February Favourites

Wow!  I can’t believe February has been and gone.  I t was over in a flash!  Anyone else feel the same?  Those couple or three days clearly make a lot of difference, although I feel this year is flying by pretty quickly.  As it is the end of the month I thought I would share the obligatory favourites from this month and let you know what I have been loving.

Max Factor Foundations


I popped into Superdrug initially looking for the Loreal Pro Glow foundation which I had been recommended but when I couldn’t find it I decided to have a little browse and found these two.  The descriptions sounded perfect for my skin and as they were in a buy one get one half price offer I decided to grab both.  One is perfect for every day wear and one is better for when I have a long day or need a little extra coverage.  My skin is really dehydrated and I am trying my hardest to take better care of it and these have been fantastic.  Both help keep my skin looking glowy and fresh, don’t stick to the dry patches and last really well.  I am super impressed and will be repurchasing I am sure!

Mowgli Indian Street Food Restaurant

Me and Ste don’t often go out for food but after a busy morning in Birmingham with the Salts crew (see below) I needed to eat.  As we got back to the train station we talked about going to Ed’s Diner.  We spent our first weekend together in Birmingham and went there for breakfast before we had to leave for home so it hold’s a few memories!  Unfortunately it was packed so we went looking for somewhere else.  Did I mention I was starving?!  Ste then noticed a sign for Mowgli and was sending a photo to his Dad (it’s a family thing) and we realised it was a restaurant.  We had a quick look at the menu and decided to give it a try.  Our waiter was fab, the restaurant looked great and there was an amazing smell coming from the kitchen.  The waiter explained it was like ordering Tapas, aside from two dishes which would each be like one main meal for an adult.  We chose the cheese on toast (without a doubt the best cheese on toast I have ever tasted), chip butty (spiced chips rolled in a chapatti), the lamb keema and some roti breads.  Even Ste ate more than I have seen in a long while…he couldn’t help it, the food was absolutely stunning.  Would recommend this place to everyone I know, it was just outstanding and some of the tastiest food I have ever eaten!

Dog Lead

All you Instagram followers out the re will know about my gorgeous dog, Knox.  He is an 11 month old Staffie and we got him just before he turned six months old.  Unfortunately he wasn’t trained well as a puppy and so we are having to do a lot of work with him but he is an absolutely lovely dog.  I have seen a couple of leads like this one in the shops and always thought they might be a good idea but finally took the plunge after an Amazon search and purchased one.  As he can still get a little excitable and pull on the lead I have been worried that the arthritis in my wrists and elbows will start playing up.  These leads have a slight spring to them and I am hoping will absorb some of the shock so my joints don’t have to!  So far so good, and the lead is holding up well.

Passions Deli Sweet Popcorn from Aldi


I have been trying to watch what I am eating this year as my snacking especially had got a little out of control.  I have discovered these small bags of sweet Aldi popcorn which are super tasty and a great portion size for a mid morning or afternoon snack.  I am really lucky as an ostomate to be able to eat popcorn without suffering major problems as long as I chew well and drink plenty

Canvas from Aldi


This was definitely my bargain of the month!  The colours will go perfectly in our bedroom once the decorating is done and it was just £3.99!  Amazing!

Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner/Mask

My hair has been a nightmare lately.  The hair currently growing out was what was coming through during a Crohns flare and is in a really terrible condition.  The hairdressers I have gone to the last couple of times in Halifax are absolutely amazing and really understanding and have just been doing regular trims to get it under control, as taking off all the damaged hair would leave it short and I do not want to go that short all in one go!  I also went to Asda and spent a little more to get the Aussie hair shampoo, conditioner and three minute miracle mask.  They were on offer for 3 for 2 so that was a bonus and it has definitely been helping as well as smelling amazing.  Sometimes a little extra investment in products is definitely worth it in the long run!

Filming experience with Salts Healthcare


Last week me and Ste had an amazing experience when we travelled to Birmingham to meet with the Salts Healthcare team to take some photos and record some video footage talking about their new Confidence BE bags.  I will be writing a full post about the day so you can find out more about what we did but it was absolutely brilliant.  Completely wiped us out but it really was worth it and I really enjoyed it.  Really love seeing how I am finally getting my confidence back after a few years of not quite being myself!

The Good Place (Netflix)


I may have previously talked about this series before but I have now watched the whole of the second season and I just really enjoyed it.  It is a little bit wacky and different but I really liked watching what happened next every week.  I am gutted I now have to wait aaaaages for the next season but am glad to hear it has been renewed.  The basic premise is that Eleanor (played by Kristen Bell) dies and goes to heaven and gets told she has been taken to ‘The Good Place’ as she has earned her place there through being such a good person on Earth.  Thing is – she wasn’t and she realises she has been put there by mistake.  The story continues from there and it really is a funny watch, the characters are all fantastic and I could do with my own Janet!  And if you don’t agree just fork off!

