Everyday Morning Skincare & Make Up Routine

Good morning and happy Friday – here is to the beginning of the weekend!  I am looking forward to another sunshine filled weekend and hope you have lots to look forward to as well!

Today I am sharing my everyday morning skincare and make up routine with you.  This post is sponsored by latestdeals.co.uk and you can find all their make up deals at the link below.  They have some fantastic offers and total bargains on their websaite so definitely one to check out if you want to try something new!


I am no beauty or makeup expert but have found some great products that seem to work well for me.  I have dry, sometimes sensitive skin which can be a pain.  I am obviously in my thirties now so taking care of my skin has become even more important to me lately.  If you are interested in seeing my evening routine which is when I focus more on skincare, please let me know in the comments below.

Everyday Morning Skincare and Make Up Routine

My favourite skincare products have been from Nivea and Simple and this has been the case for many years.  I will take off my make up in the evening and so in the morning will generally just use  a cleansing wipe or my Simple Micellar Water and Toner.  I know cleansing wipes are not the best thing to use but they are great for convenience, for taking with me when travelling or staying at Ste’s and as I do a proper skincare routine in the evening to remove my make up, I don’t think I need to worry too much about using them in the morning. I generally purchase my cotton wool pads from Primark as they are nice and cheap, and will often get my cleansing wipes from there too.  I tend to use the moisturiser pictured from Nivea which is super hydrating and always leaves my skin feeling well moisturised.  Ut also contains an SPF which is important for me, particularly in this weather,.  Some of the medication I use can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.  Although I do not seem to suffer with that, I like to make sure I stay protected anyway.

I generally wait about ten minutes after moisturising before I start putting other products on my face.  This gives the moisturiser time to sink in and I tend to get dressed while I wait.  Primer comes next but to be honest, I have never found one that seems to make a lot of difference to my skin.  A couple of months ago I picked this up from Loreal.  It is their CC cream and I have found it works really well to even out my skin tone and reduce any redness I can get through my skin being a bit sensitive.  My make up seems to apply really well over the top too.  As you can see, my tube is almost empty but I will definitely be repurchasing this one!  I featured this in my February Favourites post which you can read here.

I do use an eye primer though as my eyelids are quite dark and they do get greasy.  This one from MUA evens out and lightens the colour of them and makes sure my eyeshadow isn’t sliding off after a couple of hours!  It was really cheap but does the job I need it to.

I will sometimes just use the CC cream and won’t add any foundation but if I do, my go to daily foundations at the moment are the Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.  I love the speed and easiness of the Revolution one, and the fact you can apply it just where you need it.  I purchased the Bourjois one after seeing a YouTube recommendation by Pixiwoo  and have been really pleased with it.  I went for the serum formula due to my dry skin and have found it works really well for me.


Next up concealer and this is one of my must haves due to my very dark circles. No matter how much sleep I seem to get, they rarely ever look better!  My two favourites are these ones from Bourjois and Collection Lasting Perfection.  I apply in a triangle under my eyes and pop a bit on my nose and the centre of my forehead.

I have a huge selection of eyeshadow palettes but my favourites have to be my Revolution ones!  I don’t always wear eyeshadow for everyday but if I do, these will generally be my go to.  Neutral browns, pink or peachy shades tend to be the everyday colour I go for.


For the rest of my face I tend to use just a bit of blusher and highlighter for everyday.  The photograph shows a few of my faves.  If I am staying at Ste’s or away somewhere I tend to take my Primark PS Chocolate Cheek Palette as it has a couple of blush colours and a highlighter so I don’t need to take as many products with me.  Thy also smell of chocolate which is a heavenly bonus!

I have recently discovered the Brow Tattoo from Maybelline and it is brilliant!  I am not big into doing much with my brows anyway, but this leaves them looking a little fuller but still natural and lasts for three days so saves time in a morning!  I will then just comb them through with the Browdrama which is just like mascara for the brows and they are sorted!

Maybelline has also been my go to mascara brand – I don’t think you can beat them!  I am currently using this one to finish off the day time look.


