The Hospital Diaries Day 6 & 7 – Saturday/Sunday

Weekends in hospital are generally the worst. Unless there is a plan in place to go home, nothing much happens unless there is an emergency.

Stanley Stoma seems to have woken up which is good so they are pretty satisfied that the CT which showed no kinks or blockages along my small intestine was correct. They are hoping the manipulation of the structure behind my stoma will continue to ensure things can pass which seems to be the case at the moment, although my output is still only water and mucus. I’m now awaiting gastro back to talk about my stomach and where we go from here with the awful pain, nausea and vomiting which has been pretty hellish all weekend. Pain meds are helping take the edge off but once I eat anything it makes it a million times worse. I’m so hungry though and obviously need something inside me to function!

Both phosphates and potassium are low so I’m having a horrible phosphate drink. Luckily, the potassium has gone into my drip bag… Could not stomach that drink, especially already being nauseous!

Food Diary

When the surgeon came and saw that my stoma was working better in Saturday he’s upgraded my food thank goodness! I still can’t eat much but it’s nice to have a little more than chicken soup, ice-cream, jelly and yoghurt! Being able to have a biscuit and a cup of tea in the evening is like a dream! The low residue menu diet still isn’t great here but as I can’t eat a full meal anyway I am able to pick off the safe foods to eat.

Cannula Count – 4 and 2

This one has continued to work for the weekend well which is good. I have had a couple of subcutaneous cannulas in for my morphine pain relief to save me getting stabbed every time they do it. Turning into a pin cushion between those, daily blood tests and blood clotting injections!

Subcutaneous Cannula


Normality is a funny old concept really isn’t it – everyone’s perception is different but we don’t always think like that. As someone with a chronic illness (or few) my reality will be very different to many though. I have different abilities, expectations, goals and needs. This weekend I’ve missed MY normality. Being able to go make myself available cup of tea, put some washing on, do the ironing, have a nap on the sofa. I don’t want to get out and do anything extraordinary at this point… I just want to be home!

Have had Mum and Dad visit both days over the weekend and on Saturday they bought me some new PJs, underwear and fluffy socks which was lovely. My mum is an absolute diamond and I don’t know what I would do without her to be honest! She has cut my toenails and washed my hair for me this weekend. Two jobs I couldn’t manage myself and she did them. I’m so lucky to have parents who really help and care. While we pamper, my dad goes and fetches the Costas so is also very much appreciated too! My Aunty and Uncle also came in yesterday with some more puzzle books yesterday to keep my brain busy and made me laugh which was definitely needed! My stoma is a great source of hilarity in my family but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone is so supportive and if you don’t laugh you cry, right?

I’m hoping that Monday will bring round some more plans and see what we can get sorted so I can get out of here! Will keep you updated as always,

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