Spring Cleaning Week – April Challenge

Good morning, happy new week and happy new month! Today sees the start of my Spring Cleaning week – I will be posting blogs here and videos over on my YouTube channel all week about cleaning! Today I am starting with the return to my monthly challenge posts. Last month I didn’t do one as I spent a lot of it in hospital, so there isn’t one to review and I will plunge straight in to what I plan on doing this month.

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Top 15 Blogs/Vlogs I’ve Loved in 2017

So to round up 2017 I thought I would do a few ‘Top 15’ posts on different things I have enjoyed from the past year.  It has been a tough one but I have also had some great times, memories and successes.

I started my blog in February and it has really made me happy.  I have decided to make my first list about those bloggers who have inspired me, that I have enjoyed reading and that I have discovered during my first year of blogging.  I have included people from across all different forms of social media and hope you enjoy checking them out.


Colitis To Ostomy

My beautiful and very special friend, Stephie runs this blog.  This was one of the blogs I read before I started blogging and she was a definite inspiration for me to start.  She is extremely knowledgeable and writes so honestly.  She has introduced me to so much this year and I will be eternally helpful for the help she has given me and also for being a wonderful friend.


Rachel is another blogger who I am now lucky enough to call a friend.  We met when we were both asked to participate in The IBD & Ostomy Support Show and her continued support has been immensely helpful this year.  Rachel is a ‘double bagger’ as she has both an ileostomy and a urostomy.  I have learnt so much from reading her posts.  She has some fantastic ideas and a real drive and commitment to raising awareness which is so inspiring to me.


I was so honoured to be invited to be part of The IBD & Ostomy Support Show by Louise.  Her idea was brilliant and unique, and doing the show has been a passion and a driving force for me this year.  Her blog is honest, informative and witty.  She has a lot of experience due to the things she has been through which are very helpful to people.  I am so thankful to have met Louise and that she has supported and stuck by me this year with everything I have had going on.

Holzie Loves

This is a blog I have pretty recently come across.  I love the conversational style of her posts, like you are talking to a friend.  She is also very caring and likes to check up on people across social media which is lovely.

Jenna Farmer

Jenna runs two blogs. She also has Crohns disease but her tips and information about running a blog have been amazing help to me this year. Jenna is super knowledgeable and extremely kind for sharing all her experiences and advice to help others succeed.

Visit her Facebook group for bloggers here

Vegan Ostomy

A pretty big name in the ostomy blogging world, Vegan Ostomy is definitely someone I look up to as a blogger.  He gives great advice and is a fountain of knowledge.  His posts are always well written, informative and respected and I hope that my blog can be as well received one day.

Burnished Chaos

I came across this blog on  Twitter and am so glad I did. I love her posts and her monthly bucket list posts inspired me to start setting myself monthly goals and be accountable for them which will be a great addition to my blog (and life) this year. She also helps run a linky post which has been a great help, connecting me with some other amazing bloggers.

Mamas Scrapbook

This lady has been one of my favourite ‘finds’ of the year. Her Instagram stories keep me amused every day and her posts about mental health are honest, helpful and inspiring.  I love her writing style and she comes across as friendly and approachable.  I was excited to receive my Christmas present to myself – Blom Cards – which she created so will be filling you all in on how I find them in the New Year.

Mrs Meldrum

This is a great channel I have found on YouTube.  Mrs Meldrum is a mum of three adorable girls and the whole family vlog on The Meldrums channel which I follow too.  I love her posts about all things mum and the whole family just seem really lovely!

You can check out The Meldrums channel too

This Mama Life

Sarah is another inspirational find of the year.  I follow her YouTube channel and her Instagram.  She is extremely honest about the highs and lows of parenting and I love her posts.  Any working mums will find a great deal of comfort and solidarity with her as she posts often about the work/life balance and her little ones are adorable.

Check out This Mama Life on Instagram here

Kalyn Nicholson

I have followed Kalyn for a while on YouTube but it was her Vlogtober posts that really got me super interested.  She seems super lovely and I love her organisation and routine posts which inspire me to be more organised myself.  I also love the quotes she put up at the start of her videos.

Lisa Kate Ostomate

Lisa is a fellow ostomate and one person I really looked up to when getting my ostomy.  She had hers a little longer than me and her positivity about it all was brilliant to see.  She now runs an Instagram account which is all about what she wears with her ostomy bag, tips and tricks to keep it covered up and shows you can still wear what you want.

