Five Friday Favourites

So this will be a new feature where I share five of my favourites from the previous week. It will be a mixture of all sorts so hopefully something for everyone!


I took this today, trying to get a photo of the boys fresh haircuts. Riley was making Leo laugh by whispering in his ear that he smells! I just love the cheeky, happy smiles on them both!



She could be in my favourites every week but this week she was there, right when I needed her and she gave me this which meant so much! I’m so lucky to have someone so supportive, so lovely and always on my side. I would not have the positive and strong attitude I do now if it wasn’t for her. She’s currently enjoying a weekend away with some friends at a spa hotel. I hope she is getting the pampering she deserves!



Have really enjoyed the start of the new season and have been watching it with Leo. It’s great to enjoy something together and it’s  encouraged some good conversations with him. This time the people are split by age – one group of 18-30’s and the other has everyone aged 31 and above. It’s been really interesting to watch the differences between the two age groups and we were a little gutted when they joined their camps together. The next episode is on Channel 4 at 9pm on Sunday, and the first two should be available on 4oD if you missed them.


4) I’m loving the new make up storage boxes Ste’s mum got me for my birthday. Everything is all organised and sorted and it makes it so much easier when I get ready in the morning!


5) I had alot of fun on Thursday going to a practice session for volunteer patients. I am volunteering to be a patient for the upcoming end of year medical student exams. I had to go in and get my scenarios for the two days and find out all the details about what was happening and what I needed to do. I will be writing a blog about my experiences doing this once the exams have taken place, so will be able to tell you more then, but it was a fun morning and I met some lovely people! I feel like this is a way of helping to give back to the NHS as they have helped me so much over the years! I’m looking forward to the days, although have some information to remember so will need a practise or two before then!

That’s my five for this Friday. Please let me know what you have been enjoying this week in the comments below. And don’t forget to click the ‘follow’ button so you will be notified when a new blog post goes up!




One Comment on “Five Friday Favourites

  1. Lots of make up buys for me this week 😍 love the part about your mum ❤
    Blogs really coming along now lovey. Well done xxx


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