The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Lush Jelly Face Masks

Haven’t done one of these in a little while but thought I would share this new Lush product I purchased the other day and let you know what I think!

It’s my brother’s wedding on Saturday 5th so I’m trying with all my might to get my skin and everything in a semi decent condition ready for the big day. Me and Ste were in Lush picking up the face scrub that he likes and I noticed the new jelly face masks on the side. I love trying out new things from there and especially with the added novelty factor of it being like jelly!

There were five different ones to  choose from. I decided to go with ‘The Birth Of Venus’ which offered ‘toning fresh seawater, relaxing lavender and calming chamomile blue for perfectly balanced skin’. My skin is normally dehydrated with a slightly oily t-zone. Lately I’ve had a few spots on my chin so the balancing aspect seemed like a good idea. I normally do my face masks at night and lavender is always good at bedtime and my skin is occasionally sensitive so I didn’t want to risk anything harsh that would affect my face.



I started off by cleansing my skin with my Nivea micellar water. I then read the instructions which said to take a section of the jelly out of the pot and rub it between my (dry) fingers to turn it into a paste before massaging it on my face. This was easy enough to do and it smelt absolutely amazing! I then had to leave it for five to ten minutes. Dodgy Smurf selfie time!


The mask felt lovely on my skin, it didn’t sting or bother my skin in any way. After nearly ten minutes I went to the bathroom and used a warm, wet, muslin type cloth to remove it. The mask had begun to sink in and dry a little but it wasn’t hard to remove. After I had washed my face my skin was left feeling really clean, refreshed and smooth. There was no redness and I couldn’t have been happier with the immediate results. I smoothed over a layer of Nivea night time moisturiser and settled into bed feeling very happy with my new find!

Update – this morning my skin looks even, my dry patches haven’t appeared and my chin, although still a bit oily is clearing up! Very happy with this product and a sure fire hit with me! I will definitely be using again and will look at purchasing some of the other jelly face masks they offer.

8 Comments on “The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Lush Jelly Face Masks

  1. I’m always looking for a great new mask so I will definitely have to try this out. My complexion is similar to what you were mentioning so I hope it will work for me too!


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