Five Friday Favourites

And it’s officially Friday again… Yay!  This past couple of weeks have been long ones with regards to my health and some personal stuff and to be quite honest I’m grateful just to have got through them! Have also had a lot to celebrate this week too though so let’s crack on!

Up first are my two amazing boys! They both had completely amazing reports on Monday and fantastic Parent’s Evenings. I couldn’t be more proud of them if I tried. Both academically and personally they continue to grow and flourish. Their teachers this year have been brilliant and I am extremely impressed with the school as a whole. They have also both had Sports Day this week which they thoroughly enjoyed. Ste came to watch Leo’s with me this morning and sat shivering on the sidelines with me as it was FREEZING! Of course, we were dressed for sunshine. Leo’s year also had a visit from Thornton’s this week and he got to try some different things used to make chocolate as well as decorate his own piece. When he came out of school and asked him if he had enjoyed it he said he had and that he had a present for me. Rubbing my hands together, expecting chocolate, I had to laugh when he pulled out his hair net. “For when you are cooking dinner Mum” he said. Not quite what I expected but a lovely gesture all the same.


July is National Picnic Month and we participated on Saturday with a few hours of play and a picnic in the park. The kids loved it and it was such lovely weather. The boys were allowed to pick something from the shop to take with us so Leo chose a bow and arrow set and Riley picked a frisbee which they had lots of fun with. They also took their football and enjoyed a game in the courts aswell as a go at Basketball. Layla enjoyed throwing the ball for Izzy (the dog) and taking her car for a walk. She’s getting so steady on her feet now and practically runs with it! It was a lovely few hours and we were all suitably shattered once we got back to Ste’s.


Next up is Game of Thrones. I had got up to half way through season 5 and haven’t watched any for a while, but restarted this week in the hope of catching up before the new season starts. Have remembered why I enjoyed it so much and I’m struggling to turn it off to go to sleep. I think it’s a brilliant show and the actors and sets are just amazing, they really bring the whole thing to life. Definitely worth a watch if you are one of the few who hasn’t yet.


This last fortnight I’ve discovered Pinterest and I’m loving it! My favourite things to pin are recipe ideas and so far I’ve made a couple that were delicious! I’m planning an eating with an ostomy special so will share the recipes with you all then, but for now I will just let your mouth water looking at the photos! If you would like to follow me on there you can find me by my username TheSpoonieMummy


Lastly this week, I want to thank the amazing girls that I do The IBD & Ostomy Support Show with. As I’ve said the last couple of weeks have been particularly difficult for me and they have been there with their support and love and let me moan to them through it all. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do the show, but the fact it’s bought them into my life makes it even more perfect. They do a lot of work helping people in the Ostomy community and I will pop the links to their blogs below so you can check them out. Tomorrow I get to meet up with Stephie and we are staying in Leeds for the night. We are going to go for dinner and watch the show, Dreamboats and Petticoats. I cannot wait to give her the biggest hug and enjoy some girlie time!


So that’s me for the week. Hope you have all had good ones and enjoy even better weekends. Let me know what you have been loving this week in the comments and I will be back with my five favourites from the coming week next Friday!


Stephie’s blog is at

Louise’s blog is at

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