#bagroulette – My review of the Coloplast Sensura Mio

It’s week three of #bagroulette and this week we are trying out Stephie’s brand of bag, the Coloplast Sensura Mio. I have used these bags previously and didn’t get on with them so was a little nervous about this one. Although I loved alot about them, I had so many leaks and as it was within the first few months of me getting a stoma, it really knocked my confidence. Sometimes I was having up to four in a day so it was a really tough time. I blamed myself alot and thought I must be doing something wrong. When I changed to the Salts bags and didn’t have the leaks I had been experienced with the Mio, I realised it was just that they didn’t suit me.


I still really like the grey colour and texture of this bag. The baseplate feels really soft and flexible. The opening is with velcro similar to my Salts bag, but like the Pelican Platinum I tried, is see through. It doesn’t bother me too much but I know some prefer an opaque opening.


I put my first Mio bag on post shower on Sunday night. I decided to keep to the same routine I use for my Salts bag to compare equally. I found the Mio baseplate was harder to cut, I think due to the slightly deeper, softer texture. It was easy enough to put on over my Brava protective sheet after that.

The velcro is super sticky which made it feel very secure which I liked. The bag is really comfortable as the baseplate is the most flexible I have come across. It is super light and you can forget it is there until it needs emptying. The baseplate is also clear around the edge so it is easy to spot if a leak is starting. The bag does still get warm and a little sweaty underneath but this is the same as a lot of bags, especially in the warm weather we have been experiencing.

Monday night I decided to test the bag in the shower. It dried super quick and easy which is great so I’m sure this would be a good choice for swimmers and if you choose to leave your bag on for a few days. I normally change mine every night but decided to leave it on another full day to see how it went.


Tuesday saw the bag continue to perform well. The only problem I seemed to be experiencing was some pancaking. I think if I used this bag all the time I would probably need to use some lubricating deodorant or some baby oil to help the output settle at the bottom of the bag rather than at the top around the stoma. I also became worried I could smell the output and have since come across other people who have experienced the same with the Mios. I have heard using the filter stickers can help with this but didn’t get chance to try that out myself.

The bag was really easy to remove with the tab at the top. My skin was in good condition and not at all sore. I had started to leak (about 1cm all around my stoma) but it can’t have been there long as my skin wasn’t sore and I wasn’t itching which is normally the first sign for me. With the new bag the only issue I had again was the cutting. I tried a different pair of scissors but it was still difficult to get a nice smooth edge without making the hole too big.


The next day continued pretty much the same and I started to feel more confident with the bag. I only suffered with the same issues of pancaking that I had had previous days. I just attempted to push the output down the bag myself. I changed the bag again Wednesday night and woke up Thursday and emptied my bag at around 7am.

We had approximately fifteen minutes before we had to leave for school and I was asking the boys to put on their shoes for the tenth time when I put my hand to my bag and realised I was having a leak! I couldn’t believe it as my bag was barely full and I really did not need it at that time in the morning. I did a quick bag change and I believe the leak was down to the pancaking issue. I found last time I used the Mio’s that as soon as the baseplate got the slightest bit of output underneath, it led to a blowout really quickly. I managed to sort my bag, change my clothes and get the boys to school but so came the end of my testing of the bag.


I think the Coloplast Sensura Mio has some really great features. The colour, texture and quick drying is ace. The baseplate flexibility is fantastic and it really moves easily with your body so you can almost forget it is there. The velcro bottom is really nice and secure. There are three available sizes so you can choose what suits you and the medium sized bag suited me perfectly.

However, I feel the adhesive really lets the bag down, as well as it being prone to making me pancake. If this bag combined with the Salts adhesive I think I would have the perfect bag! I was slightly nervous about trying this one out after my previous experience with it, but aside from the pancaking and the leak on Thursday morning I was reminded of some of the great features of it and why I started using the bag the first time around.

I’ve had lots of feedback about #bagroulette this week when people found out I was trialling the Mio. It seems people either love it or just don’t get on with it. Have you tried this one? Do you use it? Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

You can order samples of the Coloplast Sensura Mio on their website at


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16 Comments on “#bagroulette – My review of the Coloplast Sensura Mio

  1. Hi
    I use the Mio bags and find them the best for me, I have domeing behind my stoma due to a paranormal hernia and find that the Mio’s softer, flexible baseplate is ideal to cope with the shape.
    I always use a ring of stoma paste round my stoma with the bags which stops any leakage.
    I change my bag every other day as I find my waste eats away at the baseplate if I leave it longer, I also like to shower ideally with my bag off, so alternate, the Mio bags repel water nicely and as you mentioned dry very easily (which most other bags don’t).
    My only issue I’ve encountered with them was an allergic reaction to the glue after I had my paranormal hernia unsuccessfully repaired! This rectified itself after a 4 week break when I used Salts bags. But boy was I glad to get back to the Mio!


