Welcome To The Spoonie Self Care Club

It is definitely strange to be blogging on a weekend, but so far I am really enjoying Blogtober. I hope you have been enjoying the posts as well!

Today, I am proud to be launching The Spoonie Self Care Club with my two lovely friends, Stephie from Colitis To Ostomy and Rachel from Rocking 2 Stomas. I used to do The IBD & Ostomy Support Show with them and am pleased to have found two amazing friends in this fantastic advocates and bloggers. Aside from the physical symptoms and issue we face as ostomates and with our other health problems, we are all also passionate about mental health and the toll our illnesses can take on it.

Stephie came up with this idea and asked us if we would both like to join her and we jumped at the chance! We have decided to set ourselves a monthly challenge and will each take a different month in turn. This month Stephie has set a reading challenge.

The Spoonie Self Care Club – October

I absolutely love to read and try and make myself some time every day to do some. I had got into a much better routine with this lately, as I have been using a social media blocker after 8pm. However, this last week I have been pretty lax with it, so I am going to use this challenge as a way of helping me get back on track.

Will you be joining us in The Spoonie Self Care Club? We would love to have some of you on board. Pop a comment below if you plan on doing so with the title of the book you are planning to read.

Happy reading!

3 Comments on “Welcome To The Spoonie Self Care Club

  1. I’d love to join this challenge! The book I need to finish reading is Dissolution. I was given it last Christmas and have still not finished it.


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