My last step is to use a setting spray.  I am currently using this one which is fab and I also like the hydrating one from Elf, which helps stop my skin looking too dry.  In this weather, spraying your face with a nice cool mist is also very lovely!


I like having my makeup neatly organised in these clear organisers.and I found them available on Latest Deals here

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning routine.  As I said I am no expert but these products I use regularly and I find they work well.  What are your everyday must use items?  Let me know in the comments below.

Once again a big thank you to latestdeals.co.uk and check out the link at the beginning of the post for all the latest make up deals and offers!  Have a fab weekend!


My Desk Tour

As some of you will know, I recently started my Open University degree again.  I am studying part time and so far have completed 120 credits, just 240 to go till I am finished!  My module this year (for another 60 credits) is ‘Working With Children, Young People and Their Families and so far I am really enjoying it,  My first assignment is due in next week so I am hitting the books hard at the moment.

I have recently purchased some new things for my desk area and thought I would show you the bits I have got to make my work space somewhere I want to be spending time!  I hope you like them and maybe find a bit of inspiration if you are looking at revamping your desk space with some great and very affordable pieces.



So this is where I spend alot of my time – doing my uni work and writing my blog posts!  I also co-host The IBD & Ostomy Support Show from this desk and you can catch me live every Thursday at 8pm, aswell as check out the previous shows on our YouTube page here.



I picked up these bits from Asda a couple of weeks ago.  The lamp was great value and was only £6 or £8.  It is slightly too tall to fit under the shelves but I am planning to move those up higher once Ste is out of hospital and then it will fit much better!  It has a touch base and three levels of light, I have it on the brightest setting generally as I work.  The white pineapple is actually a wax candle burner too and I thought it might be handy to add something smelly that will keep me alert and working on late night study sessions!  It was only £4 and I didn’t really buy it as a wax burner, just because I liked it alongside the smaller, silver pineapple ornament which was £3.



These are two candles which I love and just add some more ‘pretty’ to the area.  The pineapple one smells amazing and is from HomeSense, one of my favourite shops.  It was £6.99 and I love that even once the candle is used up I can keep the pineapple glass jar and put another candle in there.  The pink flamingos tealight holder was a bargain £1 sale purchase from Primark at the end of Summer.  I really like the homeware section in Primark, they have lots of brilliantly priced and lovely bits and often have a lot of the stuff that is currently in fashion in their stores.  This has been perfect for me as I love the tropical and flamingo stuff that has been so popular this Summer!


I keep printer paper, punched pockets and notepads in the drawer section of the desk.  I am a sucker for a cute notepad and Ste is always telling me I don’t need anymore but these two were too nice to pass up!  They were both from The Works and one says ‘If You Like Pina Coladas’ and the other ‘This Is Where I Keep My Imagination’.  They are both lined and fit in with my pineapple, flamingo and unicorn themed pieces on the desk.  You can never have too many notebooks though right?



I absolutely love these wooden boxes and they were just £1 each from Poundland.  I have this one in grey with some stationary bits in and a white one on the top of my shelves where I keep mail that needs filing away.    The glitter, glass pen pot is one of my most recent favourite purchases and was £2 from a great new shop I have discovered in Intu Derby.  I can’t remember the name of it but if you really want to know it, please pop me a message and I will find out and get back to you!  I also have some unicorn themed stationary and post it notes which have come from The Works and Poundland, super pretty but super affordable too!

The grey pull out, plastic drawers you can see in the first photo are also fab for keeping bits like my stapler, paperclips and pencils all together and tidy too.  I bought them from Asda for £5 ages ago and there is a fourth drawer which I have taken off so it fits in the space.  Keeping the area looking nice and also being clutter free is definitely important for me.  The more cluttered my desk looks, the harder it is to write.

I hope you liked this little run through of my work space.  Now you know where I am sitting when I am writing all my posts for you and I hope I have inspired you if you are looking at updating your own desk.  There are some fantastic and really affordable pieces out there and it doesn’t cost a lot to makeover a small area like this at all.  HomeSense, The Works, Primark, Asda and Poundland are definitely great places to check out and I recommend them all at the moment!  I am really pleased with how it has all come together and it is definitely somewhere I feel like sitting and working.

