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Hi there and happy hump day! Apologies for this post going up without the actual content – me and computers really don’t mix!

We worked with Zimplii Kids last year and this year they sent us another box of goodies which we couldn’t wait to try out!

Our parcel contained the new Chocolate Emoji Maker kit, two Crackle Baffs which now come in surprise colours, two Gelli Baffs and two of the Snoball Play.

The boys were super excited to try out the new Chocolate Emoji Maker kit and it was a perfect activity for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

The kit contains everything you need to make two huge chocolate coins with an emoji design of your choice. The designs are provided and are categorised into easy, medium and hard which was really helpful. The bags of chocolate need to go into a warm bowl of water to melt so no need to use any kitchen appliances, making this even easier!

We then popped a snip in the corner of the bag and the boys piped the different colour chocolates on the corresponding parts of the emoji design they had chosen. We then popped them in the fridge for thrifty minutes and when they came out the boys couldn’t wait to give them a try. I had to hold them back so I could get a quick photo before they did! They were super yummy (Leo shared a bit of his with me bless hum) and disappeared rather quickly.

They also tried the new Crackle Baffs out this weekend – did you see our Instagram stories? They loved the new colour surprise element and we got yellow! As boys do, they found it hilarious asking each other who had weed in the bath! We are saving up the Snoball play for over the Christmas holidays – the boys had great fun with some of these earlier in the year. In the middle of Summer they had a Snoball fight with their cousin while jumping in and out of the paddling pool. So much fun!

You can fund out more about all the Zimplii Kids products on their website including some great sensory play ideas. They also have the list of places you can buy their products including Smyths Toy Superstore, The Entertainer and Ryman’s in the UK. I always pick a few up at this time of year as they are great little stocking fillers which I knew the kids will all enjoy.

Zimplii KIds Website

Thanks once again to the guys at Zimplii Kids for our box of goodies – the boys are always super excited to receive gifts from you! Which one is your little ones favourite from the range? Leo loves the Slime Baff and really enjoyed doing the Chocolate Emoji Maker kit. Riley couldn’t wait to get in the Crackle Baff this time and is also excited to play with the Snoball Play. Let me know in the comments below!

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