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I was super excited to com across this lovely company who offered to send me one of their cakes to try.  Who could say no to cake?

baker days

As it was Stanley Stoma’s birthday coming up I decided it would be nice to order the cake for him and was really happy with all the options I could choose from.  Not only do they offer different flavours of cake – chocolate, lemon drizzle and victoria sponge – there are four different sizes, including one designed to fit through your letterbox AND gluten or dairy free options.

The ordering process on the website is super easy, the delivery is quick and you are kept up to date on your order at all times.  There is a massive choice of designs available for all different occasions.

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They also offer photo personalisation, cupcakes and personalised balloons.

I chose my design and placed my order.  I asked for delivery as soon as possible when ordering on the Wednesday evening and it was arranged for the following Tuesday so about a week’s lead time is what you need to be aware of.  Everything worked like clockwork and my cake arrived on Tuesday as planned.

I was really impressed with the way the cake was packaged.  It came in a lovely tin which I have kept (since the cake disappeared pretty quickly).  There are even little touches like a tab to enable you to lift the cake out without tipping it over which is great.


And finally…the taste test.  For saying this cake was sent in the mail, you wouldn’t have known it!  I chose a chocolate cake and it wasn’t too dry and the icing was perfect.  Stanley was also very grateful and loved the design…just a bit of fun!

This is definitely a company I would recommend – excellent products and customer service.  Perfect for sending a little gift to someone and well priced.  I will be using them again, I am sure!  Check out their website here.

They have also offered a generous 15% off for all you lovely readers of mine – just use the code SPOONIEMUMMY15 when checking out!

Thanks to bakerdays for mine (and Stanley’s) cake – it was delicious!  Let me know in the comments below what your favourite cake is and we shall see if there is a favourite amongst you!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

2 Comments on “The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – bakerdays

  1. We think this is such a novel concept and love the poop emoji cake. They taste lovely as well as we’ve had one before x popping over from #SnappedUp


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