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I have had this book on my to read list for a while since being asked to be part of the blog tour, but hadn’t got around to reading it till just over a week ago. I was triggered to read it after seeing a report in the newspaper about the event that happened, while I was reading the news. The news report was bad enough, but the book, written in her own words, was beyond incomprehensible.

Still Standing by Natalie Queiroz

The Blurb

· Paperback: 384 pages

· Publisher: John Blake (13 Jun. 2019)

· Language: English

· ISBN-10: 1789460654

· ISBN-13: 978-1789460650

Natalie Queiroz was eight months pregnant when she was stabbed by her partner in the most vicious attack imaginable. In the space of nine minutes, and in broad daylight, Natalie was stabbed twenty-four times with a carving knife. She suffered horrific wounds to her lungs, liver, stomach and uterus, whilst the knife missed her baby by a margin of two millimeters, before the arteries in her wrists were methodically severed by the hooded attacker she finally realised was her partner and the father of her unborn child. After heroic intervention by passers-by and police, the attack was brought to an end, but her ordeal was not over. An air ambulance rescue was launched, and against all medical odds, Natalie and her baby survived – but not without life-changing physical and emotional damage. Still Standing is the story of one life-shattering event – what came before that fateful day, what happened on it, and how one woman and her baby survived to rebuild and heal together after it. At once a shocking story of evil, manipulation and violence, and a truly moving reminder that a life can be pieced back together, no matter how bad the damage, this book will empower and inspire anyone who has ever faced true adversity to rise up and stand tall.

What I Thought

What a story! The fact that this woman is still alive to tell it is a miracle in itself, and the fact her unborn baby survived such a brutal attack is even more astounding!

I was haunted by Natalie’s story from the beginning, as through out the build up, we know what happens. She doesn’t though. Her’s is a story of life following divorce and falling in love again with a high school sweetheart. She is getting back on track, and is planning marriage as well as being pregnant. And then the unthinkable happens – she is attacked, stabbed brutally multiple times when she is a month off giving birth.

I don’t want to write too much abut the story other than the facts which are public knowledge already but you will be astonished by her attackers behaviour. I read the book in three nights, and I couldn’t believe how the story unfolded. What an amazingly strong and brave woman Natalie is. I wish her and her family every happiness moving forward and encourage you all to read her story.

Where To Buy

The Author – Natalie Queiroz

Natalie Queiroz is the survivor of one of the most appallingly brutal attacks imaginable. After being stabbed two dozen times by her partner when she was eight months pregnant, she has rebuilt her life and inspired people the length and breadth of the country with her courage and refusal to be bowed by her trauma. Alongside a successful full-time career, she has since become a motivational speaker and, through various feats of endurance and daring, raised thousands of pounds for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity she owes her life to.

Twitter : @natqleigh

What a story! Sometimes people blow me away, not just with the cruelty they can inflict, but also the survivor instinct and spirit which can propel them forwards following a heinous event. Have you read any other books about real life events that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below,

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