The Hospital Diaries Day 3 – Wednesday

Today wasn’t a good day for me, my pain and nausea/vomiting certainly ramped up.

Doctors Rounds

I didn’t see my normal consultant as she isn’t on the ward this week but the doctor I saw today was lovely. He was worried as my ostomy output is extremely slow and my abdomen is very distended so he ordered an emergency CT to rule out a blockage and has bumped my MRI to urgent as the camera test was inconclusive about what’s going on in the small bowel and the biopsy results aren’t back yet.

We talked briefly about long term possible changing my biologics and he’s noted that down.

CT Scan

This was pretty easy and it’s a test I’ve had a few times before. They take a few images, then put a dye in your cannula which creates a warm sensation and makes you feel like you are going to wet yourself…but you don’t! A little strange but not painful at all.

Cannula Count – 3

The CT radiographer requested I had a second cannula put in so someone came to do it and it lasted less than 20 minutes. My veins really are hating these more and more again! Another lovely bruise to add to the collection. Luckily, CT said as long as my other one was working fine they were happy for me to go down

Food Diary

Today was a mixed bag as I had breakfast, then was spit on fluids only by the doctor. Due to my nausea and pain which gets worse when I eat, I’m not really feeling much like eating but do get so hungry still so when the stoma nurse popped up yesterday she told me to stick to low Res, liquids and purses. Limited choices but as I’m not feeling overly like eating, just occasionally it’s not so bad. Still allowed cups of tea and even though they take me a while to drink as have to take it slow, I’m happy.


Ste came to visit this afternoon and bought me in some bits. He has been such an amazing support, mentally he is keeping me really strong and I can’t thank him enough for that. As well as keeping my house ticking over and taking care of the doggies bless him.

My mum and dad didn’t visit tonight as he has a ‘Bake Off’ competition at work for Thyroid UK which is a charity close to our hearts as both my mum and Aunty have underactive thyroids. He’s tested his cake out and I got to try some on Monday and it was delicious. Tonight he made his final one for the competition so please cross your fingers for him! It’s a chocolate orange cake and I think he has gone fab.

Mary Berry would be proud!

Looking forward to hopefully a brighter day tomorrow and getting some results and an idea of what’s going on with my insides. Thanks for your continued support,

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