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Good morning and happy Friday! We are nearly there – almost the weekend! I hope you have all had a fab week and are looking forward to an even better weekend. I am so excited to share this incredible children’s book with you all, hope you enjoy the review!

The Humundo Sorterium by Dabiel Thompson

Front Cover

The Blurb

Back Cover

Buddy’s wonderer is sent spinning the day his Grand-pa tells him about the Humundo Sorterium. He’d always thought babies were made by storks & now Grand-pa is saying they’re made in this… machine.

Well of course the only way to be certain is to go on an adventure and find out for himself. He waits for Grand-pa to fall asleep, packs some jam sandwiches and heads for the watering hole to find a stork to confirm his Grand-pa’s story. Along the way he meets Handsome Henry a stork who tells the tale of how babies used to be individual, created by nature and delivered by storks; however now they are made in batches by a baby making machine in a factory. The Humundo Sorterium is less concerned with individuality and more concerned with the efficiency and productivity of the factory.

Henry and Buddy journey to the factory, working together to overcome some obstacles along the way. Raven gatekeeper Madame Megan and her army of clockwork crows try to stop them in their tracks, but with some quick thinking and teamwork they make it to the factory. Together they try to overthrow Baroness Von Adlevine and destroy The Humundo Sorterium once and for all. But of course, things are not as straight forward as they had hoped.

What I Thought

A brilliant children’s book that will appeal to all fans of Dr Seuss. The book is fun, colourful and the rhyming nature of it is enjoyed by both the reader and the child.

Riley (aged 7) and myself are huge Dr Seuss fans and we absolutely loved this one. Riley enjoyed looking at the pictures (special mention to the illustrator Connor Edwards who did a fab job) and really enjoyed listening to me read the story, picking out rhyming words along the way. The story line contains a puzzle which is a fun addition and also has an underlying message about accepting people no matter what they look like as we all have different qualities that make us special.

An absolutely fabulous read that children will love (and lots of parents will too). Great fun for the bedtime read and it comes highly recommended by us. We will definitely be keeping our eye out for more from this author!

Where To Buy

The Author – Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson

The Humundo Sorterium will be the second book brought to you by author Daniel Thompson and illustrator Connor Edwards. Following on from the success of The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale this is another 5000(ish) word story written entirely in rhyme about a young boy’s adventure to the ‘Humundo Sorterium’ Baby Making Factory.

What are some of your favourite children’s books? Let me know in the comments below., This is definitely one of our favourite reads of the year and we hope you enjoy it too!

Thank you to Random Things Tours for including me on this blog tour. I was gifted the book in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links do not affect your purchase in any way but may earn the blog some extra pennies – thank you. Check out other reviews of this book at the blogs listed below

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