Five Friday Favourites

I swear the weeks go by faster and faster! It’s Friday again already and I have my five of my favourite things from the week to share with you.

First up I have a new moisturiser that I purchased last week and have been using on my face every morning. My skin has felt really hydrated and lovely, even though the weather has been so warm. I often use Nivea (Simple and Superdrug s own Vitamin E range are also very good) but haven’t used this exact one before. There are a couple of other options for different skin types in the ‘Pure and Natural’ range but this one I can highly recommend. It smells amazing too!


Next up is a YouTube channel I’ve really been enjoying watching this week. Emily Norris is a mummy vlogger and has some great videos ranging from ‘a day in the life’ posts to cleaning routine posts. She seems very down to earth and ‘normal’ which is lovely to watch as so many bloggers try and portray ‘perfect parenting’ and shame mum’s who let their children have sweet treats and play on electronic devices at times during the day! The link to her YouTube page is below and if you enjoy watching vlogs and finding new ideas you should definitely check it out! I would also like to do a shout out (can I do one of those over the age of 30???) to the Hey Mummy YouTube channel. They followed my twitter account ( and I had a look at theirs and followed them back. They are primarily based on YouTube though (will also post their link below) and it’s two fab Mum’s who talk about anything and everything to do with being a Mummy/parent. Worth a look and I loved their video about what they have in their handbags. It made me feel alot more ‘normal’ about the random things I find in mine!

My next weekly favourite is a Loreal lipstick I picked up from the Asda bargain make up buckets. I have never noticed these before but when I was shopping the other day I noticed small baskets on the bottom of the make up displays which have discounted make up in. I think they must be discontinued products as they are all still cellophane wrapped and there were some amazing bargains to be had! I picked my lipstick up for just £2.50 and it’s a lovely shade of light pink and smells just like Palma Violets which I love! It’s super moisturising too and doesn’t dry out too much on my lips. Not sure which was my favourite – the lipstick or the discovery of discounted makeup!

Next up is another make up/skincare product. This week is slightly full of them, apologies to all who don’t like these recommendations but I’ve just tried a few new bits out this last week or so! This is the Rimmel BB Cream and I use the Light colour. As I have dry skin I struggle with my foundation clinging to dry patches throughout the day. I have started using this in two ways. Some days I will use it alone, as a lighter base rather than a heavier foundation with more coverage. And for days I want the extra coverage I mix a bit of this in with my normal foundation so it’s a bit less drying. A great option for the Summer!


Lastly was our day trip today to The Royal Armouries in Leeds. We had a lovely afternoon out and the boys really loved looking at the armour and weapons from history. They also enjoyed trying on the heavy armoured gloves that knights used to wear, Riley could barely lift his hands up! Leo enjoyed playing a game of draughts with me and we have decided it’s definitely a game we need to buy. If you are in the area or fancy a good day trip, I would recommend a visit here. Entry is free and there is a gift shop with some great bits for kids in there.

Hope you have all enjoyed hearing what I have been loving this week! Now your turn to tell me what is your favourite thing from the week?

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