The British Tag

I came across this on a fellow blogger’s page and loved the first question so thought I would join in!  You can visit Lorna’s blog by clicking her name below!


1) How many cups of tea do you have a day? Milk and sugar? 
Ermmm… Alot! Probably at least 4-5. I take it with milk and one sugar
2) Favourite part of a roast dinner? 
Yorkshire puddings, mash and gravy. I couldn’t pick just one and FYI, gravy is a food, one of my favourites in fact. Meat and stuffing! Cauliflower cheese and roasties. Now my mouth is watering, I do love a good roast dinner!
3) Go to dunking biscuit? 
This may be controversial but I like rich tea dunked in a cuppa! I know you have to be careful of over-dunking with them but they taste delicious.
4) Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
Can’t beat afternoon tea but it isn’t something I do regularly (unfortunately). I would probably say seaside holidays. I absolutely LOVE taking the boys to all the traditional beach towns and staying in a caravan. The not so warm days spent on the beach, eating icecream while the sand gets blown into it and running up and down depending on where the tide is to fetch water for your sandcastle’s moat. Playing at the arcades and on the funfair. Crazy golf. Bingo and the kids disco. So many fun memories are made on these types of holiday.
5) Favourite British word?
Gutted that I’ve forgotten a word I taught an American friend of mine the other week. She loved it and said it wasn’t used over there but she was going to as she liked it so much. I like the words bugger and mardy. Some favourite phrases from growing up include the quintessential ‘it looks like Blackpool Illuminations in here’ and being offered ‘shit with sugar on’ for tea by my Grandad
6) Favourite sweet?
Ooh so many good ones but I would have to pick Jelly Babies. I love them, especially the pink baby ones.
7) Favourite British shop or restaurant?
Ooh this is tricky, so many places now that are big chains and come from abroad! I think Primark is a British shop, right? If so, I will say there, can’t beat a bit of Primark! I love shopping small too and Etsy have some fab, small, British designers and artists selling some amazing stuff. As for restaurants one of my all time favourites in Derby is The BookCafe. The menu is changed up regularly for the seasons and the food is always amazing. The staff are lovely and what can I say…you are sat surrounded by beautiful, old books.
8) Marmite? 
Love it. Yes yes yes!
9) What’s your order in a chip shop?
 Chips, chicken and mushroom pukka pie, mushy peas and gravy. One of my favourite types of comfort food. I missed chip shop gravy so much when I lived down in Essex, so my Dad would often treat me to this when I visited home.
10) Something that reminds you of a typical British school?
Cold compress – e.g. a soggy folded paper towel. Rainy play times indoors. Those old TV and video units that would be wheeled out when there was something to watch (generally a fuzzy old, boring documentary)
11) Most ‘British’ thing about you?
Probably my knack for making conversation (about the weather when needed) and the fact I hate talking about money. I am a Royalist and love the Royal Family.
12) Favourite board game?
It has to be Monopoly right! Hours (literally) of fun had all through childhood and it’s still going. I also really enjoy card games, Frustration, Uno, Game Of Life and Guess Who.
I’m not going to tag anyone specific but feel free to join in by copying and pasting the questions and it would be lovely if you could give me a little mention too! If you don’t have a blog – answer your favourite question in the comments section below and let me know how British you think I sound!
Ciao for now, or should that be… cheerio old chaps!
NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

2 Comments on “The British Tag

  1. Great tag! Really wanna do it myself now. One of my fave phrases my mum says is ‘put big light on’ haha 😂 I’m currently on my must be 5th cuppa of the day 😋 x


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