Stoma Stella

Amy runs this blog but I also wanted to mention the amazing Osto-Colledge which she launched this year.  It is a great service for new ostomates, offering support and lots of help with different products and things to try.  Each Osto-bag is personal to the recipient and Amy sends a lovely letter along with offering continued support to the ostomate which is fantastic.

Guts, Giggles and More

This is a relatively new blog launched by my friend Surak.  It has so much potential as she has a lot of different experiences under her belt and is a great writer.  I am sure it will go places in 2018!

Me, Being Mummy

This blog is all about the journey to becoming and being a mummy, by the lovely Lucy.  She also runs a fab Twitter linky post every week which is always great to join and get to see so many more posts from other great blogs.






26 Questions To Help You Know Yourself Better

If you follow my blog you will know that I have had a rather tough few months.  This in turn has triggered my anxiety and depression off and I have had a few ups and downs with my mental health.  Stephie over at Colitis To Ostomy has been an amazing support during this entire time, even when struggling herself.  She sent me the following questionnaire which I have decided to fill out and post today for you all to see, and maybe try yourself.  Visit Stephie’s blog to see her answers which she is also posting today too!


1 – What Are My Strengths?

I think my positive attitude. No matter how tough things get I rarely ever struggle to see the glass as anything other than half full. I try and see the good in every situation and I believe my positive attitude goes a long way in helping me fight my daily battles against chronic illness.

2 – What Are My Short Term Goals and  Long Term Goals?

Short term I would like to make a good and positive start to my second year of university.  After having to defer the previous two years due to ill health and my marriage breakdown, I feel like I really need to get back into the swing of this and build up my confidence with studying. I know planning my time will be important as I want to keep up my blogging work too so getting a schedule together is another goal.  Enjoying and planning lots of fun things to do when we see the children is also high on the agenda at the moment.  I plan to get my divorce sorted as soon as possible.

Long term I want to get my degree finished.  I am planning to set up a network of contacts for people with the same conditions as me and also start an online magazine next year.  Focusing on me and Ste and our relationship is important to me.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing, supportive partner and want to make sure we continue to enjoy each other, especially after all we have been through this year. Marrying him will be a dream come true and is definitely on the list.  I also want to do more travelling and explore lots of places I haven’t been to yet.

3 – Who Matters Most To Me?

The people who matter most are Ste, Leo, Riley, Layla and my family. Me and Ste both love being parents and adore our children so the time we get to spend with them is enjoyed and treasured. My family is also very important. My mum, dad, brothers and sister in law, niece and nephew, aunty and uncle, cousin’s and my grandparents are very special to me. They keep me going and support me through the tough times, make me laugh and there’s always someone there if needed. We are all very close and i don’t know what I would do without them.

4 – What Am I Ashamed Of?

I am ashamed to tell people that my children have been taken to live with their Dad.  I feel like a terrible mother and completley let down by the court system.  I played fairly, didn’t lie, admitted about my health problems but have shown this has very little impact on my ability to psarent (which the judge noted in his report, he said there was no question that my parenting was sound) yet they still felt they would be better off with their Dad.  The only possible reason for this, although it was never said out loud, was my disability which truly sickens me.  I feel ashamed when I tell people, I feel like they are judging me and make terrible assumptions about what I might have done wrong.

5 – What Do I Like To Do For Fun?

I enjoy visiting new places, shopping, reading, going to the cinema and eating out. I love to cook. Spending time with Ste, the children and my family is always something I enjoy too.

6 – What New Activities Am I Interested In Or Willing To Try?

I really want to start Pilates up again, and I’m trying to walk more (having the dog has made this easier). I want to learn sign language and have enrolled in an online course for this, which I need to start. I would love to start vlogging more too, to go alongside my blog.

7 – What Am I Worried About?

I am worried about Ste being poorly. He is in a flare of his Crohn’s at the minute and is about to start Stelara for this so really hoping that will help. He has spent lots of time in hospital previously and selfishly, I don’t know if I could cope with that.

When my depression and anxiety is bad I also know I start worrying more about our relationship. I feel more secure, content, connected and happy than I ever have with anyone before, but when my anxiety is bad, I start to think something will go wrong. I hate this, as I’ve said, I have no reason to think that way normally. I worry my anxiety will push Ste away.

8 – What Are My Values? What Do I Believe In?

