November – The Happiness Challenge

So, October has been and gone and November is upon us already!  It’s beginning to look a lot like….Chr….nearly!

October Challenge


So last month’s challenge was #blogtober – posting a blog post every day during the month of October and I failed dramatically!  Unfortunately I was still recovering from being unwell which had taken it’s toll, and with the start of the cold weather my arthritis was playing up and I was very fatigued.  I did miss out a part of the month and did think about trying to catch up once I started feeling well again.  I chose not to as I would have been placing even more pressure on myself when I had just started feeling better and probably set my recovery back.  This is life with chronic illness – despite your best laid plans, not every will always work out the way you want it to!

Challenge For November


I am enjoying my challenge’s and so have decided to keep this going and have picked a one for this month.  Being chronically unwell puts a strain on your mental health as well as your physical health.  Having to miss out on things when you are unwell, and the slightest activity wearing you out can really make you feel even more rubbish.  With that in mind I thought I would choose a challenge for this month to encourage me mentally.

With that in mind I came across this while having a Pinterest scroll.  It looked like exactly what I needed!


Apostrophe S is a fab blog with lots of great self care ideas and inspiration.  Check out the blog by clicking here

I won’t necessarily do these in order but I plan on doing one a day.  I aim to fill you in on the daily challenges over on my social media pages so make sure you are following me –

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and updating at the end of the month (and possibly halfway through) as to how I found it and how I am feeling on here.

Self Care – Is It Selfish?

Self care has become very popular recently and can mean anything from taking control over your mental health to giving yourself a little me time and having a bubble bath!  I think everyone needs to be able to treat themselves once in a while but self care, in my opinion, can be even more simple than that.

When you have mental or physical health problems, or are a parent, self care is very often forgotten about, or even consciously denied.  When you feel poorly, low and depressed, people will often ‘punish’ themselves by withholding simple care behaviour from their life. They may feel like their health concerns already take over too much of daily life and refuse to concentrate any more efforts on themselves.  They may feel unworthy of this kind of attention, that they don’t deserve it.  A parent can feel too busy and like they should be dedicating all of their time to their children and their needs.  The thing is – we all deserve a bit of TLC and the common quote – you can’t pour from an empty cup – is very true.

Starting simple with things like ensuring you are taking all your medication at the correct time, that you are staying hydrated and drinking the recommended amount daily and you are getting some fresh air are great places to start.  These sound like simple things but they are so often forgotten when you are focusing on your children or you are struggling with feeling down.  Self care is about looking after you and encompasses everything you need to be doing for yourself.  You wouldn’t forget to give your child regular drinks throughout the day.  But, as I have in the past, you could be cooking tea and realise you have only had one cup of tea all day!

Wish Me Luck!

I am really looking forward to this challenge and definitely think it will be a really positive one for me at the moment.  I would love it if you would like to join me, let me know in the comments below if you would like to participate!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy



Welcome To #Blogtober

Good afternoon, happy new week!  And happy new month to you all as we are officially in October.  This month I am looking forward to Autumn kicking in, Leo’s tenth birthday (how did that happen?!?), half term school holidays and Halloween!

Last Month’s Challenge

Last month I attempted Scroll Free September which meant, apart from for work (blog) purposes, I would not be on social media.  You can read my introduction post about it here.


I was really excited about the challenge and thought it would help me explore my relationship with social media.  I do feel I often spend too much time on there, especially with blogging being central to the online world.  It is something Ste has also mentioned.  I know he is proud of my blogging work, but does often feel like it takes over too much of my time.

The first couple of weeks were a real eye opener.  I stuck tot he rules really well and only went on at set times to post things for my blog.  Unfortunately, halfway through the month I became unwell with a nasty sickness bug and then a cold.  This led to lots more rest time and I noticed I began scrolling again more frequently.  I was upset that I had failed the challenge but also, too poorly to care at the time.  I do think the challenge was having a positive effect on my well being when I was following it.  Being poorly did make me feel down though, and sliding back into using social media again and realizing I had failed, did not help with this.

On reflection, I still think Scroll Free September taught me a lot.  Although I took the option of trying ‘cold turkey’ which meant that I wasn’t doing anything online except for work purposes, the creators planned different options.  Things like not using social media in bed is something I will be continuing with.  Me and Ste have started watching films and TV series again and getting a little quality time in the evening without interruptions, which I love.  I also want to extend this to the mornings, as I often get up and check my social media first thing.  I am going to try getting up and waiting o check my social media till I get my cuppa and breakfast.

Treating blogging a little more like a job is also worthwhile.  Rather than frequently popping on to check on my different accounts, I spend a little time prepping what I want to be posting about at the beginning of the week/day and then will just go on to check it at a couple of times throughout the day for messages etc.

Although I technically failed the challenge, and I don’t mind admitting it, I hope that Ste especially will see the steps forward that I have taken this month and continue to support me with this.  I am now back to studying for my degree too so need to ensure my time is well handled so I do not fall behind.

This Month’s Challenge

So a new month is beginning and I have set myself a new challenge – maybe this should become a regular monthly thing?!  Let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas I could do in the coming months!

This month I have decided to take part in #Blogtober which means I will be posting a blog post every single day of the month.  I feel tired just saying it!  Make sure that you are subscribed if you aren’t already and you won’t miss a post, as they will all conveniently drop into your inbox!  To do this just check out the bottom of the home page and type in your email address. I have lots of content planned and I hope you all enjoy it.

Thankyou all once again for your support – every like, share and comment is hugely appreciated.  I try and reply to everyone’s comments and you can also message me privately if preferred.

Happy #Blogtober, wish me luck!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy