Blanket Fort Fun

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Wondering what to do to keep the last couple of weeks of the Summer holidays fun? How about building a blanket fort? This can be a really inexpensive activity that uses things from in and around your house. It can be done in or outside, making it perfect for those miserable, rainy days we seem to be having a few of. Keep reading to find out how we designed ours!


We were challenged by Time4Sleep, a bed and furniture company, to build our own blanket fort. They were looking for inspiration in preparation for their world record attempt to build the biggest blanket fort in Millennium Square, Leeds which will be happening on August 28th and 29th.

Find out more about the world record attempt here

They sent us a box of goodies which included –

  • two fitted sheets
  • battery powered lights
  • a torch
  • make your own bunting set
  • wooden pegs
  • popcorn kernels
  • Blanket Fort book

W took a trip to B & M and got some craft materials, a paper lantern and some metallic markers to use. We discussed our ‘theme’ over dinner. Riley is really into anything space related at the moment and Leo came up with the word ‘Twilight’ which is what we decided to roll with!

We started with some craft activities to create some decorations for our blanket fort. Leo chose to make the bunting and wanted to write our theme on it in his favourite – bubble writing! Me and Riley used the glitter card to make a planets mobile’. He especially enjoyed using the hole punch to make the holes to attach the pieces together with some sparkly grey wool.

We had a flat double sheet which we decided to use instead of the two fitted sheets we had been sent. We used our washing line to create a tent shape and Ste and Leo were able to construct the right shape with some wooden stakes and string! Riley sorted out a nice place for us to sit using the fitted sheets, some cushions and he even bought the dog beds out so they could be included!

We then set about decorating it – we used the paper lantern to create a moon, hung Riley’s planets mobile and some silver stars inside the den and attached the lights around the entrance. Leo hung his bunting up on the side and we were ready.

The boys absolutely loved our evening in the den. We had a BBQ and spent time playing board games together which was lovely. Unfortunately it didn’t get dark enough to put the lights on but we have saved them as the boys definitely want to do this again – Leo has requested toasted marshmallows as treats for the next time!

It was fab to spend some quality, technology free time with the boys while doing something fun and different all together. It encouraged us to get creative and think technically about the best way to construct our den. Thank you to Time 4 Sleep for getting us involved with this and good luck with your big build!

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