Please share photos of your desk spaces below in the comments  and let me know your favourite ways to decorate them that inspire and motivate you!


Autumn Clothing Haul

Thought I would share some of my recent clothing purchases with you as I get ready for the Autumn and the drop in temperature! After first getting my ostomy, I opted for ‘safe’ outfits but over the last few months and as my confidence has grown, I’ve started to enjoy what I wear again and have tried out many different looks. Hope you enjoy having a peek at what I have purchased and it inspires you (ostomy or not) into dressing the way you want to, not just for comfort for example. I’m also on a pretty tight budget so all these purchases are from affordable, high street stores.

First up is this black jumper from Pep & Co with silver zip detail to both shoulders. I love that this looks a little smarter but is still casual, and it’s super soft. It’s also a nice length and over high waisted jeggings/jeans it covers a bulging bag comfortably.

Next up was a super bargain at just £1! I’ve been looking for a plain white t-shirt for ages and just haven’t found a style I liked. Popped into Primark and this little beauty was in the sale section which made me very happy!


I needed some new basic, cotton underwear and nowhere does it better than Primark! Really liked these colours/patterns and they are really comfy. Unless I’m going out (and I pull out my Jasmine Stacey Collection underwear) I generally wear normal knickers, underneath my bag. There is always a fab range at great prices in Primark (these worked out at £1 per pair), and the styles are changed up pretty regularly too.


I really loved this top from Pep & Co. It’s grey, thin jumper style material with a black leather look collar on it. The collar just makes it a little different and it’s nice while it’s getting cooler but isn’t freezing yet! I could easily pop a vest top underneath too for added warmth.


Love this pink, chunky knit jumper from Primark. It’s super cosy, a lovely colour and perfect for this season!

PJs now! Anyone who knows me knows I love flamingos and I couldn’t resist this short set from Pep & Co. The fact is was in the sale section was just an added bonus! Next up are the unicorn leggings, these are really comfy and who can resist a unicorn?! And then finally, I picked up a Harry Potter set. Not only are these super soft but they are just so cool! Gorgeous checked bottoms with a grey top featuring the Harry Potter crest/logo. Both the unicorn leggings and the HP PJs were from Primark.

Next up I have this blue pair of jeggings from Primark. Jeggings are definitely the most comfy thing I’ve found to wear high waisted, over my bag. I also get a size 10 so they are a size bigger than I would have bought before but it gives me that bit of extra room and is more comfortable around my bag. I have a lighter and a darker blue pair but loved this brighter blue and have worn them quite a bit since I got them!



I bought this long sleeved, high necked black top as I thought it would be perfect to go under my dungaree dresses and to wear tucked in to my burgundy, corduroy mini skirt I just bought. It’s super soft and comfortable and I found it in Primark!



I got these super soft and stretchy skinny jeans in Asda. I loved the colour and I like the distressed effect. Purchased a size ten again as they are high waisted enough to be able to wear over my bag so I like having that bit of extra room and I can’t wait to wear them!



Last but not least comes the accessories! I picked up the gloves from Primark and they are pretty basic, in grey with a little detail on them so they aren’t completely plain. The scarf I actually found in the men’s section in Primark but I love this green colour and think it will look great with the right outfits!

Well that’s all I had in this one but I post an #ootd (#outfitoftheday) over on my Instagram account most days which you can check out at http://www.instagram.com/thespooniemummy

I love searching Pinterest for outfit ideas, what do you like to look at for inspiration? What’s been your favourite purchase/outfit in Autumn so far? Let me know in the comments below!


Five Friday Favourites

It’s Friday and I’m back! Not quite with a bang but I’m here and doing okay. Not really ready to share my favourite things from the week yet as I still feel like there is a big hole in my daily life but I did want to reconnect with you all so thought I would share my five favourite places to shop for the kid’s clothes. With the autumn/winter fast approaching the kids are needing their wardrobes overhauled yet again! Out go the shorts and summer dresses and in come the long sleeves and welly boots. Keeping this as affordable as possible is important for me as a single mum, but I still want them to look nice. Luckily, the High Street and supermarkets have some great options and in recent years have really upped their game with regards to children’s fashion.