I believe that you should treat people how you would like to be treated. I am naive and to avoid confrontation and to keep the peace I will generally just not say anything and carry on like nothing has happened. I know this isn’t always the best thing but I really don’t like people who take advantage of my nature, who know I do that and so use it against me for their own gain. I believe a positive attitude goes a long way in helping fight chronic illness. I like people to be honest but not use this as an excuse to be a bitch. I hate people who use their child as a weapon.

9 – If I Could Have One Wish It Would Be…

A lovely house in the countryside with me, Ste, our three kids and a whole host of pets.  A simple life with no drama.

10 – Where Do I Feel Safest?

When Ste wraps his arms around me I feel safe. I know he will do his utmost to protect me and help me through whatever struggles I am facing. There is also no place like home!


11 – What Or Who Gives Me Comfort?

Ste. He is able to sense my mood, there’s no hiding anything from him. And you can’t beat a cuddle from your Mum! Or Dad!

12 – If I Wasn’t Afraid I Would…

Tell people how I really feel instead of always aiming to please.  I don’t mean that I would like to be a bitch, but I so often hold my tongue and just keep playing nice to avoid confrontation and keep the peace.  I feel it is a good trait but also can leave me anxious and unhappy.  I am trying to make an effort to be more balanced, and think of my own self and feelings more.

13 – What Is My Proudest Accomplishment?

Completing my first year of university made me feel proud of myslef.  Giving birth to two wonderful little boys.  I am proud of my blog and the work I am trying to do to help in the IBD and Ostomy community, as well as with young people who have arthritis.

14 – What Is My Biggest Failure?

I feel that I failed my children by letting the court take them away from me.  I do not feel it was in their best interests at all and that they will suffer becuase of that decidion.  I was honest and open and was beaten by cruel tactics and lies.  I will not forgive myself for that.

15 – Am I A Night Owl Or An Early Bird?

I used to be very much the night owl but am now often in bed by 9pm.  I like to spend some time either watching Netflix or reading before settling down to sleep.  I have strated setting my alarm for 7.30am to stay in some sort of routine and now make a cuppa in my travel mug and take Knox out first thing for his first walk.

16 – What Do I Like About My Job? What Do I Dislike?

I am unable to work currently due to my illnesses.  I find this hard to deal with as I loved my work but know, in my current condition, that I would not be able to maintain a job, even part time.

17 – What Does My Inner Critic Tell Me?

Your writing is terrible and your blog is rubbish, you are fat and ugly, everyone hates you, your friends would rather not know you, you are a terrible mother, stepmother and girlfriend.

18 – What Do I Do To Show Myself Self Compassion And Self Care?

I like to have a bit of a pamper and do a face mask etc.  I love make up and doing this daily makes me feel better and happier about myself so always try and do this every day if I am feeling up to it.



19 – Am I An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

Introvert, definitely.  My mum describes me as quietly confident because although I struggle in new situations where I don’t know people, she says I talk to doctors and healthcare professionals very well and with knowledge and confidence in what I know.

20 – What Am I Passionate About?

Raising awareness of arthritis in young people, helping celebrate ostomies and give people support and confidence following surgery, increasing awareness of invisible illnesses and supporting and advocating children with chronic conditions.

21 – What Is My Happiest Memory?

I have so many.  Lots from my childhood – pizza Friday, watching The Goonies, Top Gun and Willow on repeat, Saturday night tea at Grandma and Grandads plus many more.  Having my boys and so many adventures and highlights since they were born.  Meeting Ste.  We started just messaging as friends but gradually spent more and more time chatting and things fell into place.

22 – What Do My Dreams Tell Me?

I have alot of dreams about losing or breaking my teeth.  Apparently this is supposed to indicate worry but I do have a phobia of losing or breaking my teeth!

23 – What Is My Favourite Book? Movie? Band? Food? Colour? Animal?

My favourite book is Little Women.  I have read this more than once and absolutely love the original film too.  I also love The Outsiders.  This is the one thing I am grateful to my real Dad for.  I haven’t spoken to him now for 8 years, but once when I stayed at his as a teenager and had forgotten my book, he gave me his copy of this to read.  I am not sure what it is about it, but I just loved it and have also read this multiple times.

Picking one movie is really hard!  A few of my favourites are West Side Story, Titanic, Willow, P.S. I Love You, Love Actually, The Goonies, Beauty and The Beast, Home Alone, Elf, The Sex and The City movies, The Notebook and Legally Blonde.

This is the same as the movies one!  Again, I will tell you a few of my favourite bands and singers – Pink, Coldplay, Stereophonics, No Doubt, Blink 182, Lady GaGa and Little Mix to name a few but I like so many different genres of music so there are lots more!

