Spring Cleaning Week – April Challenge

Good morning, happy new week and happy new month! Today sees the start of my Spring Cleaning week – I will be posting blogs here and videos over on my YouTube channel all week about cleaning! Today I am starting with the return to my monthly challenge posts. Last month I didn’t do one as I spent a lot of it in hospital, so there isn’t one to review and I will plunge straight in to what I plan on doing this month.

April Challenge – Time to Declutter!

This month I thought a cleaning type challenge would be perfect as I will be running my Spring Cleaning week and obviously, Spring cleaning my own home! I have to thank Stephie at Colitis To Ostomy for the daily challenge list I am preparing to do. She did this a couple of month ago and found it really beneficial, doing a little bit every day. Watching her get organised really inspired me and definitely got me thinking about doing this Spring Cleaning feature week and challenge!

April Challenge

So this is it. Each day I plan to take an area, de-clutter it and then give it a good clean! Today is the refrigerator and that is perfect timing as I will be doing the shopping tomorrow and like to sort it and clean it before putting the new food away anyway.

I will be posting to my Instagram stories a before and after every day so if you aren’t following me over there feel free to head on over! And if you are going to join me in this challenge, let me know in the comments below. Good luck and happy cleaning,

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