The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Zimpli Kids

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today I have an exciting post to share with you – my review of the Zimpli Kids bath products. We have previously purchased these products but were kindly sent a box of goodies from them to try out just before Christmas. The boys were super excited and grateful to say the least!

Zimpli Kids

Zimpli Kids is a relatively new company which designs and supplies innovative, fun kids toy products. Their products include a play range, outside range and a bath time range.

Bath Tine!

We have previously used the Gelli Baff and Crackle Baff products. Riley is a bit funny with the textures of certain things so I thought he my not enjoy the feeling of the Gelli Bff, but after a nervous start, he actually really loved it! Even I ended up with my hands in there, playing with them! It is available in different colours so the kids can choose their favourite.

The Crackle Bath effect is good, but short. However, there are multiple packets in the box so you can do this more often. Riley really enjoys this one and it is the least messy option!

We got to try the Slime Baff just before Christmas and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen how much fun the boys had! It also featured in the weekly vlog over on my YouTube channel. I found the Slime Baff needed a little more cleaning power to remove from the boys, particularly the hair, but it washed out of the bath really easily.


To clean these products from the bath, you just have to add more water and it rinses down the plughole. There is barely any residue left and I just rinsed the bath with the shower head and you couldn’t tell what had been in there just five minutes before!

We are really looking out to trying out the Snoball play next We will be sure to share our fun on the social media pages. I couldn’t recommend these products more, they are really great and so different to other things available. They are 100% safe and boron free which is reassuring. They are also well priced, and perfect for stocking fillers and little treats. They would be great for kids to save up pocket money for too. I think we will get the glitter one next as you cannot beat a bit of sparkle and the Smelli Baff too! We are also looking forward to the new Baff Bombs which should be out soon.

Where To Buy

You can purchase these products in The Entertainer, Smyths Toy Superstore, Ryman, Asda/Walmart and Claire’s. You can find the links to these places here

Have you tried any of these yet? Which was your kids favourites? Let me know in the comments below,

The Summer So Far…

Good afternoon and happy new week!  Today I wanted to share some of the things we got up to in the first two weeks of the Summer holidays with the boys.  Hopefully this can help give you some inspiration and ideas for days out and things to do.

Chatham Historical Dockyards

We were incredibly luck to be contacted but the people at Chatham Dockyards and invited for a visit.  They have just opened a new Lego exhibit and had seen we were big fans and asked if we would like to come and have a look around.

Unfortunately earlier that week Ste was admitted to hospital with an infection.  Although he was feeling much better, because he needed a two week course of IV antibiotics he was forced to stay in.  My friend Dan came with me to pick up the boys on the Friday following their last day at school and we headed over to Kent.  The boys did not know about any of what I had planned so were super surprised to see us pull into a hotel rather than heading home!  As Kent is only a half hour drive from Essex, I booked a hotel there for the night rather than driving back to Derby.

The following morning after breakfast we headed over too the Dockyards.  The day out did not disappoint and we had a fantastic time.  The boys Dad used to in the Navy so getting to explore one of the ships was brilliant.

We also booked on to the tour of the Ropery and the submarine which was simple and easy to do when we arrived.  The boys were ‘roped’ in to helping demonstrate how rope used to be made and had lots of fun and a good deal of exercise doing it!  The submarine tour was also brilliant and definitely makes you appreciate our armed forces even more – some sailors spend months on these underwater helping to protect our country!

Unfortunately on the day we visited, the Dockyards had to shut early due to an incident which happened.  The staff handled it really well and were lovely and helpful.  This meant we didn’t get to have a look around the Lego exhibition but we have been invited back which we hope to do.

The on site restaurant was good and offered a selection of lunch options which were reasonably priced.  The gift shop was also lovely and had lots of choice to suit all budgets.

