The Hospital Diaries Day 8 & 9 – Monday & Tuesday

I’m at the point of losing track of days and it seems to be suddenly flying by. Each day sort of mingles into one as it gets so repetitive and a mixture of tests, medication, pain and sleep.

Gastroscopy Test

On Monday I had my first ever gastroscopy test – where the camera goes down your throat to check out your stomach. It certainly wasn’t pleasant but the doctor kept me well topped up with sedation which meant I was pretty woozy and ok. I will write more information about the actual test and procedure once I’m out for people who want to know more or may be going for one themselves as you might find it useful to read a patient perspective.

The scan went ok and they rules out any ulcers etc on the inside of my stomach which is good. I was diagnosed with GERD and have a ‘lax scphincter valve’ but I already know I suffer acid reflux so this wasn’t surprising.

My stomach is still pretty distended and painful so the doctor is still on the case and may still want to bring the surgeons in for a look.


Nothing like a stay in hospital for that. On Tuesday I’ve had to go onto a fluid balance and now have to wee and collect my output in pots and then get the nurses to measure it. One saving grace is I’m back in a side room with a private bathroom so no communal toilet. It’s mortifying having to call them and watch them collect it though. They are so good about it but it must be an awful side of their job.

Cannula Count – lost count

What a day Tuesday was! My cannula had expired and was starting to show resistance when used as well as becoming a bit sore so they took it out. A phlebotomist came and gave an attempt at a new one but didn’t have any luck so called a doctor. He also tried a couple of spots but was unsuccessful so I’m now the owner of a horrible foot cannula. Although it’s a nightmare for moving and things, stuff is flushing through it well so I don’t want to moan.

Low Levels

My phosphates are still low so having to down that lovely drink every tablet round but my potassium now keeps doing the same. I had some put in my fluid bag Sunday but on Tuesday they said it was still very low and I had to have both the drip and a drink of the stuff. Disgusting! Good job we get used to having to swallow these awful prep type drinks a bit really, I think I’ve become desensitized to the whole thing.

Depending on where your Crohn’s is active can also alter levels in your body like this. Where I had the problem prior to my surgery in April 2016 I was suffering from low protein – as the area responsible for the major absorption of that was all inflamed and not working properly. Malabsorption is common in people with IBD so it’s always handy to ask your GP to check these types of thing if you aren’t feeling right. Supplements may be prescribed or things may just need to be adjusted in your diet if possible.

Food Diary

I wish I was more excited about this segment but food has become a bit of a chore to me. Anyone who knows me.knoes how much of a foodie I am but when I eat at the moment it causes more uncomfortable swelling, pain and nausea/sickness. I’m back on straight low residue so no longer have to stick to smooth or runny foods only which is a bit of a blessing.

My mum came to visit while I had my gastroscopy Monday which was a shame as it meant I didn’t get to see her. Both her and Ste stopped by yesterday though – Ste came straight over from the train looking shattered but it was so good to see him. My mum bought me in the pancakes my Dad got for me and they even sent in lemon juice, sugar and white chocolate dipping sauce! They really are the best parents but I’m definitely going to be redoing Pancake Day once I’m out of here! What did you have on yours? Let me know your favourite toppings in the comments below.

Really hoping for home soon so need to get a good plan in place now. I’m very homesick and feeling very meh! Apologies if that comes across as rambling and moaning in this post, my next one will be better (at least I hope so)

2 Comments on “The Hospital Diaries Day 8 & 9 – Monday & Tuesday

  1. Hi Nat, I’ve been following your hospital diaries. last year l was in hospital for a month resulting in a ileostomy. I also had a lot of ‘canular fun ‘ but never got one in the foot. You really are going through it and my heart goes out to you. Hope you get home soon. Atb Dave


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