International Day Of Happiness

So yesterday was the International Day Of Happiness! According to the UN ‘a day to promote happiness as a universal goal and aspiration in the lives of human beings around the world’.

I wasn’t feeling particularly happy yesterday. Unfortunately my health isn’t too good again and after struggling for a few days I was feeling decidedly exhausted and down by last night. I didn’t get a great night’s sleep either but have given my head a little wobble this morning and am trying to crack on with some jobs at home which include writing this blog post for you!

I recently came across the idea of a Happiness Board and thought the International Day of Happiness would be a great time to talk about the concept. Vision Boards and New Year Resolutions have been around for a while as a way for people to set themselves goals and targets for the week, month and year ahead.

What these ideas don’t give, is an opportunity to celebrate and be joyful in what you have in the present moment. While goals are great, and writing them down or creating a Vision Board a good way to focus on them – there are rarely revisited. Goals are ticked off and forgotten about, often resolutions are also unfortunately abandoned.

A Happiness Board makes you stop and think, realise and be grateful for those wonderful things we already are accomplishing and the amazing things in our life. As a Spoonie Mummy who is having a poorly time at the moment, recognising that I am accomplishing things still, however small, gives me a confidence boost that I’m still making a positive impact. And taking the time to appreciate the other amazing things I have, the things that make me smile, shows me what I need to keep fighting for.

So here is my Happiness Board and a little explanation about what I have on there. I would love to see yours too, please feel free to share on this post if you have a go at making your own!


I think that Ste, Leo, Riley and Layla are pretty self explanatory! They are my world and most definitely the reason I keep fighting every day, even when it all gets a bit too much!
I feel immensely lucky to be back living in Derby near my family – their support and love is immense and helps me no end in this fight.
My new washing line and Spring – I am happy that the weather is slowly starting to pick up and I can now put washing out on the line after Ste put it up for me! Spring is a beautiful season and hopefully the higher temperatures will also help my Arthritis symptoms a little too!
Egg custards – yum! Enough said. I’m also very happy that Aldi do these four packs which are tasty and cheap so my obsession with them doesn’t cost a fortune!
Make up has always been something that has helped me feel just a little better if I’m down. I’m not the best at it by any stretch but I love putting it on (and shopping for it!).
My IBD friends – I met all these friends through us having IBD. Having it is really rubbish but if one positive came from it it is having these and the other people I have met through it in my life. Their support has been unwavering and they really are amazing!
And lastly…My notepad to symbolise my blog! I’m so happy I decided to set it up (eventually!). People seem to be enjoying it and the feedback through comments and messages has been amazing! I feel it is starting to do exactly what I wanted it to do and that’s help people, make them smile and make a difference. Opportunities are arising and I could not be more excited as to where this could all lead!

So come on… I showed you mine, let’s see yours!



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