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Thickening Stoma Output

Ostomy output can vary in consistency.  In general an ileostomy output will be more watery than that from a colostomy.  The problem with a watery output is that it can easily lead to dehydration.  Stoma nurses will generally advise that you aim for a consistency like porridge.  This […]

Dehydration With An Ostomy

Please note – I am not a medical professional and this is written based on my experiences, information I have been told and things I have researched.  If you are having issues with staying hydrated or an overly active and watery output, please contact your stoma nurse or […]

Bag Leaks

The past month has seen me suffer from about six full blown bag leaks.  By full blown I mean that I haven’t noticed it start slowly and output has leaked onto my clothing, and at night onto bedding too. Since starting to use the Salts bags about eight […]