The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Brava Protective Sheets

Good morning!  I know I usually post my hit or miss post on a Monday but I have been super busy and didn’t get chance yesterday but I am really excited to share my new discovery with you fellow ostomates!

So, I have spoken before about how I help protect my skin using the Brava Elastic Tape Flange Extenders but for anyone who doesn’t know I will give a quick run through!  I cut each strip into five or six pieces then use these placed around my stoma.  I was given the rings and the Brava Protective Seals by my stoma nurse but never got on with them.  I found even the thin ones too thick and I felt they were uncomfortable.  The tape is much thinner and more flexible so I had none of these problems.  The only downside was it does take a while to place the strips around your stoma.  You have to place them carefully to get them close enough to protect the skin right around it.  It works really well though and I would have a bunch of them pre-cut in my bathroom to try and save a little time.  They are also great flange extenders and I use them for that too!

A little while ago Ste was sent a new product from Brava to test for them.  The Brava Protective Sheets were designed to help protect the skin around your stoma.  He asked me if I wanted to try one and so one night we both changed our bags and used them.  We were both really happy with them and he sent back his review after using up the samples he had been sent to say so.  I commented that the only downside was that it was a bit fiddly getting them ready but as I found cutting my own bags a trial at first and now its a breeze I think I would get used to it.

I noticed they had been released a couple of weeks ago and added them to my order which was delivered last Wednesday.  I have now been using them for almost a week and I LOVE THEM!  Now I have the cutting down to a fine art its getting easier and less time consuming.  You could also easily cut a few at a time to save you doing them every bag change.  They are super comfy and my skin has cleared up a treat after having a few leaks a couple of weeks ago.

I ordered the 20 x 20 sheets thinking that was what Ste had been sent to try but I think he was sent the 15 x 15 ones which he then cut into four pieces.  I can get six out of the 20 x 20 sheets which seem to fit perfectly under my flange with the least waste.  They also have 10 x 10 sized sheets available.  I have made a little video demonstrating how I use the sheets so you can see what I do.  You might find a different method but this is what works for me!  You can watch it here –

I hope this helps if you are struggling to find something to suit you and protect your skin.  This is obviously just my opinion and what works for me.  Different things work for different people but I would definitely recommend trying the tape method or the protective sheets if you are struggling to find something which suits you!  As always you can let me know what works for you or ask any questions in the comments below.



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