The Lockdown Silver Linings Tag

Yesterday I was nominated by the lovely Beverly over at Blooming Mindfulness in this new game of tag.

Check out Beverly’s post at the Blooming Mindfulness blog

The tag asks you to think about five things you are grateful for in lockdown and I think it is a great idea so wanted to get involved.

I think it is so important to try and always remember to stay grateful. Currently we are trapped in a situation in which we do not have much control. There has been a lot of posts reminding people about not letting what we cannot control get on top of us and cause anxiety and sadness. One thing that we do have control over is feeling grateful for what we do have, so that is why I think this tag challenge is a great idea.

My Lockdown Silver Linings

Video Calling Apps

It is hard, so so hard, not being able to see the boys at the moment. They are safe and have been well, self isolating with their Dad but due to me being in the shielding category, we have agreed keeping them in one place is for the best for now to keep us all safe. Video calling apps have been a lifesaver, meaning we stay in regular contact. Although it isn’t the same as being able to hug them, it is definitely better than nothing!


Me and Ste have got through some pretty tough times. One of the things I find particularly difficult is the fact that while he is here, we are in each other’s pockets 24/7 as neither of us are currently able to work due to our health. I love the company but as an introvert, I also value time alone and it something me and Ste have had to navigate. Obviously, thrust into this situation has not left a lot of time for that!

He is currently safe isolating here as his mum is a carer so he is much safer here. Due to the fact that we have worked so hard on communication, a lot of which was down to his efforts to make things good again, we have been managing really well. We have been enjoying a lockdown date night at least once a week and are trying to think of creative ways to stay entertained while we are at home. He made my birthday really special and although I would have loved to spend the day with the kids as well, I wouldn’t have changed it otherwise.

The Dogs

My puppy Luna (17 months) and Ste’s dog Izzy (10 years) may be annoying a times but they are keeping us sane in isolation. Playing with them and keeping them entertained is a daily task. Walking them is also ensuring we all get plenty of fresh air and some exercise. We are super lucky to have a big field at the bottom of our road and have rarely seen a person out when we take them down there, usually in the evening.

My Garden

I am so lucky to have a garden and cannot imagine what it is like to be stuck in isolation without one. The weather has been lovely recently;y and as I sit here now, I have my patio doors open while the sun is shining. It is also giving me things do do as it really does need a good sort out. Today I have varnished a picnic table for the kids which Riley especially is going to love. He really enjoys eating outside in the Summer and now will have somewhere nice to sit.

My Family

As both me and Ste are in the shielding category we are relying on my family a lot for things we need. My Dad has been fantastic getting us things from the shops between when we are lucky enough to snag a home delivery slot. My brother has also helped us out when we have needed him to as well. We have a family chat on WhatsApp and it has been great keeping in daily contact with each other, keeping us all smiling and looking forward to the next tine when we can all be together again. The thought of being able to give my mum a hug has actually just made me well up – it really is the little things we need that I will be appreciating when this is all over!

So before I actually start crying I better sign off! Before I go I need to tag 5 people to list their 5 Lockdown Silver Linings so I challenge –

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I am also grateful for all my lovely blog readers. I hope you are doing well and would love to hear what your lockdown silver linings are in the comments below. Take care and keep safe,

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