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Top Ten Favourite IBD & Ostomy Support Groups

As this week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this Saturday marks World IBD Day I thought I would do a post combining the two.  When diagnosed with a chronic illness like IBD, mental health problems often come hand in hand.  Being told you… Continue Reading “Top Ten Favourite IBD & Ostomy Support Groups”

Dressing With An Ostomy Week – Bellies Clothes Donate or Swap Group

Has anyone heard of the Bellies Clothes Donate Or Swap group? People with IBD can often be affected by unintended weight loss and gain due to their disease or medication. This affects the clothes size you wear and often results in your wardrobe being… Continue Reading “Dressing With An Ostomy Week – Bellies Clothes Donate or Swap Group”


Good morning! Was recharging the batteries yesterday so didn’t post. Needed a good rest and also managed to go through all my paperwork which has needed doing since I moved, so feel like I did some good! Had a bit of nice news on… Continue Reading “Winner!”