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Another book review – this one piqued my interest reading the blurb and didn’t let up until the very end of the book!

Poster Boy by N.J. Crosskey

The Blurb

Keep this book far from anyone who might be tempted to turn its fiction into reality’ Christina Dalcher

Broadcast live, Rosa Lincoln takes to the stage at her brother’s memorial service with a bomb concealed beneath her clothes. Being in Jimmy’s shadow was never easy, even when he was alive, but in death he has become a national hero.

When she crosses paths with the enigmatic Teresa, she discovers that those she has been taught to view as enemies may not be the real villains after all.

The lies need to be stopped, and Rosa intends on doing just that.

What Reviewers and Readers Say:

‘A thought-provoking debut – fast-paced, gutsy and disturbing’ Fiona Mitchell, author of The Maid’s Room

‘Poster Boy is a chilling, thrilling and intensely disturbing read – a conspiracy to divide and control a nation at whatever the cost leaves the reader feeling this is terrifyingly real! An outstanding rollercoaster of a read… Completely gripping. Intensely disturbing. Terrifyingly real!‘ Liz Lawler, author of Don’t Wake Up

Poster Boy hits hard at page one, and keeps on hitting until the end. Read this too-close-to-home book, but keep it far from anyone who might be tempted to turn its fiction into reality’ Christina Dalcher, Author of VOX

‘In Poster Boy, Crosskey creates a disturbingly plausible dystopian Britain. It’s a timely, page-turner of a novel – fierce and perceptive’ Joanne Burn, author of Petals and Stones

What I Thought

Wow, what a debut! This is the first book from the author and it is fantastic – I was hooked from beginning to end.

After watching The Handmaid’s Tale the idea of dystopian book and TV series have really interested me. I enjoy history, but find travelling forward in time often ends up in the sci-fi genre. I enjoy these kind of books which anticipate how our world and society may be in the future.

This book starts off tense, and the thrill factor doesn’t let up as it goes back in time to tell you what events led to the situation the lead character finds herself in. The world the author has created is disturbing but also not entirely implausible. The characters are realistic. I enjoy the way the book switches viewpoint between the two female leads, so you get a good overall understanding of the things happening.

I will certainly be looking out for future books from this author, if this one is anything to go by they will be fantastic! I highly recommend to all.

Where To Buy

The Author – N. J. Crosskey and publisher Legend Press

Social links:

Twitter @NJCrosskey @legend_press

Instagram @legendpress

Thank you to Legend Press for including me on this blog tour and for my copy of this book, which I received in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. You can check out other reviews of this book at the blogs listed. Affiliate links do not affect your purchase in any way but may earn a few pennies for the blog when clicked on.

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