Toddler Meal Plan – What Our Toddler Eats In A Weekend

Good morning and happy new week! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We had lots of fun but the rain on Saturday did put a hold on some of our plans – and we managed to get caught out on the dog walk in a downpour.

Today thought I would share what we feed our toddler (3.5 years) in a weekend. I know people are often looking for new ideas for snacks and meals to try and I thought this might help. Aside from what is listed, squash is given throughout the day. She is quite a fussy eater but by getting her involved in preparing the meals and allowing pudding or getting a sticker on a reward chart, she is doing so much better.


Breakfasr (8am) – Croissant with banana. To drink – fruit smoothie and a cup of tea

Toddler Food Diary - Breakfast
Croissant, banana and fruit smoothie

Lunch (12.30pm) – Cheese sandwich (one slice), half a bag of wotsits, slice of gala pie. Pudding was strawberries in blueberry and blackcurrant jelly and a mini cupcake that we made that morning

Toddler Food Diary - Lunch
Cheese sandwich, half a bag of wotsite, gala pie, strawberries in blueberry jelly, cupcake

Afternoon Snack (3pm) – Frozen Yoghurt Stick

These are a great alternative to chocolate lollies. I buy a box of the kids tube yoghurts and pop them in the freezer for a healthier Summer treat which the kids all love

Tea (5.30pm) – Tuna Pasta Bake with broccoli and peas. Pudding was a kids fruity bake bar

Bedtime (7pm) – Horlicks Hot Chocolate


Breakfast (8.30am) – Strawberries & Cream Shreddies. Fruit Smoothie.

Lunch (12pm) – Sausage casserole (with potato, onion, mushroom, carrot, pepper) served in a Yorkshire pudding.

Toddler Food Diary - Sunday Lunch
Sausage casserole filled Yorkshire pudding

Snack (2.30pm) – Toddler Trail Mix

This is a great snack idea for little ones and you can put in whatever you want. Today we had cheerios, some yoghurt covered raisins and a few white chocolate buttons in it. You could also add plain raisins, other cereal such as shreddies, mini cheese savoury biscuits, small breadsticks, small cubes of cheese etc.

I hope some of you find this useful or interesting. I loved the weaning stage with my kids and love to encourage healthy diets which encompass a whole variety of foods. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more posts like this as I would be happy to oblige!

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