    • So pleased they work so well for you, they really do have some great features, just a couple of issues for me unfortunately! I can see how they would be most comfortable with a hernia, they are definitely really soft and flexible. Hope it doesn’t cause you too much bother x


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  3. Well…..I was simply DELIGHTED when I first received 6 sample Sensura Mio drainable bags to try. I could not stop looking at the bag – and feeling the WONDERFUL material it is made from. Pale grey colour too….taking its image away from a “surgical” appliance somewhat. It looks state-of-the-art in Stoma Bags. The closure has two supporting tags and is REALLY secure. I hate Velcro ROLL-UP fastenings with no supporting tabs, as they can ROLL DOWN (and they have rolled down on me in the past….HORROR!!). I CANNOT trust just a roll up opening. A few rubs from your clothing and it can just “unravel”, presenting a sheer nightmare if you are out and about!! The material is so unusual, non-absorbent, and would dry in no time after a shower.

    I could not WAIT to try the Sensura Mio. I carefully put one on, with no washer (round seal) underneath it. WOW! It was soooo comfortable I could hardly feel I had an appliance on at all! I thought….”this is it!! I’ve found my Holy Grail Bag!” NOT TO BE, I’m afraid!, After a couple of hours of having the bag on, I felt it…..that uncomfortable itching, slightly sore feeling, on my skin just around the stoma, I was gutted! That feeling is my trusted well known “warning sign” that I’ve got a leak. I took the bag off and Yes – effluent had quickly sneaked under the edge of the bag (just around the stoma). Tried a second bag…..same thing!! I left this one on a bit longer, and although the baseplate SEEMS sticky enough – it’s NOT!! The leak had seeped under the washer, near the stoma (as before), and had quickly spread right out to the edge of the flange (at my right hand side). Third bag….tried it with my Secuplast trusty seal washer underneath. Lasted longer, but still got a side leak the same day of putting it on I could not trust the Sensura Mio to GO OUT wearing it.

    I note that some folks USE the Mio. How on earth do they manage not to get leaks? I presume that maybe they do not have the liquid, somewhat watery output that I, and many other Ileostomy folks, experience on a daily basis.

    The problem with the Sensura Mio is…..the flange is just NOT sticky enough when it’s faced with liquid output being pushed against it. The adhesion just gives way immediately it seems. THE best flange material EVER is on the Salts XND1352 bag. It’s super sticky, but peels off at a bag change, leaving no residue. If Coloplast changed their wafer on the Sensura Mio to the XND1352 material, there would not be many bags out there to compete with it. That said. The FILTER needs taking back to a simple top located filter, not the huge round filter contained within the bag, as at present. I definitely experienced a bit of a smell from the Mio filter – after such a short-time wearing too – and the filter, despite its huge size, did NOT stop ballooning for me. SUCH A SHAME….a beautifully designed bag with two major flaws….the Wafer and the Filter!!

    UNTIL Coloplast rectify the above two major flaws with the Sensura Mio, I certainly won’t be using it.

    I’m just trying out SALTS LATEST Confidence Be Drainable pouch (Stephie and Stu have reviewed this). It comes in THREE Colours….Stone, White AND Black!! I have promised to get back to Stephie with MY findings on the Confidence Be, after I’ve given them a good, fair trial. I’ve just received them in White and they are a BEAUTIFULLY designed bag. I have high hopes on this one….wearing it as I write this. Fingers crossed….

    Please keep a look out for my forthcoming Confidence Be review, which will hopefully be located on the Confidence Be Review posting that Stephie and Stu have already put up on this site.


    • I have found the EXACT same thing with the Mio. Just the dodgy baseplate and filter. I’ve done a review of the Confidence BE and am currently wearing mine! The only thing I don’t like is the fastening but Salts have been great and have passed on all my notes to their production team so here’s hoping! Would love to see how you get on xx


      • Yes Steph…..on the Sensura Mio……the baseplate is…..well….inadequate. From the more watery output of an Ileostomy, the VERY SLIGHTEST drop of effluent which may seep out around the Stoma will travel with no resistance whatsoever from the baseplate “glue” (and very quickly, may I add), right across to the outer edge of the baseplate – and onto your clothing!! This event hopefully happens if you are pretty near to a Restroom to do a super-quick change of appliance – if not, you’re in big trouble, because, having no resistance, the effluent will travel around the WHOLE baseplate (especially if you are sitting down). This has happened at least three times to me…..but thank goodness I was at home!! I would not trust the Sensura Mio to go out in and I’ve now, reluctantly given up on it. I MUST have a bombpoof bag.

        The law of gravity dictates that liquid runs DOWNWARDS, doesn’t it? I wish this was the case with MY Ileostomy, as my output flows SIDEWAYS, as I always get side leaks.

        I will reiterate here, quoting from my previous comments on this GREAT Website, that you just CANNOT beat the Salts XND 1352 (Convex) baseplate Material. Large, round, thickish, soft and super-sticky. On removal, it just PEELS off in one piece, leaving no residue on the skin. It really is superb.

