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As you know, we are very lucky to be occasionally sent things to try out and recently we were sent this new card game, Jibbergiggle. We got to play it at the weekend with the boys and we all really enjoyed it, so I wanted to share what we thought on here with you all!

We are massive games fans in our house and really enjoy a good board or card game. Some of our favourites as a family include Uno, Monopoly,Dino Dump, Game of Life and more!

Gamely Games, who created Jibbergiggle, make hilarious family-friendly card games that help people spend more quality time laughing with their family and friends. Their first game, Randomise, was initially funded on Kickstarter and was a huge hit, entering Amazon’s top ten card games in the run up to Christmas 2016. They now have a range of games that are available on Amazon.

Jibbergiggle takes everyday scenarios and challenges you to act them out using only ridiculous nonsense words and your own expressive face. Can you calm down a bear using only the words ‘wimmy wozzle’ or propose to your partner by saying ‘patootie’? Master the art of spouting nonsense in silly noises, as others attempt to guess what exactly it is you’re trying to do!

So I was a little concerned! The game tells you to sit on your hands to play your turn and I was worried that we would struggle, never mind the boys!

We actually didn’t need to worry! We all had an absolute blast playing this and it was so much fun! We had to tell Ste on a couple of occasions that he was basically just saying the word and he needed to show some expression but he eventually won the game – he was very good at guessing (and me and the boys were obviously amazing actors!). I think the highlights were Riley pretending to talk to a baby and Leo entering a talent show! We all did not stop laughing and had such a good time.

Both the boys and us said we wanted to play it again and did so on Sunday before their Dad picked them up, so I think that shows what a big hit it is. It is perfect for playing at home or on the go as it can be thrown in your bag and taken with you anywhere.

Currently on Amazon the game is £12.99 and it would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves a laugh aged 8 – 108!

Check out Jibbergiggle on Amazon

A short but sweet one from me today but I really wanted to share how much fun we had with this as I would definitely recommend it. Let me know what your favourite board/card game is in the comments below and I will see if we have it! Take care and keep safe,

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