I am a total foodie and love many different things but if I had to choose food from one country to be my favourite it would be Italy.  Pizza, pasta and risotto – pure heaven!

My favourite colour is pink, could you not guess that from my blog?!

Again, I bet you never guessed?!  I love flamingos and giraffes.  I have also always wanted to swim with dolphins.  If I had a house in the country and enough space I would love more dogs, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, a pig and some rabbits.  And a tortoise called Tyrion.

24 – What Am I Grateful For?

Life.  It can be incredibly difficult at times and the last two years have been especially hard but it is something to cherish.  I am extremely grateful to have made the friends I have in the IBD community.  I have been so lucky to get the chance to start my blog and then being asked to appear on The IBD & Ostomy Support Show has been fantastic.  Not only are we reaching out to help and support people in the community, but I have made three amazing friends who i couldn’t be more grateful to have in my life.

25 – When I’m Feeling Down I Like To…

Sleep, read, watch Netflix, play with the children.  I also like to clean when I am down, I focus on this and somehow this helps clear my head a little.

26 – I Know I’m Stressed When I…

I get terrible headaches, the arthritis in my jaw plays up as I am often clenching my teeth without realising it and I suffer with Crohns and Iritis flare ups when I am stressed.  I tend to shut down and not go out or see anyone, although Ste has been really helping me with this and encouraging me to open up to him when I am struggling. I also don’t sleep well.


Pregnancy With An Ostomy By Guest Blogger Stephie from Colitis To Ostomy

The lovely Stephie over at Colitis To Ostomy and I have written posts for each other’s blogs today.  She has written about pregnancy with an ostomy as it is something I wanted to talk about but is not something I have experienced!  Many people worry that having an ostomy means they will not be able to have children, which is not the case, as Stephie proves!  Let me know what you think and pop over to Stephie’s blog to check out my post over there!

stephie 2

Pregnancy with an ostomy means momostomy

I find a lot of women ask about whether they can still fall pregnant with an ostomy. I am living proof that you can! With any surgery however can come risks; especially if you have abdominal or pelvic surgery as everything is somewhat linked. However unless you have been told by your surgical team that your fertility has been affected whether by adhesions or other complications/reasons, you should be able to conceive. Stress has to be in my opinion the biggest fertility killer, it took 2 years for me to conceive with Lyra-Beth (Ra-Ra) my eldest daughter who I fell pregnant with whilst having a jpouch. I used to track my ovulation, basal temperature and cried every time my period came so clearly that was a big factor for me.

Just before I became sick again with Pouchitis we had decided to try again for another baby, I had the implant removed and just decided to roll with it rather than stress over whether we could fall pregnant again or not. I guess already having Ra-Ra made it less stressful in a way because all my time when not at work was devoted to her.

I ended up becoming so sick I had to make the decision to hold off on falling pregnant so I could have my end ileostomy formed. It was quite worrying at the time because we weren’t very careful with contraception and I really needed my surgery. However we got to my surgery date and weren’t pregnant so I could breathe a small sigh of relief.

We were quite shocked to find out we fell pregnant within two months of my surgery, sadly that pregnancy ended in early miscarriage in the August and was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. In all honesty I probably am still dealing with it but as they say time is a great healer.

We were told to leave trying again until I had had a period and by the October we were pregnant again! I was really anxious that this was also going to end in miscarriage but thankfully on our 12 week scan we were blessed with a healthy looking baby on the monitor. I was able to breathe another sigh of relief and begin to feel positive about my family growing from 3 to 4.

I was looking forward to having a natural birth this time, as with Ra-Ra we were told that due to not having a temporary ileostomy with my jpouch (I do NOT recommend that) it was a bit risky as my pouch never really healed properly I had to have a caesarean. With both a jpouch and an ileostomy there is no generic reason why you can’t have a natural birth and be monitored a bit more.

You may experience more blockages as you progress through your pregnancy as I found that babies find intestines quite a comfy pillow! But as uncomfortable as they are I found once baby shifts position they quickly pass but just be wary of that fact. I didn’t have many issues with my stoma during pregnancy except my output went a bit crazy and because a lot of obstetric consultants and midwives don’t know about stomas I was limited on my loperamide but you can to an extent manage your consistency through diet such as starchy foods like potato, white pasta etc.

