Appointments Galore!

Good evening! Had a busy couple of days at the hospital this week and it’s not over yet.

Yesterday I had an appointment for a DEXA bone scan. They scan your hips and back and from that can assess the state of your bones. I am sure it’s alot more scientific than that but that’s it in a nutshell! It was super easy and although a little uncomfortable laying in the correct position, the lady was very quick.

They are checking me for osteoporosis which is something I could do without! As I have been on the steroids for so long they may have damaged my bones. Even though I am on calcium supplements I may need something stronger to try and protect them.

Today it was time for my repeat MRI. The first attempt was when I was in hospital a few weeks ago and I had an anaphylactic reaction to the Buscopan injection meaning all hell broke loose!

I’ve been following a strict low residue diet in preparation for this scan for the last two days. I also had to drink a jug of the prep drink Klean Prep yesterday to flush out my bowel. You can imagine how many trips to the toilet that ensued to empty my bag following that delight (note the sarcasm!). I was then on clear fluids only from yesterday evening and nil by mouth from midnight.

This morning I arrived and got given something more like scrubs instead of a gown. So much better in my opinion! Much easier to keep your dignity as opposed to the flappy gowns that are so awkward to fasten at the back!

I then got another jug of Klean Prep to drink (lucky me!) and was left to read my book while I drank it. I was rewarded with a carton of ribena afterwards though!

A cannula was also put in to administer the medication needed for the scan, although there were strict instructions I couldn’t have any Buscopan! About three quarters of the way through the scan they administer some contrast dye to highlight the blood vessels in the abdomen. It seems I have become rather infamous in the MRI department as even the staff I didn’t know, knew me after my very rare and severe reaction!

Taken through to the MRI (after 2 full bag empties already) and I was well and truly looked after by the staff. I’m nervous in the tube anyway due to being in a enclosed space but after my last experience you can imagine I was pretty scared! They completed the scan really quickly and were especially cautious but caring when they injected the contrast dye, assuring me it wasn’t Buscopan or similar to it and they monitored me very closely.

All went smoothly though and I just have to wait for an appointment with my gastro team now for the results and the plan of action!

Now just tomorrow and the rheumatologist to complete my full schedule of appointments this week! Wish me luck!



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