Julie May Lingerie Review

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Good morning and happy new week! I hope you all have a good one planned?

I am always on the lookout for brands to work with that I think would be of interest to the people reading my blog. When I saw the Julie May advertisement, I was not only wowed by the beautiful items, but it also occurred to me that the underwear would be perfect for ostomates.

I was lucky enough to be asked to give my opinion on one of their collections and I chose The Crystal Collection. The collection comprises of three items – a Back Support Infrared Slim Sulk Bodysuit Shaper, Back Support Infrared Slim Half Slip Shaping Dress and a Back Support Full Coverage Wireless Silk Bra.

The lingerie arrived quickly and I was amazed by the quality as soon as I took it out of the parcel. The garments were soft, really good quality and the lace detailing was really beautiful.

The bra was so pretty and so comfortable. Aside from when I was pregnant and then breastfeeding I have never worn a bra without an underwire – but this fitted perfectly and still supported me.

The Half Slip Shaping Dress would be ideal for ostomates looking for some support for their bag, combined with the shape skimming silhouette this creates. I think I would size up for this product in future as because of my bag, I do need that extra bit of room and I would advise other ostomates to do the same. The panelling smoothed out my figure so this would be perfect to wear under a tighter fitting dress – smoothing out the mum tum as well as the outline of my ostomy bag.

The Bodysuit Shaper would be similarly perfect under an outfit to help keep everything looking a bit more streamlined. The wasn’t quite as tight fitting as the skirt option so didn’t achieve as much as that did, but I felt amazing in it and it definitely disguised my bag well. I think this option would probably be more comfortable if you were planning on wearing it for a longer period – at an all day wedding for example.

This lingerie left me feeling glamorous and sexy – one thing ostomy surgery can often take away from a person, knocking their confidence. The material was soft and luxurious and I adored the lace they had used. It is really special to be able to find something that can tick off so many boxes – not just as a woman who has had babies and isn’t in quite the same shape she once was, but also as an ostomate, which can have a massive impact on body confidence.

Shop The Crystal Collection

The Julie May range comes in a good variety of sizes – bra cup sizes range from UK 34B to 40E and dress sizes from UK 8-18. Their motto that comfort and support shouldn’t be a compromise, combined with the stunning designs, really make this a super special brand. They also have nursing and post-pregnancy support underwear on sale, in similarly beautiful designs.

If you have a special occasion coming up or want to treat yourself to some new lingerie, Julie May is definitely worth a visit (or maybe worth adding to your Santa list!).

Check out the Julie May website

Let me know which is your favourite collection from the range in the comments below. If you have an ostomy do you get as excited as me when I find something that fills a gap and does it so well?

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