Guest Post – 5 Shoes Every Fashionable Mom Needs in Her Closet

Good afternoon and happy Thursday! We did it – it is almost the weekend! Today I have a fun guest post about the five pairs of shoes every woman needs in her closet. Hope you enjoy a read and let me know your favourite style of shoes in the comments below.

5 Shoes Every Fashionable Mom Needs in Her Closet

We all know how stressful parenting can be. Whether you’ve recently given birth, or you’re running around after toddlers, keeping your home in tip-top shape can be tough. With a whole new set of roles and responsibilities, your body goes through a lot, especially your feet, therefore, investing in the right pair of shoes can help keep you comfortable and supported throughout the day.

Whether it’s for practical reasons, or to help make you feel good about yourself, here are 5 pairs of shoes that every fashionable mom needs in her closet.


As a mom, being on your feet 24/7 tends to be the norm, so it’s important that you have a pair of shoes in your closet that provide maximum comfort and support such as sneakers. Not only can they help protect your feet, but sneakers go with just about anything, such as shorts, a sundress, or a denim skirt. If you aren’t sure where to look for sneakers, try online designer store SSENSE, where you will find a variety of Gucci shoes and sneakers that can give you a fashionable edge.

Slip-on Shoes

Whether you’ve recently given birth, or you have your full brood in tow, it’s only natural that your full attention and time will be spent on your kids. Every minute counts, so if you’re taking your children out to the playground, or performing day to day errands, a pair of slip-on shoes can be a perfect addition for your closet. Instead of having to fiddle around with laces, slip-on shoes can free up valuable time. What’s more, they can be teamed with a range of different outfits.

Ballet Flats

When stepping out of the house, looking somewhat presentable can help you feel better, so investing in a pair of ballet flats can help you look your best without too much effort. Ballet flats are light on your feet and come in a range of easy-match colors. Whether you’re ferrying the kids to and from school or heading to the grocery store, ballet flats can help keep you supported while on the go.


We all know how stressful parenthood is, so finding some time for yourself is a must. If you have someone to look after the kids and you’re off on a date night, having a pair of killer heels can help complement your outfit. You need to remember that just because you’re now a mom, does not mean you can’t still wear and rock a pair of heels. However, it’s best to invest in a pair that are durable, supportive, and comfortable, which can help avoid foot pain from high heels.


During the summer months, getting outdoors with your children and soaking up the rays can be a great bonding experience. To ensure you’re dressed for the season, a pair of comfy sandals is a must. Whether you’re heading to the park, going on vacation, or hitting the beach, wearing a pair of trendy sandals can help complement your summer look.

Whether you’re ferrying the kids from A to B, running daily errands, or you’re off on a romantic date with your partner, having all the types of shoes listed above in your closet will mean you’re prepared for any occasion.

I think the only addition for UK moms (and anyone else in a colder climate), would add here is good pair of boots! So let me know which are your favourite styles in the comments below. Happy Friday eve everyone,

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