Blog Tour Book Review – Today South London, Tomorrow South London

Today South London, Tomorrow South London

Genres: Humour, travel, fiction and, confusingly, non-fiction


The Blurb

The book South London deserves… finally.
A new book, to be published late October 2018, aims to put South London on the map once and for all. London is one of the most written about cities in the world. Some of London, anyway. South London has been a slum, a resort and a neglected annex of the capital. But only now in the 21st century has it forged its own identity and purpose. And only now is this wonky wonderland going to get the book it deserves, the first book about South London since 1947.

Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison, the slacker storytellers at Deserter (see below), are to publish their unique portraits of life below the river in Today South London, Tomorrow South London, published by Unbound. The authors, under their noms de plume, Dulwich Raider and Dirty South, record offbeat days out and half-remembered urban adventures featuring pubs, cemeteries, galleries, hospitals and pubs again, often in the company of their volatile dealer, Half-life, and the much nicer Roxy.
Part guide, part travelogue, this book is a collection of these tales with the addition of new material that their publisher absolutely insisted upon. South London, that maligned
wasteland where cabbies once feared to drive, can no longer be ignored. The South is risen!
“The ultimate reprobates’ handbook to God’s own side of the river – your liver may never bethe same again… Wonderful.”
– Jenny Eclair
“Of all the books about South London since 1947 this has to be the best.”
– Jay Rayner
“If a man is tired of London he should read this book.”
– Bruce Dessau (London Evening Standard, Beyond The Joke)
“Deserter’s panoply of wastrels throw up the odd genuine revelation… [an] historical, cultural or psychogeographical treasure. They may not mean to educate, but they do.”
– Ned Boulting, broadcaster and author

What I Thought

Not sure I would feature this as a travel guide – this is a hilarious recollection of drunken frivolities by two brilliant characters.

I thought this book was fab – a laugh a minute and I think anyone with knowledge of South London will enjoy it even more.  Although during their ‘research’ they ponder some of life’s big questions, they do not take anything too seriously and the book is a enjoyable and witty read.  Chapter’s are relatively short and the book flows at a good pace.

I loved the character’s and the banter and I am sure you will too.  Highly recommend a read of this one!

Where To Buy

Amazon (Kindle and Paperback)

The Authors – Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison


Andrew Grumbridge said: “The support of our readers has ensured the publication of this book – they are real heroes of this story. Although they didn’t have to stay in all summer writing the ruddy thing, did they? So, think about that for a bit, yeah?“

Vincent Raison said: “By sharing these tales of bunking off early and drifting through the
city on perfect unplanned pub crawls, I feel I have finally made my contribution to society, though I admit, it’s hardly Children In Need.”

Deserter (

Founded in 2014 by Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison, Deserter – an online guide to messing about summed up by their motto, Shirk, rest & play – quickly became essential reading for thousands of South Londoners looking to get more out of life by doing less.

Soon, along with its various social media channels, Deserter had its own beer, Deserter IPA, created with Southey Brewing, Penge and available again across South London from November 1st. Legendary social nights followed and their podcast,

Deserter Pubcast, was named 7th Most Essential Podcast of 2017 by Esquire. They are still not sure why.

The Publisher – Unbound

Unbound is a crowdfunding organisation which has published over 300 books by connecting authors with their readers. The company was founded by John Mitchinson, director of research for the British panel game QI; Justin Pollard, historian and QI researcher; and author Dan Kieran.
Unbound’s authors include Jonathan Meades, Amy Jenkins and Terry Jones.

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

Thankyou to Random Things Tours for including me on this blog tour.  I received the book in return for my honest review.  Check out other reviews on the tour


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