Other issues to be aware of are that as your bump stretches so does your stoma, so frequent sizing or seeing your stoma nurse is definitely advised. If you have had open surgery it can affect how your bump stretches and can be fairly painful, plus and scar tissue or adhesions in general can make your pregnancy pretty uncomfortable at times but heck the baby at the end of it is most definitely worth it! Also your intestines can contract (you know when your stoma moves? Yeah that’s contracting)

normally that isn’t an issue but when you’re pregnant because the space is being taken up by a baby everything obviously becomes squished so you sometimes can notice it more. If people told me that when I was pregnant with Ra-Ra I don’t think I would have been quite as paranoid (first time mums always are and it’s nothing to be ashamed of as it’s the unknown!)

My scar tissue etc pains didn’t affect me till I was about 27 weeks and by that point I had had enough, you are pretty limited to pain relief when pregnant plus some people with ostomies can’t have certain types of pain relief due to coatings etc. So I in the end opted for a caesarean because I was becoming quite low in myself and just wanted it to be over in reality, I don’t cope well during pregnancy. Some women do and some don’t but it all depends on you really.

All of my scans went well and showed we were having a boy which Ra-Ra finally had warmed up to the idea she may not be having a sister. As she had been saying “I don’t want a poo poo brudder” typical 3 year old mindset there! I was literally pouring over the apps to find out silly things like how big his feet might be and what stage of his development he was at.

Throughout my pregnancy we tried to involve Ra-Ra as much as we could; she came to the first two scans, helped clean/build nursery furniture, and picked his first blanket and teddy, sung/spoke/read to my bump. I think that they really helped her feel involved and allowed her to bond with Button before he arrived.

Unfortunately for me I was admitted into hospital the week before he was due; we thought I was in early labour as I had dilated a little bit and was having contractions. My parents took Ra-Ra pretty much for the whole week I was in. I went from maternity assessment to labour ward to maternity in the space of a few hours which was a thorough pain in my permanently out of order butt! Even more so when I was kept in because of “hypersensitivity to pain” what kind of BS is that? I still had to wait till the scheduled date as well which in my opinion if they just brought it forward they would have had a bed free!

So fast forward to his birth, I’m not going to go into the full details as it was pretty traumatic for me due to unprofessionalism but there is a post on it on my blog under the category “momostomy” which is where I post all my parenting/pregnancy stuff. But he was born happy and healthy to +44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating, which to anyone who doesn’t know the song it’s much nicer than the title suggests!! 00Steve (my husband) got the first cuddle and placed him on my chest just like he did with our daughter. He weighed 6lbs 15oz and looked just like his big sister, Jacob Terrence was the perfect fit for us and when Ra-Ra came to meet him his eyes opened and his head snapped round looking for her. Clearly love has no boundaries it just knows.


If you are having a caesarean make sure you take a spare bag in with you and tell the midwife or one of the surgical team. They removed mine and put on a flat bag they cut to 40mm which is a bit risky if you nothing about ostomies, because I need a convex bag and not to mention my stoma was only 30mm maximum! Thankfully when we got back to the labour ward I rang my stoma nurse as she sometimes works at the hospital I was at, even though she wasn’t there that day she rang the team there who came down and sized my stoma, even put the bag on for me and put my mind at ease.

Communication is definitely key when you are being seen by a different department because let’s face it even though it’s annoying, people can’t know everything and they are in a specialist area for a reason. So my advice on that is to ask questions, write them down and the answers go back to the other team and do the same so you have a better overview of your care and situation.

I am currently 14 weeks post partum and even though I have been lucky to have lost my baby weight and then some (!) my belly is still pretty wobbly and I’m struggling with leaks, after discussing with my stoma nurses we have decided to just plod on until my body settles down because rings and paste isn’t making a great deal of difference.

If you have any questions you can either read my blog (colitistoostomy.com) drop me a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or watch some of the videos I have posted on YouTube. If you are trying or thinking about having a baby, ostomy or not, I wish you all the “baby dust” and luck.

#bagroulette – My review of the Pelican Platinum Convex Stoma Bag

WARNING – You can see a bit of output (poo) in one of the photos featured in this post

So hopefully you have read all about the challenge that the girls from The IBD & Ostomy Show and I are doing this month. We have decided to try out each others brand of bags for a week and then write a review of how we got on with them. Hopefully this will help people see what kind of things they should be looking out for in a bag, as well as proving the point that there isn’t one bag to suit all! Rachel has a prolapsed ileostomy so is ordering samples and trying out different urostomy bags instead. She is reviewing the sample ordering process of different companies as well as the bags themselves.

