Blogtober Time

Good morning – happy Tuesday and happy first day of October. For us bloggers, the beginning of October brings us the start of the Blogtober challenge.

What Is Blogtober?

Blogtober means a month of blogs – I am aiming to write a post a day, every day, for the whole month! I feel tired just saying it! I was unsure whether to take part this year and have definitely been feeling a little estranged from blog life recently. After the Summer break I have come back brimming with ides, but with little get up and go to actually sit at my desk and write. My lovely friend Stephie from Colitis To Ostomy then asked if I was doing it, and with a little persuading I think it is just the thing I need to get me back into a routine. We also have some fab ideas we are collaborating on so watch this space!

Moving Forward

I have recently had some really great opportunities come my way that I have decided to grab with both hands. These have helped cement the direction I want to take my blog and with the way I want to help other chronically ill patients and ostomates.

I recently had a rally interesting conversation with a lovely lady I hope to be working with in the future. During the conversation she summed up what I want my blog to provide for people. I am not a doctor or professionally trained. I believe our experiences are one of the most helpful things we can share with people in similar situations, to help them on their journey. I hope my blog provides all the information, between my personal experiences, those of others who kindly let me share them and things I have researched, to give my readers the power and confidence to move forward and make the best and most informed decisions for them and their health. I want people to know they are not alone and will always have a friendly ear here who is ready to listen.

Being vulnerable in a constructive way, not a woe-is-me way

Rebekah Borucki on The Motherkind Podcast

I am really looking forward to this challenge and have lots of ideas for posts that I hope will help, inspire and inform you all. Please leave any ideas you would like me to write about in the comments below – I am always interested in hearing what you would like to know more about and will always try and take your suggestions on board.

Wish me luck everybody, and pray for my fingers!

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