day – Tropical flavour – and decided to give them a whirl. Very delicious and I recommend a try! What are your favourite sweets?


Last but not least, if you follow me on my other social media accounts you will have seen, but yesterday I went and got my second tattoo and I love it! My Grandma is very poorly at the moment which is just awful. I wanted to show her how very much she means to me and that she will always be with me, even when the dreaded time comes when she is not. My Mum and Aunty got matching ones (with Mum rather than Grandma) and I like that we have something special between us all.


So that’s my five, what are you favourite things from the week? Do you have any tattoos? I’ve already planned my next one, just have to save the pennies now so I can get booked in! Let me know in the comments below and otherwise, have a fab weekend!

Five Friday Favourites

It’s Friday and I’m back! Not quite with a bang but I’m here and doing okay. Not really ready to share my favourite things from the week yet as I still feel like there is a big hole in my daily life but I did want to reconnect with you all so thought I would share my five favourite places to shop for the kid’s clothes. With the autumn/winter fast approaching the kids are needing their wardrobes overhauled yet again! Out go the shorts and summer dresses and in come the long sleeves and welly boots. Keeping this as affordable as possible is important for me as a single mum, but I still want them to look nice. Luckily, the High Street and supermarkets have some great options and in recent years have really upped their game with regards to children’s fashion.

First up is the ever amazing Primark. I’m not sure I know anyone who doesn’t love a browse in here, for their kids, themselves or their homeware. During the last year or so it has become a favourite of mine to grab a gorgeous home bargain in. Their children’s clothes range is vast, extremely affordable and, especially recently, has become right on trend. I picked up some great Summer bits this year for both the boys and for Layla. They are also great for the little bits like underwear, socks and the pump style shoes the boys like to pop on to play in in the garden, or for a quick outing to the shop or park. The older boys range I was particularly impressed with this year and I got Leo some really cool t-shirts and shorts. Their wasn’t a massive selection in my local Primark for his age but what they did have was really good and I managed to kit him out quite happily in time for our holiday. The girls section always seems to have more than the boys which I feel needs addressing but otherwise Primark is always right on point for me.


Next up is a relatively new addition to the High Street. Pep & Co opened a stand alone shop in Derby but has recently started popping up in Poundland stores across the country. Their clothes are affordable and look good. I’ve also got some great pyjamas for the boys from here recently. The range isn’t massive but I’m hoping as they become more established this will expand. The sizes can also be a bit hit and miss. Clothes wise I tend to go a little bigger than needed and the shoes I often need to get a size smaller. I would definitely suggest having your child with you if you are getting them some shoes from there if you haven’t before. They have a great range of simple printed t-shirts for children which are super cheap and ideal for Summer or for nursery if you want to send your children in clothes that you don’t mind being covered in paint and mud. They also have a fab, cheap school range with polo shirts for just £1. At that price you could afford to replace them every term and they were not overly thin like some cheaper ones I have seen. The school trousers were only £2.50 and they had checked school dresses for £3. Definitely worth a try I think! Looking forward to seeing what happens with them in the coming year as have definitely made a good impression so far!


As I said, the supermarkets have also really upped their game regarding children’s clothing and I wanted to give Asda a huge nod for this. Me and Ste went in yesterday and I could have spent a fortune on all the children with their new Autumn lines being released. The clothes were cute, seasonal and really on trend. I especially loved the light pink/maroon/purple colours dominating one of the girls ranges and couldn’t resist grabbing Layla a couple of outfits. We have struggled to get her any shoes with hard soles as her feet are only a diddy size 3 but I managed to grab a pair for her as they have a really wide range of shoes in all sizes. They also have a really great range of winter coats that are reasonably priced. I have also managed to buy the boys some great jeans in Asda this year, from the basics to some more on trend designs that were still very reasonably priced.  I used to find Asda a little bit hit and miss for clothes but have been really impressed this year.


Next is a little more expensive but I couldn’t not mention it as they do have some gorgeous kids clothes. They also have really great sales on which is when I tend to go in and grab my bargains. I always find going into the shop is better than trying to sale shop on their website, as when I go to purchase most things come up as sold out in my basket! They have a really good range of formal wear for little ones too, perfect for upcoming Christmas parties (oh yes, I mentioned the C word – it is September now after all!).


Finally I wanted to talk about another supermarket. The Tu range at Sainsbury’s isn’t as big as some of the other supermarkets in my opinion but their clothes are always good quality and have recently become more on trend. I would also always buy the boy’s school trousers here as they are great quality and have the adjustable waists which was perfect for my tall, skinny boys! The white cotton polo shirts would also last well, even after Riley doused them daily in everything you could imagine – paint, mud, crayon, grass etc! They also run a 25% sale every two or three months which is the perfect time to grab the school stuff. The footwear range is nice but is often limited and I struggle sometimes to find the shoes I want in the size I want. The website is very good and you can order things for delivery to you or to collect at your local store.


Hope you enjoyed my little run through. Please let me know where you like to shop for your kids clothes or what you think of my list in the comments below. And Happy Friday to all!