February Goals

Happy February!  Can’t believe it is already month two of 2018, how quick has that gone?!  My month has gone pretty well, aside from a couple of hiccups I am definitely on the up and feeling more confident and content.  Here is how I got on with my January goals.


  • Spending more quality time with the kids, enjoying their Christmas gifts.  We decided to steer away from electronics this year and got lots of craft and building sets as well as board games so we will enjoy doing those Definitely succeeding with this one and loving every minute!
  • Sign up to the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives.  This will give us an idea of great woods in our area where we can take the kids exploring and the dog can come along too Completely forgotten about this one but once I am paid this is top of the to buy list!
  • Find two places for days out in the half term holidays with the boys and save up to take them I haven’t booked anything yet as still waiting on the boy’s Dad to agree dates but have a couple of places in mind to go to!


  • Make a start on decorating the boys room.  I am super excited for this project and will be sharing all I do with you I haven’t got going on this one as we are still in the middle of sorting our room, we have decided to paper one wall and need to finish the painting.  Have all the ideas, just need to get the funds to get started


  • Get to grips with my new schedule and hopefully keep ahead of everything.  I will be posting on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will share a video on my YouTube channel on a Sunday This has been brilliant and made me feel much more in control.  I missed one Wednesday as was right in the middle of my uni assignment but loving the new schedule and the blog is doing well.  Haven’t started the videos on YouTube yet
  • Start reaching out to companies and see about guest writing for them and other bloggers Done and done!  Looking forward to sharing this stuff with you when I can!


  • Complete units 3 and 4 Completed
  • Write assignment number two.  I will be really happy with a score of 75 or over Assignment is submitted but haven’t had a score yet.  Fingers crossed for 75 or above!


  • Continue with the self care things I have in place I have been doing this and am feeling so much better for it
  • Refer myself back to my CBT therapist I haven’t done this yet.  I am not sure if I still will but I think I should, if only to have a check in with them but I feel that the other changes I have made have made a huge and positive impact on my mental health
  • Work through the Courage Queen course I have made a start on this but really need to pick it up more, which will be easier now this assignment is done and dusted
  • Start going to the gym at least twice a week Yep!  Really enjoying my new gym and the Dance Fit class I did last week was fab

I don’t think I did too badly at all and am pretty happy with that.  My mental health is definitely much improved and my physical health is also on the up thanks to the new medication I am on,  Overall a pretty positive and successful month.  Now for February, here is what’s on the agenda


  • Enjoy half term with the boys and have some fun adventures
  • It is Layla’s second birthday at the end of the month so looking forward to a fun day with her and making it super special
  • Sign up to the Woodland Trust (don’t forget!)


  • Get the bedroom wallpapered and do the painting I want to do
  • Start the spring cleaning and freshening up of the house and little jobs that need doing


  • Keep up with this routine of posting
  • Get working on my YouTube channel and start posting weekly
  • Complete all writing for other blogs and people


  • Complete modules 5 and 6


  • Continue with the gym
  • Complete the Courage Queen course
  • Keep on top of medications so I don’t run out of anything – for some reason this has gone totally astray this month
  • Remember not to let other’s opinions affect how I see myself

What are your goals for the coming month?  Let me know in the comments below and I will see you next month to check in and let you know how I got on!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

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