10 Things To Go And Disinfect Now!

And so it begins! Yesterday me and Ste went into self-isolation die to the Cirina Vurus and us both being classed as high risj due to compromised immune systems.

This has thrown up so may questions for so many people about all manner of different things but today I wanted to share some simple cleaning advice with you all. These items are commonly used but rarely cleaned as poeple just don’t think about it – but in a house that we have to keep as germ free as possible – we do!

Mobile Phone

Mashable reported that every square inch of your phone has around 25,000 germs


Pretty grim right? We use them on a daily basis and now in the climate of social-distancing, they are helping us stay connected more than ever. But just like your hands,keep them clean!

Steering Wheel

I don’t know about you but I hadn’t really thought about this until the other day. I sanitised my hands after getting in the car following going shopping, then put them on my steering wheel. I probably pretty much reversed the effects of the hand sanitiser so disinfected it there and then and have done regularly since.

Light Switches

Another commonly touched item – don’t forget to do your lamp switches too!

Computer Keyboard

More and more people are working from home on their computers so make sure your keyboard and mouse have been sanitised, especially if more than one person has used or is using the device. Same goes for your touchscreen tablets.

Make-Up Brushes

Something I do regularly but as I have entered self-isolation it is something I wanted to do pretty quickly. I use a little anti-bacterial soap to do mine, then leave to dry naturally.

Door handles

Commonly listed on these types of lists but I have also wipoed down the actual doors too, as I know I often push doors open or closed withput using the handle.

Television Remote Control

Similar to our phones, we use them multiple times a day and when you are not living atone, by multiple people.

Sink Taps

I know they say to turn things on and off with your elbows but personally for me, I find that a struggle and although we tend to do it when we are out in public bathrooms, we don’t at home. Make sure you keep your taps regularly disinfected.


Another thing used regularly and sometimes even put in our mouth! Give them a good clean to protect your working space even further.

Your hands

Because we all need to regularly – if you haven’t done it recently, go now! For anyone else sick of singing Happy Birthday on repeat, here are two more ideas for you!

I hope everyone is doing okay. My inbox is open to anybody wanting to chat about things – you can email me at thespooniemummy@hotmail.com

I am planning lots of content for here on the blog as well as my social media channels and I will also be relaunching my YouTube channel with some new content. Me and Ste are filming weekly ‘self-isolation’ vlogs, the first of which will be up next week.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

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