alternative halloween ideas

So there is a lot of talk about Halloween and what we are all going to do about trick or treating this year at the moment. I personally don’t think I will take the boys out this year, apart from maybe to Grandma’s! As me and Ste were both in the shielding category I just think it is the sensible thing to do, but we will see what is happening locally nearer the time.

Instead, I have been thinking about some alternative ideas of things we can do to still make the night a fun one for the kids, and I thought I would share a few with you in case you wanted to try them!

Halloween Treat Hunt

So we may not be allowed out to go trick or treating but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to have treats! Decorate the garden with some glow in the dark decorations and hide some sweet treats for the kids out there too. Once it has started to get dark, send them out with a basket and a torch and see if they can search out their treats! You could even throw in a trick or two with a fake spider or some silly string as they are hunting. The torches will make this extra fun and you can warm up with some hot chocolate once you are back inside!

Fright Night Movie Night

When I say Fright Night I am thinking along the lines of Caspar or Hotel Transylvania…but you get the idea! A selection of Halloween themed movies, some popcorn and hot chocolate and you are set. Just grab your duvet and bring it to the sofa, turn down the lights…enjoy!

Halloween Party

Get the kids to earn their treats through a series of fun Halloween games. Pin the broomstick on the witch, apple bobbing, turn someone into a toilet roll paper Mummy… there are loads more ideas for this on Pinterest too. Everyone gets sweets for prizes so they can fill up their Halloween buckets that way!

Halloween Gifting

Instead of collecting for ourselves this year, why not make up some Halloween packages for the local food bank, women’s refuge or homeless shelter? Autumn is also the season of Harvest and many schools collect tinned and dried foods for this, so children will have some understanding of it. My boys have filled Christmas shoeboxes before and they really enjoy it and think of some really thoughtful things to put in them.

Halloween DIY Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage at the moment and I really want to do one with the boys. If you can’t make it to an actual escape room experience, why not make one yourself? There are loads of ideas online if you search for them and you could make it Halloween themed with decorations and sweet treats for those that escape!

Pumpkin Party

Make the whole day Pumpkin themed! Visit a pumpkin patch and find the perfect pumpkins and hold a competition to see who carves theirs most creatively. Eat some pumpkin soup, have some pumpkin spiced hot chocolate and do some other pumpkin themed crafts – again Pinterest has some fab ideas.

Harry Potter Night

We are huge Potter fans so this is perfect for us but make sure you have a copy of all the films and some wizard robes in your favourite house colours (just for clarity, I am a Ravenclaw, Leo is a Gryffindor and Riley is a Slytherin – you can let us know your house in the comments!) Make some fun ‘potion’ mocktails, and play a game of bravery with some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Make a wand and see if you can magic up some Halloween treats before you sit and watch your favourite of the films!

I hope you like these ideas and find them helpful! Our kids are so resilient and are getting used to things being a little different this year, but it is good to let them know that does not mean you cannot still have fun. If you have any other ideas I would love for you to add them in the comments so everyone can see them! Take care and keep safe,

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  1. These are such good ideas – we are doing a little Halloween Party this year.


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