        Baseplates seem to be getting made SMALLER in circumference!! IF there’s only an inch from your Stoma to the outer edge of the baseplate, a leak has only an inch to travel from your Stoma edge before it gets out onto your clothing…..and spoil your day. As a bag is taking up that amount of space up on your tummy, the baseplate should be AS BIG as the bag’s width – and also reach the top of the bag. It can always be trimmed to a smaller size if need be. I find circular flanges are the best. I’ve never had much success with “oval” shaped ones. The Salts XND 1352 baseplate is lovely and large, making me feel sooooo secure wearing it. I’ve NEVER had a leak from it – amazing. I don’t NEED a Convex bag, I just wear it because of its unbeatable security!! (It’s a “mild” Convex and hence does not “push” a Stoma outwards).

        I simply CANNOT believe that Ostomists have been religiously involved in the design, review and testing of new release appliances! I so wish I was on one of these panels! I know that we Ostomists are all “different” and have differing appliance requirements (after being told so by MANY Ostomy Supply Companies), but I bet you my bottom dollar that I could design the ideal bag for the MAJORITY of Ostomists.

        What DO we want? A waterproof; non-russle; soft; comfortable; non-irritating; great filter (that works for the entire life of the bag – not just for a few hours); a BOMBPROOF Baseplate; appliance weartime of MINIMUM 5-7 days with NO leak issues (we may not need a two-piece option in that case); a baseplate that sticks down 100% RIGHT AROUND the stoma, even on excoriated, damp skin, with no lift-up whatsoever; a fantastic SECURE outlet; multi-position bag fold up locations; quite a few colour choices; available in Flat and Convex options; available uncut OR pre-cut in EVERY Stoma Size – 32mm, 33mm, 34mm, 35mm and so on (not just “nearest” to what your Stoma Size actually is)…….anything else folks?

        I’ve had my Ileostomy for 47 years – and have never, EVER been approached by a company to trial a new product. Of the recent “new” products out there, IF they are designed, trialled and tested by Ostomists, in my opinion those Ostomists have had their Ostomy just a few months – and have yet to experience some of the appliance horrors I’ve been through over the years – and as other “long-term” Ostomists will have done also.

        Are you asleep yet?…..Lol.

        Love and hugs to you all.


    • I totally the big round filter withing the bag is so annoying, I tried the sensura mio and I realised that I canot use this bag because my output is stick and it is impossible to use with this huge round filter. I also experienced the smell from the Mio filter – after such a short-time wearing too – and the filter, despite its huge size, did NOT stop ballooning. I also wont use the sensura mio

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      • Same here with the filter, plus the adhesive just didn’t suit me! What do you use now? Have you found something that works for you?


  4. Agree with others
    Sensura mio good to look at but pancaking and leakage major problems
    I have parastomal hernia and leak sideways
    Adhesive so poor that bag will detach from top and side overnight
    big filter but easily blocked and balloons overnight
    Trying salts confidence b
    Looks good neat and secure closure
    Hope adhesive sticks and secure overnight


    • I had the same issues with the mio. I was so disheartened as when I first tried it I was a new ostomate and it was super difficult to deal with. I moved onto Salts bags and now the Confidence BE and absolutely love them, good luck x


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  6. Natalie……hi hunni bunch. Are you still using the Confidence Be?? Hope you are keeping well. Teddy. Xx


  7. Hi Nat. Yes,I’m fine thanks. I too LOVED the Confidence Be…BUT….I got leaks…..gutted!! Can you kindly spend a minute and tell me (and anyone else getting leaks from he Confidence Be) how you prevent leaks happening?

    I’m back on my bombproof Salts XND1352 Convex. I find convex bags TOO BULKY due to thir hard inner plastic ring and plastic belt hoops. I want a Sensura MIO or e Be Bag with the xnd1352 adhesive….. Big hugs, Teddy xx.


  8. I recently switched from a pouch with which I was having major problems with, to the Sensura Mio 18665 and it has been life changing – absolutely brilliant !

    There is one thing of over riding importance to me which is that a pouch goes for 24 hours without leaking, and, for me this one does.

    Having said that, I agree with those who say that once there is any degradation it spreads quickly. I have never had a problem once the pouch is on, but have had several such occasions when I have been changing it, and the only thing is to start from scratch. The skin really does need to be scrupulously clean and absolutely dry. I use trio Élite adhesive wipes after cleaning with water and drying, followed by their Elisse wipes which protect the skin. I also use absorbent XXL paper towels I repeat -any problems, start again from scratch !

    After 24 hours there is only maybe 1cm left around the bottom and one of the sides of the wafer, but that’s OK for a daily change. I also use the Coloplast Bravo flange extenders (the ones that look like bananas!)

    I hope that’s useful.

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    • So glad you have found a bag that works for you – I always recommend my Salts bag to people but my over riding thoughts are – we are lucky to have a great selection to choose from and what suits one person won’t suit everyone!

      The brava extenders are great, I tend to use them when I go swimming just for some added security and confidence!

      I also use an adhesive remover wipe to get rid of any left over sticky residue but always make sure I clean the skin well after so it doesn’t impact the new bag!

      Clean and dry skin is great advice, it’s one of the most important factors for any bag change for sure!

      Thanks for sharing your experience x


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