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty (Audible)


Audible is one of my favourite discoveries of the last six months.  When my Mum recommended it I really wasn’t too sure but it has become my best friend on long car journeys.  I still have a paperback Liane Moriarty book to read but this is the third or fourth of hers I have bought on Audible and I absolutely LOVE her books.  The lady who reads them also has an amazing voice which I find I could sit listening to for ages.  Even Ste ends up putting down his book and listening while we are in the car together!  This story takes place on a small, private island and is centered around a family with a big secret.  The major story line focuses on this mystery but the side story lines including about body confidence and post-natal depression were also gripping.

Loreal Glam Nude CC Cream


I have been using this colour corrector before my foundation and it has really helped even out my skin tone.  It is also perfect for no make up days and helps me feel more confident about wearing less make up and no foundation as I always worry that my skin looks awful without any.  Will be another product I am repurchasing!

Barry M Flawless Mist & Fix


Lastly, y new make up setting spray and I am currently using this Barry M one.  I bought it as I like the word illuminating but you have to be careful not to spray too much or too close or you can end up looking a little glittery and sparkly!  It helps keep my make up in place all day long and I love the finish it gives so a big thumbs up from me!  Also, it doesn’t smell nearly as bad as my last one so that is an added bonus!

That is all for February my lovelies.  Thankyou for joining me for another month and I am really looking forward to March.  My Monday blog series will be continuing through this month and we have Mother’s Day coming up which is really exciting!  Let me know what you have been loving and I should be trying in the comments below and I will see you for more favourites next month!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

February Goals

Happy February!  Can’t believe it is already month two of 2018, how quick has that gone?!  My month has gone pretty well, aside from a couple of hiccups I am definitely on the up and feeling more confident and content.  Here is how I got on with my January goals.


  • Spending more quality time with the kids, enjoying their Christmas gifts.  We decided to steer away from electronics this year and got lots of craft and building sets as well as board games so we will enjoy doing those Definitely succeeding with this one and loving every minute!
  • Sign up to the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives.  This will give us an idea of great woods in our area where we can take the kids exploring and the dog can come along too Completely forgotten about this one but once I am paid this is top of the to buy list!
  • Find two places for days out in the half term holidays with the boys and save up to take them I haven’t booked anything yet as still waiting on the boy’s Dad to agree dates but have a couple of places in mind to go to!


  • Make a start on decorating the boys room.  I am super excited for this project and will be sharing all I do with you I haven’t got going on this one as we are still in the middle of sorting our room, we have decided to paper one wall and need to finish the painting.  Have all the ideas, just need to get the funds to get started


  • Get to grips with my new schedule and hopefully keep ahead of everything.  I will be posting on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will share a video on my YouTube channel on a Sunday This has been brilliant and made me feel much more in control.  I missed one Wednesday as was right in the middle of my uni assignment but loving the new schedule and the blog is doing well.  Haven’t started the videos on YouTube yet
  • Start reaching out to companies and see about guest writing for them and other bloggers Done and done!  Looking forward to sharing this stuff with you when I can!


  • Complete units 3 and 4 Completed
  • Write assignment number two.  I will be really happy with a score of 75 or over Assignment is submitted but haven’t had a score yet.  Fingers crossed for 75 or above!


  • Continue with the self care things I have in place I have been doing this and am feeling so much better for it
  • Refer myself back to my CBT therapist I haven’t done this yet.  I am not sure if I still will but I think I should, if only to have a check in with them but I feel that the other changes I have made have made a huge and positive impact on my mental health
  • Work through the Courage Queen course I have made a start on this but really need to pick it up more, which will be easier now this assignment is done and dusted
  • Start going to the gym at least twice a week Yep!  Really enjoying my new gym and the Dance Fit class I did last week was fab

I don’t think I did too badly at all and am pretty happy with that.  My mental health is definitely much improved and my physical health is also on the up thanks to the new medication I am on,  Overall a pretty positive and successful month.  Now for February, here is what’s on the agenda


  • Enjoy half term with the boys and have some fun adventures
  • It is Layla’s second birthday at the end of the month so looking forward to a fun day with her and making it super special
  • Sign up to the Woodland Trust (don’t forget!)


  • Get the bedroom wallpapered and do the painting I want to do
  • Start the spring cleaning and freshening up of the house and little jobs that need doing


  • Keep up with this routine of posting
  • Get working on my YouTube channel and start posting weekly
  • Complete all writing for other blogs and people


  • Complete modules 5 and 6


  • Continue with the gym
  • Complete the Courage Queen course
  • Keep on top of medications so I don’t run out of anything – for some reason this has gone totally astray this month
  • Remember not to let other’s opinions affect how I see myself

What are your goals for the coming month?  Let me know in the comments below and I will see you next month to check in and let you know how I got on!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy