Top 10 Blog Posts 2017

As I am still rounding up last year, I thought I had better share with you my personal favourite and most successful posts.  I am so grateful for everyone who takes the time to read, comment, share and message me about what I write, it really makes a huge difference to know I am inspiring, entertaining, educating and helping others.  So thank you, lovely readers, and I hope you enjoy revisiting or seeing these for the first time!


The Worst Day Of My Life 

Definitely the hardest post I have ever had to write but I am so immensely grateful for all the support I received, and equally saddened as I found so many parents who had had the same happen to them. Being a parent with chronic illnesses is hard, but you can still be excellent at it and this is one of the reasons I started my blog.

December Goals

This is a pretty recent post but I wanted to add it to the list as it has really given me a boost and is a great way of managing things I want to achieve in the coming month.  I feel much more motivated and likely to succeed with a list to work from.  Ticking those goals off gives me a great sense of achievement.

Am I Confident In The New Salts Confidence BE Ostomy Bags?

I feel like I am really getting to grips with writing reviews now and this was great to do as it was from the same company whose bags I already use.  They got in touch and were pleased to read my review and asked me to share more information on the issues I had had (which were minor).  It was good to know they listen to the people who use their bags and are always striving to improve them.  They even shared it across their social media which was great!


This was something I was often messaged about as Methotrexate is a drug I have been on for over fifteen years so have a lot of experience with.  I tried to include as much information as possible and personal tips I have found that help with the side effects.  It has been one of my most popular posts I have written and is still regularly viewed now, months later.

Coping With A Stomach Bug When You Have An Ileostomy

Not only was I proud of this post but I was really proud with how I dealt with this bout of D & V, managing to avoid hospital.  Lots of horrible stomach bugs have been flying around over Christmas and they can be really dangerous for ostomates.  I had a lot of feedback thanking me for the information in this post so it had to be included!

Dressing With An Ostomy – My Story With Clothes Since Surgery

I was really proud of how my ‘Dressing With An Ostomy’ week went and was so glad that so many people got involved!  I still regularly post my ‘Outfit Of The Day’ and hope people considering surgery and new ostomates see that having an ostomy does not restrict what you wear at all and you can still dress as you want to.

Contraception and IBD/Arthritis

This is a topic I am pretty passionate about, as so many women are given no information about what effects their IBD in particular can have on their choice of contraceptive.  I even had a close friend asking me about it recently, who didn’t realise that as she was in a flare, her body may not properly absorb the pill which resulted in an ‘accident’.  The emotional side of dealing with chronic illness is bad enough, but when your GP or doctor does not give you the pros and cons of a contraceptive, taking into account your condition, it can cause even more heartbreak and unnecessary suffering.

So What Is A Spoonie?

This was a really important post, as it amazing how many people don’t know the meaning of my blog name, even when they are technically a spoonie themselves!  I know some people aren’t sure about the analogy, mainly due to the use of spoons but it is just what the lady had to hand when she first explained the spoon theory to a friend.  I think it is a great way of helping people understand the debilitating effects of our illnesses, especially the fatigue which people just don’t seem to understand very easily.

10 Things I Hate About Pred

This post still makes me smile and I am pretty proud of my little poem.  I am now finally starting to reduce my pred dose but it is going to take a while as I have been on it so many years.  The effects it has had on my body have really taken their toll but it is an amazing drug that can work wonders for both Arthritis and Crohns Disease.

A New Chapter

This post is special to me as it marks a turning point with my mental health and the start of Natalie coming back, after a traumatic few months.

I hope you liked the trip down memory lane.  Please let me know what your favourite post from The Spoonie Mummy was in 2017 and if you agree with the ones I have chosen in the comments below!

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