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It is finally Friday, I am ready for this week to be over now, how about you? Saying that, next week looks set to be very busy so maybe next Friday is a better goal!

Him by Clare Empson

The Blurb


You’re stuck there, aren’t you? Right at the end. And I wonder if it might help to go back to the beginning, to put everything in some kind of order?’

Catherine has witnessed something so traumatic that she can’t speak. Or won’t speak. The doctors say the only way forward is to look into her past.

Catherine needs to start with ‘HIM’.

Fifteen years ago, she met Lucian at university and fell into a passionate love affair. They were meant to be together forever. But something happened. Something that destroyed them.

Catherine then married someone else and had two children. She moved on – or so she thought. Now Lucian is back, showing her how different her life could have been.

But going back to the beginning won’t change the ending. In fact, it might be the thing that finally breaks her…

What I Thought

Well the blurb header comparing it to Big Little Lies and 13 Reasons Why pulled me straight in to this one as I enjoyed both!

The story was beautifully written and was so much more than a run of the mill romance – it was full of suspense with themes of trauma, obsessive love and class differences. It is definitely one that stays with you, even after you have finished reading it. The characters were bought to life well by Empson and her wonderful storytelling, although were not likeable – seemingly entitled and very careless, not just with physical things but also feelings.

At times there was a slightly repetitive feel to it, due to the story being told from two different viewpoints, however, I always enjoy reading about things from different points of view so this did not put me off.

A roller-coaster read which pulls at every emotional heart string you have, but very well written and one I would recommend to all fans of contemporary fiction. Another stunning debut for this year – so many amazing new authors to watch out for!

Where To Buy

The Author – Clare Empsom

Clare Empson is a journalist with a background in national newspapers and has worked as a small business editor, finance correspondent and fashion at the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Express. Clare freelances for The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, the Evening Standard and Tatler amongst others. She currently works as editor/founder of experiential lifestyle website is her debut novel.

This year I have been so excited to read some fantastic debut novels – there really are so many coming out currently and it is brilliant to be a pat of. What has been your favourite debut that you have read so far this year? Let me know in the comments below,

Thankyou to Compulsive Readers for including me on this blog tour. I received a copy of the book in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Clicking on affiliate links does not affect your purchase in any way but may earn the blog some pennies – thankyou.

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