First up is the ever amazing Primark. I’m not sure I know anyone who doesn’t love a browse in here, for their kids, themselves or their homeware. During the last year or so it has become a favourite of mine to grab a gorgeous home bargain in. Their children’s clothes range is vast, extremely affordable and, especially recently, has become right on trend. I picked up some great Summer bits this year for both the boys and for Layla. They are also great for the little bits like underwear, socks and the pump style shoes the boys like to pop on to play in in the garden, or for a quick outing to the shop or park. The older boys range I was particularly impressed with this year and I got Leo some really cool t-shirts and shorts. Their wasn’t a massive selection in my local Primark for his age but what they did have was really good and I managed to kit him out quite happily in time for our holiday. The girls section always seems to have more than the boys which I feel needs addressing but otherwise Primark is always right on point for me.


Next up is a relatively new addition to the High Street. Pep & Co opened a stand alone shop in Derby but has recently started popping up in Poundland stores across the country. Their clothes are affordable and look good. I’ve also got some great pyjamas for the boys from here recently. The range isn’t massive but I’m hoping as they become more established this will expand. The sizes can also be a bit hit and miss. Clothes wise I tend to go a little bigger than needed and the shoes I often need to get a size smaller. I would definitely suggest having your child with you if you are getting them some shoes from there if you haven’t before. They have a great range of simple printed t-shirts for children which are super cheap and ideal for Summer or for nursery if you want to send your children in clothes that you don’t mind being covered in paint and mud. They also have a fab, cheap school range with polo shirts for just £1. At that price you could afford to replace them every term and they were not overly thin like some cheaper ones I have seen. The school trousers were only £2.50 and they had checked school dresses for £3. Definitely worth a try I think! Looking forward to seeing what happens with them in the coming year as have definitely made a good impression so far!


As I said, the supermarkets have also really upped their game regarding children’s clothing and I wanted to give Asda a huge nod for this. Me and Ste went in yesterday and I could have spent a fortune on all the children with their new Autumn lines being released. The clothes were cute, seasonal and really on trend. I especially loved the light pink/maroon/purple colours dominating one of the girls ranges and couldn’t resist grabbing Layla a couple of outfits. We have struggled to get her any shoes with hard soles as her feet are only a diddy size 3 but I managed to grab a pair for her as they have a really wide range of shoes in all sizes. They also have a really great range of winter coats that are reasonably priced. I have also managed to buy the boys some great jeans in Asda this year, from the basics to some more on trend designs that were still very reasonably priced.  I used to find Asda a little bit hit and miss for clothes but have been really impressed this year.


Next is a little more expensive but I couldn’t not mention it as they do have some gorgeous kids clothes. They also have really great sales on which is when I tend to go in and grab my bargains. I always find going into the shop is better than trying to sale shop on their website, as when I go to purchase most things come up as sold out in my basket! They have a really good range of formal wear for little ones too, perfect for upcoming Christmas parties (oh yes, I mentioned the C word – it is September now after all!).


Finally I wanted to talk about another supermarket. The Tu range at Sainsbury’s isn’t as big as some of the other supermarkets in my opinion but their clothes are always good quality and have recently become more on trend. I would also always buy the boy’s school trousers here as they are great quality and have the adjustable waists which was perfect for my tall, skinny boys! The white cotton polo shirts would also last well, even after Riley doused them daily in everything you could imagine – paint, mud, crayon, grass etc! They also run a 25% sale every two or three months which is the perfect time to grab the school stuff. The footwear range is nice but is often limited and I struggle sometimes to find the shoes I want in the size I want. The website is very good and you can order things for delivery to you or to collect at your local store.


Hope you enjoyed my little run through. Please let me know where you like to shop for your kids clothes or what you think of my list in the comments below. And Happy Friday to all!