Disabled Access

The site is large so anyone with trouble walking long distances may struggle.  However, there are plenty of places to sit along the way round.  Access to the submarine would not be possible with a wheelchair but the Dockyards informed me that there is a virtual tour that people can take.  Both the submarine and ship have steps to descend/ascend.  The ship is accessed by a ramp so you can explore the deck area, even if you are unable to explore the rest of the ship. The Ropery is on two levels but their is a lift for people unable to manage stairs.  There are good toilet facilities around the site.  The disabled toilets were spacious and clean.

If You Want To Visit


Visit the website

For the Summer school holidays, kids can get in for £1 with every full paying adult – bargain!

Buy tickets online

To see more of our visit to the Dockyards please check out our YouTube video here


Swimming with an ostomy can be nerve wracking but I have two water babies so it had to be on our Summer to-do list!

I won’t go into too much detail about the swimming with an ostomy stuff here, as I am writing a post for TalkHealth all about it at the moment, which should be live soon.

Check out my TalkHealth page

We had a great time in the pool and it was brilliant to see how far the boys have come.  They have been having swimming lessons both privately and with school and they are doing fantastically well.

Bounce Revolution

The boys broke up earlier than the schools in Derby which meant that for the first week they were off, places were really quiet!  We took advantage of this as much as we could, including a visit here.  I had two tickets from our previous visit giving us entry for £5.  The boys absolutely love it and had the place to themselves for half an hour, with only one other family joining them for the following hour they were in there!  The staff are friendly and were great wrth the boys.  They were also brilliant when Leo managed to hurt his knee and provided first aid and an ice pack etc.  The boys loved running round, jumping, playing basketball and football and I was able to sit and watch with a cuppa!

To book your visit see the website

Thackray Medical Museum

This museum is on the site of St James Hospital in Leeds.  The entrance fee covers your visits for a whole year so you can return as many times as you wish.

Visit the website here

As Ste was in St James’s we thought instead of him missing out on more Summer holiday fun, we would pay him a visit and have a day out at the same time!

The museum was fantastic.  For the first part you travel back in time to Leeds in the 1800’s.  The boys thought this was brilliant.  The museum was made to look like a real Victorian street with all the sights, sounds and smells of the period!  You are also invited to pick a character at the beginning of the walk through.  You get an information card with some facts about your character and then you follow the route, finding out more information about them, what they had wrong with them and how this was treated back then.

The boys really enjoyed this part and me and Ste both thought it was excellent too.  We loved finding out lots of new things and the interactive element of so much of the displays was great.

A quick look around the gift shop afterwards and we couldn’t resist a selfie with the poo heads!  There was a pocket money section as well as more expensive bits so good for all budgets.  The toilets were down a few stairs and I am not sure if there was a lift for those in wheelchairs but assume there would be one somewhere, or an accessible toilet.  There was also a cafe although we did not use that on our visit.

All in all a fab day out which we all enjoyed.  Definitely worth a visit if you are nearby!

Cooking With Kids

You all know I am a big fan of cooking and enjoying sharing my recipes with you.  During the time the boys were here we made one of their favourite teas – pizza!  I bought the simple cheese and tomato pizzas from Aldi and then the boys added on their favourite toppings.  They were able to practise their cutting skills with their own safe,  cutting knife.  They then decorated their pizzas before I popped them in the oven.  They both really enjoyed them and every bit was polished off!

This is great for using up leftovers and for a simple tea which I know they will enjoy.  I love encouraging them to cook and Leo especially, really enjoys it and is becoming so much more independent in the kitchen now.

The Ragley Boat Stop

We went out for lunch with Grandma and decided to drive out to this pub as I haven’t been here in a while.  The food was lovely as always – Riley polished off a big bowl of spag bol and Leo really enjoyed his burger!  We took them down to the canal and they enjoyed having a look at the barges that were alongside.  Riley was desperate to get on one but we explained that they were people’s houses and he wasn’t allowed to get in!  The boys also enjoyed learning about the lavender plant from Grandma.

New Car

The boys were so excited to be here when I went to pick up the new car!  They were really well behaved while I sorted out the paperwork too.  I will be doing some more posts about this soon so keep an eye out!

