Five Friday Favourites

As I can’t sleep I thought I would get started on my Five Friday Favourites for you. It’s 5am and I woke up to empty my bag but unfortunately all my joints are aching and I’m struggling to go back to sleep! As always let me know what you think in the comments below.

First up is my new hand soap. Sad but true! I bought this a while ago but only just needed to replace the one in my bathroom so out it came. And oh my gosh, it smells amazing! I love Love Hearts anyway and I bought it because it was pink, cute and inexpensive (from Superdrug if you are interested) and I am not disappointed. As I wash my hands a lot due to emptying my bag throughout the day (and night), I need something that’s pretty gentle and this ticks all the boxes. Big hit in my house this week!


My next weekly favourite is my new Lush jelly mask. I posted a hit or miss recommendation post about one of these last week. On Tuesday I went shopping and picked up another one, the ‘Just To Clarify’ pot. Yet again, I was super impressed with it! This one claims ‘papaya brightens, bamboo stem exfoliates and fresh orange juice gives moods a sunny boost’. With this one I definitely felt the exfoliating particles, though they were really small. This was nice though as it didn’t feel too harsh like some can. Afterwards my skin felt smoother and softer. The scent was lovely but I’m not sure if it was that or the good results that boosted my mood! I’ve been really impressed by the two jelly masks I’ve bought so far from Lush and will definitely be using them regularly. I’ve seen a real improvement in my skin lately and long may it continue!


Number three is not one I expected to be posting as a thirty one year old but here goes! On Tuesday me and Ste went walking stick shopping! It must have looked pretty funny to see us both, but I picked up a new one with a chunkier handle which is nice and soft. The stick itself is black and has a kind of marble effect and the handle and bottom is turquoise. I’ve been struggling lately and needed the stick a lot more again, but as my wrists and hands aren’t great it’s a balancing act. The chunkier, rubber grip on my new one definitely helps as my hand isn’t getting stuck trying to grip the handle. I am also having to use the opposite hand to the one I do normally as I only have a wrist support for my right hand at the moment. I have physio next week though and am hoping they will be able to order me a support for my left wrist too. Walking aids are fantastic but when you struggle with your elbows, wrists and hands it makes them so much more difficult to use!

I went to collect my new glasses this week and am very pleased with them. The prescription is a little stronger for my right eye so I have seen an improvement for that which is great. I use my glasses mainly for driving and also watching TV, at the cinema etc. Along with my glasses I got a new pair of prescription sunglasses to use while I’m driving. I visited the Specsavers in Derby for my vision check and got my glasses from them too. The staff were friendly, it was really easy to arrange and they had a good selection of frames to choose from. If you are in the Derby area and are looking for an optician I would recommend you check out the Specsavers in the Intu centre.


Last but not least… I want to confess.  I think I have an issue.  I may have a slight addiction to books!  To be fair, the problem could be worse, although my purse may not agree with you!  I just can’t help the satisfied feeling I get stepping into my local Waterstones (and stepping out again with my purchases clearly!).  Aside from it being a beautiful building, its floor to ceiling with an amazing array of books I have yet to read!  I bought another four on Tuesday (the buy one get one half price sale is fab for this).  I am a huge reading fan and have recently started getting back into it.  I have decided that I am going to run a Summer Reads Series on my blog for the rest of August, starting on Monday which I hope you will all enjoy.



So there we go.  I hope you enjoyed my little round up.  Let me know what you have been loving this week in the comments below!



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