So for our first week we have been roadtesting Louise’s bags, the Pelican Platinum Convex bag. I don’t usually wear convex bags (the only thing we hadn’t really thought about prior to our ‘experiment’) but I decided to give it a go. Convex bags should only ever be ordered and used under your stoma nurses advice and supervision. When ordering samples any good company should always pass on this information and ask when you request them.

pelican 2

So onto my first impressions. Louise sent two sizes of the bag and the larger of the two was most similar to the size of my usual bag. I was a little unsure of the texture of the bag as it seemed it may be a little rough. I did like the look of the baseplate. It felt like foam which I thought would probably be really comfortable and was looking forward to seeing how I got on with that. It is also a petal shape which I am used to with my Salts bags and I like as it seems to move better with my body. The opening at the bottom was also the same as the Salts bags I use but it was see through.  I don’t mind this too much but it was a shock to see it looking down on the first night!



I did my first bag change into the Pelican on Saturday night after my shower.  I went for the bigger one as we had eaten later (takeaway treat) and I didn’t want to be up and down to empty all through the night.  I decided not to use my Brava Protective Sheet as it was my first go with the Pelican bag but did put a couple of the Brava Elastic Tape flange extenders on just in case it decided to pop off in the middle of the night!  It was easy to cut and put on.

The bag stayed on securely through the night but the following afternoon I suffered with a lot of itchiness.  I thought I may have started leaking but when I took it off that night there wasn’t any leaks.  My skin was a little red so I think maybe it was my skin reacting slightly to the different baseplate.  Although I had been worried about the texture of the bag it was surprisingly comfortable and stayed feeling pretty cool, even in the warm weather.  I wore it on the outside of my shorts and don’t know if this would be any different if I had it tucked into high waisted trousers.  The foam style flange was very comfortable but the harder ring (I’m assuming this is because of the convex element of the bag) was quite uncomfortable and seemed to make the bag more visible under my clothing.

Sunday night was my first attempt with the smaller bag.  I like the idea of this and I am sure it would help when wearing certain outfits etc. but I would have to empty much more regularly which wouldn’t be so much fun and would consume more of my time.  Unfortunately it didn’t like me and within an hour the flange just peeled away from my skin!  The bit around my stoma from the ring inwards remained intact and still seemed pretty secure but I didn’t want to risk sleeping in it so popped on a normal bag for the night.  I hadn’t put on any flange extenders as wanted to try it without and see what happened.  The flange extenders are great but I find wearing them frequently makes my skin very dry so only normally use them when really needed.  The following night I went back to the larger bag but unfortunately I had the same problem, the petals of the baseplate starting lifting one by one until half of the bag was hanging off.  My skin by this point was really struggling too.  I had a 1 x 2cm sore patch underneath my stoma so I decided to call it a day on this week’s test and go back to my normal bags to help my skin heal.


Overall I thought the Pelican bag had some great features and wasn’t overly dissimilar to my usual Salts bags.  The baseplate didn’t seem to agree with my skin, that may have settled with time but I don’t know.  My main concern was the unpeeling of the baseplates petals within an hour of me putting it on.  As I was just lay in bed after my shower I wasn’t doing any major physical activity which may have caused this either.  Without the ring structure around the convex I would have had major blow out leaks from this.  If the flat bag’s baseplate is the same all the way across  it would have exposed my stoma completely.

I am really enjoying this challenge now we have started and it really is interesting to see how very different people are and how they react to and get on with different bags!  It definitely proves a point that although we can all give our recommendations, people are very different and your choice of bag is personal to you.  Next week Louise and Stephie are testing out my brand of bags, Salts Confidence Natural Advance.

To check out the products from Pelican or order samples you can visit their website at http://www.pelicanhealthcare.co.uk/

To check out the products from Salts or order samples you can check out their website at http://academy.salts.co.uk/United-Kingdom/Home.aspx

Stephie at Colitis to Ostomy’s review of the Pelican Platinum Convex Stoma bag can be read at http://colitistoostomy.com/products/pelican-bag/

Louise at Crohns Fighting’s review of the Pelican Platinum Convex Stoma Bag can be read at http://crohnsfighting.com/my-review-of-the-pelican-platinum-convex-stoma-bag/

Steve who has been guest starring on the show for us has also done a review which you can read over on the show FB page at https://www.facebook.com/theibdandostomyshow

My week three review of the Coloplast Sensura Mio bag