Buxton International Festival

Me and the boys were lucky enough to be invited along to the festival in Buxton this year.  It ran for two weeks and there were lots of different shows and demonstrations on.  We had hoped to attend the African Drumming Workshop when we visited on the Saturday, but were unable to find the right tent!

Regardless, we spent a fab afternoon at the Buxton Pavilion Gardens where it was held.  The park is stunning and there are lots of fab reasons to visit even without the festival being on!  The boys loved crossing the bridges and the miniature train that we took a ride on.

We had a lovely picnic and the boys enjoyed a play on the park, especially the double seated swing!  My arms weren’t too sure after a while pushing them though!

We also enjoyed hearing the band playing in the beautiful band stand, watching the Morris dancers and having a go on the inflatable slide which were all part of the festival.  Was a really lovely afternoon which we enjoyed greatly!

Manor Heath Park & Jungle Experience

Me and the boys spent a lovely morning over at Manor Heath park in Halifax.  We were over there for 9am and this meant we had a lot of time to ourselves before it got really busy around  lunchtime when we left.

The boys enjoyed some time in the splash pool, followed by a run around of the play park.  We then headed over tot he Jungle Experience which is just £1 each for entry.  The boys loved trying to spot all the butterflies and birds.

Their favourite part by far was the turtles!  Seeing them all lined up on the bridge was fab.  The boys stroked them gently and sat watching them for ages.  We even saw a couple walk off the edge of the bridge and splash into the pool below!

This is a fab park with the playground, large open spaces and the water splash bit too.  The Jungle Experience greenhouses rounded off a fab morning which we all enjoyed!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things we got up to in the first couple of weeks of the school holidays.  We definitely made the most of our time together and had a lot of fun!  I hope you will consider visiting some of the places yourselves if nearby, we really have had some fun times!

What have you been up to so far this Summer?  Do you have any places you would recommend a visit to?  Please let me know in the comments below!


BlogMas Day Fourteen – The Winter Tag

I recently saw this over at LOVE-ALMA.COM and decided to give it a whirl after seeing her answers! Hope you will all join in!


One of my favourites is still getting my Dad to go downstairs first on Christmas morning to check ‘he has been’.  He always come back and says we must be up too early and there is nothing there but we all know he is fibbing.  Even though I am in my thirties, I still get him to do it now!


I get really dry lips so Vaseline Lip Care is always my go to.  I have recently discovered the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague and I really love it!  It is a little darker than I usually go for as I generally go for a pretty neutral lip but I really like this one!  A year long favourite has been the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Satin Ribbon – so many lovely shades in this range though!


I wouldn’t say the perfumes I use change too much for the seasons.  Some of my favourites are Zadig & Voltaire ‘This Is Her’, Ghost and Jimmy Choo.


I love skinny jeans and boots!  I have a few different pairs of boots – different materials, lengths and colours and enjoy matching outfits and having super comfy feet.


Oh my goodness, to pick just one would be so hard.  I love Home Alone 1 and 2, Elf, Love Actually and The Holiday.


I love The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl singing Fairytale In New York.  I will be sharing my Twelve Songs of Christmas on my Facebook page which you can check out here


Although it is lovely being at home, it is all about family so as long as they are there, I don’t mind whose house we spend it at!


I have just started using the new, hydrating Water Boost Simple range.  I am definitely liking it so far but will let you know when I have been using it for a little while if it is helping.  I generally stick to Simple and Nivea products for my skin as find these the best.

I have also just tried a sample of the exfoliating mask from Younique and loved it! So much so I now have the full size version courtesy of my lovely Younique guru and friend, Holly. The exfoliating beads are small and just rough enough to freshen your skin without leaving it feeling raw, which some really abrasive ones can do.

You can check out Holly’s Facebook page here – she is so lovely and friendly and will always help with any questions you may have.


I haven’t really got anything special I do over winter to my hair.  I will be dyeing it again this week to give it a boost before Christmas – Cherry Cola is my colour of choice!



I love all things crafty and baking with the children.  Leo and Layla love doing this too, Riley needs a little more encouraging and generally gets bored much easier.  I think this is the month for some real, quality time together.  Movie nights, board game fun and winter doggy walks are all top of the list too.


