Five Friday Favourites

Yes it’s that time of the week again and I definitely have that Friday feeling!  I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to your weekend like I am!  I have really enjoyed these things this week so found my top five easy to choose.

First up are my new eyeshadow palettes! I absolutely fell in love with these when I saw Tanya show them off in one of her vlogs and when I went to look at them they were just as pretty in real life. These are the two new Tanya Burr Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes, My Paradise and My Escape. My Paradise is a rose gold, shimmery, summery palette, perfect for the season. I also love the little pineapple shapes in the shadows! My Escape is a set of khaki greens which I am loving at the moment. I’ve recently bought quite a few tops in this colour, it’s my new favourite and very on trend so this palette will look great with these outfits! They are also really inexpensive at only £5.99 each in Superdrug. For the colours and the quality I think that’s pretty amazing. I think they are beautiful and very special!


Next up is a new shop I have been buying from a lot recently! A Pep & Co opened in Derby as a stand alone store and I found some great, inexpensive jeggings in there which work really well with my bag. They have them in a huge range of colours and now also have cropped ones for the Summer. Visiting Ste in Halifax I’ve found that they have opened up in the Poundland there. I’ve bought a few bits for me, the boys and Layla and they are lovely pieces, good quality and very affordable!


The tops in the first three photos are from there and cost me £5or £6 each and the white jeggings in the last picture were about £7 I think. Excuse the dodgy photos of me too but you get the idea!

Me and Ste have been binge watching a new series the last week or so and are almost through season two now. Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu and is a modern day reworking of the old Sherlock and Holmes tales. Sherlock (Miller) is a former addict and Holmes (Liu) is employed by his father to be his sober companion. She joins Sherlock during his work as a consultant for the NYPD and eventually they become a team, helping solve tough crimes.  It is really good, very clever, funny and there’s plenty of twists and turns. The two leads are excellent and the characters really have come to life during the show. Definitely recommended if you haven’t seen it yet, I believe there have been five seasons so we have a way to go yet!


I was in Asda the other day and wandering around the home section came across the ‘Whoops’ stand where they have reduced items. In amongst the things I discovered these little beauties that I fell in love with and for £4 I just couldn’t resist.


Pineapple shaped solar garden lights! I’m sorry I haven’t a picture of them lit up but they are pretty adorable! The garden is definitely coming along now and I’m imagining lots of brightly coloured lights and pots out there to create a tropical kind of vibe! These will definitely help set the scene and what a bargain!

Last but not least is a shout out to me and my fabulous cooking. Well, with a little help from Old El Paso! On Monday I made the most amazing tacos and this wasn’t just vouched for by me but my two fussy children who both polished off their plates completely. I bought an Old El Paso taco kit in Aldi on Monday which came with the taco shells (which I had to heat in the oven), a spice mix for the meat and the salsa dip. I also added in some sour cream, cheese and chopped lettuce and tomato. I’ve got to say they were very yummy and like I say, getting BOTH my children to enjoy a meal like that can sometimes be tricky so we will definitely be revisiting it. I’m sure I could make the spice mix myself if I look one up so I’m going to try that next time. There was also lots left over as it was just the three of us so perfect for bigger families too. Time to check out the yummy photos 😍


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that was my week summed up in five favourites! Let me know what you think of these and what you have been loving this week in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you 💜


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