International Literacy Day 2020 – Superheroes Don’t Get Scared Book Review

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International Literacy Day is celebrated around the world on September 6th. It was celebrated for the first time in 1967 and aims is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.  As you may know if you have followed me for a while, I am an avid reader, and it is something I like to encourage in the kids.

One of the themes this year is charity and I wanted to share this one as it can be something we all help with. I am lucky to receive quite a few books to read and review for you all and have a regularly overflowing bookcase. While there are some I would never be able to part with, we regularly have clear outs and will normally take the books we have outgrown or won’t be reading again to the charity shop, the local hospital or pass them on to friends and family. I am sure you will all have books like this lying around your house, so please consider passing them on and spreading the joy of reading.

Superheroes Don’t Get Scared

by Kate Thompson
Illustrated by Clare Elsom

The Blurb

Superheroes Don’t Get Scared… Or Do They? is an awesome rhyming tale about normalising fear and finding inner powers by realising there’s a hero inside of us all. 

Scared Maisie Brown dreams of being a fearless superhero – because they never get frightened, right? But when Dad explains that even the strongest, boldest and bravest hero can sometimes feel afraid, and that’s perfectly fine, Maisie realises there’s a superhero in all of us.

With fun characters, rhyming text and a wonderfully relatable take-away message about normalising feelings, this heart-warming book is an amazing addition to any little hero’s bookshelf.

The Author – Kate Thompson

From an early age, Kate Thompson wrote and illustrated picture books, and was determined to be a children’s author. However, she became a solicitor, which contained disappointingly little sleuthing or storytelling. Happily, following the birth of her sons, Kate rediscovered her passion for picture books and writing. She now lives by the sea and spends her days gleefully immersed in literary adventures of her own

The Illustrator – Clare Elsom

Clare Elsom is a children’s illustrator and author. She is the creator of young fiction series Horace & Harriet, a highly illustrated series published by Oxford University
Press. Clare has also illustrated dozens of popular children’s books, including the best-selling Flying Fergus series written by Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy, and
Joanna Nadin.

What We Thought

What a fab book! We all LOVED this onw! A rhyming book in our house is always popular as the boys love to guess the last words and this, combined with great characters and amazing illustrations made it very popular. The author picked great character names, which the kids loved and had a good giggle over.

As a parent, I really loved the underlying message of the book. That being frightened and worried is okay, and we can all find something within ourselves to overcome it. With the world the way it is at the moment, combined with their upcoming return to school, this was the perfect story to read to the kids right now. Highly recommend!

Where To Buy

Buy Superheroes Don’t Get Scared on Amazon

I hope you enjoyed reading about this new book and our thoughts on it. It got a double thumbs up from everyone, including me and I really enjoyed reading it! How are your little ones finding the prospect of returning to school and the changes that are happening right now? Let me know in the comments below. Take care and keep safe,

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