I think mixing my BB cream in with my foundation is really helping my dry skin not look too flaky.  It is a real struggle for me but BB cream alone is just too little coverage in the winter.  Mixing it though helps with keeping my skin hydrated and I get the coverage from the foundation which keeps me happy!


Overall, I hate it.  Travelling in the snow is no fun, everyone goes a little crazy and the country grinds to a halt.  I don’t mind it for the odd afternoon or two for a good play in, but it needs to disappear without the slush/ice issue and not be when I need to be somewhere!


My Christmas wish was to have Ste home from hospital and I got that so I am happy!  Now looking to enjoying the festive season with our special ones.



Pigs in blankets, Turkish Delight, Twiglets, mulled wine and Baileys!


I have done it all pretty early this year and was really pleased with my organisation!  It has definitely helped with spreading the cost and not having to panic too much financially at the end of the year, especially as I have had Leo, Riley and Ste’s birthdays in the last two months aswell!

Hope you enjoyed the winter tag! I’m not going to nominate anyone specifically but will tag a few blogger friends when I post this on social media and hope they join in!

Lucy At Home

An Update…

Good evening! Thought I would do a post to update you all on things that have been happening lately, rather than do lots of little posts about everything. My health has been pretty up and down but I’m still trying to keep a smile on my face as always.

Firstly some of you would have seen me having a moan about the 24-hour blood pressure monitoring cuff I had to wear last week. It wasn’t the nicest test I’ve been through but preferable to a colonoscopy or MRI I suppose, so I shouldn’t complain. I’ve been suffering with excruciating headaches (and I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I have an extremely high pain threshold). They have got so bad the pain has made me sick, resulting in an awful bout of dehydration too. I went to the doctors who diagnosed stress headaches but then took my blood pressure before I left and said it was very high. The 24 hour monitor took my blood pressure every half an hour through the day and hourly between 10pm and 7am. It showed that my blood pressure was high throughout the whole 24 hour period, even through the night. I’ve been put on some medication and I’m hoping this will mean an end to the headaches and them making me feel so awful! Another problem and another tablet is not what I wanted to have to deal with but hopefully this will keep it at bay now with no further issues.

The week before, I had also been to see my orthopaedic doctor about my knee. The MRI confirmed no meniscus tear which was good but does mean the problems, pain and locking is due to the severe degeneration from years of arthritis. Basically, the only thing that will sort it is a knee replacement but he said it’s a much bigger operation than my hip one and he would rather wait as long as we can due to my age which I totally agree with. So for now I am just being careful on it and I am getting some physio to try and strengthen some of my leg muscles to try and help a bit.

After all that I’ve had a quiet weekend in here but for a totally different reason – a very happy one in fact! On Saturday my brother married his beautiful fiancee so I was busy helping them celebrate. I was a bridesmaid and it really was an amazing day. Being surrounded by my family and friends made me realise the reason I came back to Derby and I’m so glad I did. The boys looked so handsome in the suits (Ste included!). They were so well behaved and then danced the night away after all the formal stuff was done!

So far the boys have spent the holiday’s with their Dad although he bought them home for the weekend so they could come to the wedding. They are back with him till Sunday and then our Summer Holiday fun can start! We can’t wait and are looking forward to some adventures and lots of family time. For now I am taking the opportunity to rest up while I can.

I hope you are all enjoying the Summer so far (even with the pretty dreary weather) and fingers crossed for some sunshine soon!

GYBO Ball 2017

Apologies for being quiet this weekend. I have been in Birmingham attending the GetYourBellyOut ball, celebrating three years of their campaign.

The founders did an amazing job and the party was brilliant. There was an Alice In Wonderland theme and the venue looked fab. Some lovely food (they had treacle sponge and custard ☺️), great DJ and a brilliant atmosphere.

I had a great time meeting up with lots of good friends. I also got to meet people from the online IBD support groups I have chatted to but not met in person before.

Here are a few photos from the weekend, can’t wait for the next one!