Well This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan!

One minute you think you just need a day of rest…The next you are being admitted πŸ™ˆ

Tonight I’m spending the night in hospital on IV steroids, fluids, pain meds and anti sickness awaiting gastro and rheumatology doctors to come sort me out on a proper medication regime in the morning to get this flare of my Crohns and Arthritis under control.

Progressively felt worse and worse as the day went on to the point where I knew I couldn’t cope at home anymore. Came in to get checked out and the doctors agreed that I needed help!

Just about to get changed and have some more pain relief and hoping that I can get some sleep as I’m exhausted still, even after sleeping away most of the last 24 hours! Hoping there aren’t too many drug and OBS wake ups through the night!

Have had so much support and love from family, friends and the online IBD community and couldn’t be more grateful. Really helps keep your chin up at times like these. Riley, my youngest, apparently thinks I’m in hospital having a baby! I have a feeling he’s going to be a rather disappointed 5 year old when he just gets me home tomorrow!

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