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Health Update

Well, what a month! For anyone not following me over on social media, I am now out of hospital, yay! I was released on Monday 16th March after three weeks in hospital. Although my symptoms haven’t all been rectified, they are a lot better… Continue Reading “Health Update”

The Hospital Diaries Day 6 & 7 – Saturday/Sunday

Weekends in hospital are generally the worst. Unless there is a plan in place to go home, nothing much happens unless there is an emergency. Stanley Stoma seems to have woken up which is good so they are pretty satisfied that the CT which… Continue Reading “The Hospital Diaries Day 6 & 7 – Saturday/Sunday”

The Hospital Diaries Day 2 – Tuesday

I managed a pretty decent night’s sleep last night to be fair, which is good for me in hospital! Food Diary Breakfast was the only meal I photographed today as I then had to go nil by mouth for my camera tests and then… Continue Reading “The Hospital Diaries Day 2 – Tuesday”

The Hospital Diaries – Day 1 Monday

Well, what a start to the week. If you follow me on social media (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) you will have probably seen that I have been struggling with my Crohn’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis since the start of the new year. Admitted With… Continue Reading “The Hospital Diaries – Day 1 Monday”

Appointments Galore!

Good evening! Had a busy couple of days at the hospital this week and it’s not over yet. Yesterday I had an appointment for a DEXA bone scan. They scan your hips and back and from that can assess the state of your bones.… Continue Reading “Appointments Galore!”