Five Friday Favourites

Good evening! How is everyone? I’ve not been feeling too well this week, my cough got worse and went onto my chest. My Arthritis and Crohns have been up and down too which isn’t helping. The boys were both struggling over the weekend with coughs too and ended up having a couple of days off school. They are both alot better now though and back enjoying school. Leo had a school trip to Rushcliffe Country Park today and loved it!

So here’s a round up of my favourites for this week – enjoy!

First up is this beautiful blue orchid which we bought in Tesco on Wednesday for £12. It’s in a beautiful white ceramic pot and I fell in love with the stunning colour of it! It looks beautiful in the living room and I just now have the task of keeping it alive! Wish me luck! I’ve managed to kill a cactus so Ste has given me strict instructions to keep this one living when he isn’t here.


Today Ste took me to the cinema after we dropped the boys off at school for a treat. We watched King Arthur and I would definitely recommend it! I loved the way it was filmed, had a similar style to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which Guy Ritchie previously directed. Charlie Hunnam was great as Arthur and David Beckham’s cameo was good! Not sure that he will be troubling Brad Pitt anytime soon though!  I really enjoyed it and hope they do another one to continue the story.

Next up are these delicious muffins which I discovered in Asda this week. £1 for four Strawberry and White Chocolate muffins and they are so nice and moist and have a big blob of jam in the middle. I literally couldn’t get enough of them this week and have had 2 packets. I have shared them though, not eaten them all to myself!


I have another food favourite this week. Not been feeling like eating much as I have been pretty nauseous but when I was shopping on Wednesday I spotted some Stilton cheese. I really fancied some so bought a big block. I’ve literally finished the block in three days! I just keep grabbing it out the fridge and eating it with a fork. Think I’m going to need some more next week as just finished this bit off!


Lastly is this weeks The IBD & Ostomy Show. We had the lovely Steve Cartmail joining us which was great. He is such a supportive and encouraging member of the IBD and Ostomy community and it was fab to hear his stories and opinions. I spoke to many people in the week about their thoughts and experiences with body image which was our topic. We also got lots of interaction during the show with people messaging while we were live with questions and comments which was great. Afterwards me and the other girls got some amazing feedback too. I really feel the show is starting to take off and reach out and help the people who need it now, which is what we all hoped for. I’m hoping everyone is enjoying the show so far. We love to hear your views, ideas and stories so please get in touch. You can contact us on the Facebook page –

And subscribe so you don’t miss a show on our YouTube channel –

We go live at 8pm GMT every Thursday night for an hour and if you miss us the shows are recorded so you can watch them all on the YouTube channel. I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to do this. I’ve met the most wonderful women who I do the show with and enjoy speaking to people and (hopefully) helping them on their journey.

It’s World IBD Day today and I have been reflecting on the last year with regards to my IBD a bit. Getting the chance to do the show and starting my blog has been brilliant. I feel extremely lucky that I am getting to write, which I love, share my story and most importantly befriend, help, advise and support people going through tough times. Unfortunately, after months of remission following getting my stoma, I am now flaring but I’m certainly nowhere near as poorly as I was before my operation. My new doctor’s seem very good and proactive so I’m looking forward to getting it all sorted out and getting a bit of a break from my health issues. I’ve met my wonderful boyfriend through having Crohns this year. We have definitely had our testing times, with our health and family stuff, but we have stuck together and I’m so lucky to have him and so in love, I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to everything in our future together with our beautiful children.


I’m now in my PJ’s but I have worn purple today and hope lots of you did too! I’ve seen some fantastic awareness posts going up and people sharing their stories which is so brave and fabulous!

Let me know what you have been loving this week in the comments below and I will be back next week! Have a great weekend!

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