Five Friday Favourites

So it’s Friday again…already! This week seems to have gone by in a bit of a blur for me! How has it been for you?

Anyway, let’s get started with my first favourite. This week I’ve given these new razors I picked up from Asda a try and I had to include them as I managed to shave my legs without cutting myself once. They are wonderful! I struggle to reach the bottom of my legs due to the arthritis and my mum describes my shaving methods as a hack job which is probably about right. But these did an excellent job and left my skin in good condition too, so I was super impressed. At only around £3 or £4 for the pack aswell the price was excellent. After shaving I like to put on some of my ‘The Body Shop’ Coconut Body Butter which leaves my skin hydrated and smelling amazing.


My next favourite is our gorgeous new bedding set which we picked up a couple of weeks ago from Aldi for just £7.50. I think it is super pretty and just need to get some lilac or turquoise plain pillowcases as the cream don’t really go but it’s the best we had. I love the print and the little button detailing and the colours go in the bedroom perfectly. A great little bargain, Aldi really does have some amazing bits!

This week I popped into Primark and managed to grab a few sale bits which I was super impressed with aswell as two pieces which I absolutely LOVE. A maroon cord skirt which just screams Autumn to me and with a pair of black tights will be fab. I also picked up a grey, velvet, dungaree style dress which is amazing! I will be sure to get some photos of me in them for ‘Dressing With An Ostomy’ so be sure to keep an eye on my Facebook and Pinterest!

Anyone who knows me know I have a very sweet tooth and I’m particularly partial to Jelly Babies. Spotted these the other day – Tropical flavour – and decided to give them a whirl. Very delicious and I recommend a try! What are your favourite sweets?


Last but not least, if you follow me on my other social media accounts you will have seen, but yesterday I went and got my second tattoo and I love it! My Grandma is very poorly at the moment which is just awful. I wanted to show her how very much she means to me and that she will always be with me, even when the dreaded time comes when she is not. My Mum and Aunty got matching ones (with Mum rather than Grandma) and I like that we have something special between us all.


So that’s my five, what are you favourite things from the week? Do you have any tattoos? I’ve already planned my next one, just have to save the pennies now so I can get booked in! Let me know in the comments below and otherwise, have a fab weekend!

4 Comments on “Five Friday Favourites

  1. That duvet cover set is so pretty!! I’ve not been to Aldi in ages (years..?) and never really thought of them doing bedding. I wanted to send my best wishes for your grandma, and I think the tattoo is beautiful ♥
    Caz x


  2. Thankyou so much! And yes the bedding is awesome and the price was amazing too! Super happy with it! I do most of my shopping in Aldi normally, can’t beat the prices! Xx


    • Hi Sophie. I suppose my week was classed as good when bloods were okayed by hospital by hospital that chemo could take place on friday so chemo went well on friday. Now to within a couple of cycles of a break. On saturday the mighty mariners. Grimsby town will play in a local derby against Lincoln city. cant wait.
      Then on Sunday the chemo pumpnwill come off. Always a relief cause l often forget and it falls on the floor. Then thursfay a big day for me get latest news on whethervthe cancer tumour on my liver is shrinking or not. Sums up a week for me. Just stayin alive to see the next glorious week is exciting enough for me. Thanks


      • Hey lovely, it’s Natalie not Sophie! I’m glad to hear you had an okay week and are looking forward to the weekend. Not long till the break now and my fingers and toes will be crossed for you for good results xxx


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